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Player of the Match
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Lewis 84 puts Netherlands out of Super Sixes

A 113-run stand between Wesley Barresi and Ryan ten Doeschate kept Netherlands in the hunt in their chase of 310, but a string of run outs pegged them back and left them well short of the DLS par score when rain brought the contest to a premature halt

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Commentator: Akshay Gopalakrishnan

5.08pm All over, folks! It seems as though the rain has refused to relent. West Indies have won the match. As a result, Netherlands are out of the tournament and UAE seal the final Super Six spot. To think what Netherlands could have done but for that Barresi run out. He chanced the arm of Evin Lewis, whose rocket throw from the deep caught the batsman short of his crease and sent Netherlands into a collapse. Until then, they were very much in the hunt with a burgeoning third-wicket stand. It's these small moments that more often than not seal your fate in cricket. West Indies capitalised on that opening with a brilliant piece of fielding. As for Netherlands, they have paid the ultimate price for that slip-up.

Evin Lewis is the Man of the Match. "I had a good start with Chris. Got a good score today," he says. "When Chris got out, he's our most experienced batsman, we had to bat as deep as we could, and that was my job today. Sometimes, you get frustrated but that's cricket and you just got to keep pushing on. The wicket did not change. It was pretty good for cricket throughout. We are going to play the Super Six now, hopefully we can keep ticking."

"I think we wanted to chase," says Netherlands captain Peter Borren. "We bowled poorly and allowed them to get off to a quick start. But we still did well to keep them to 310, until those 20 minutes of chaotic cricket. We played poorly trying to catch up. We've had different wickets, today was an absolute belter. It was a good track. We were devastated in the dressing room because until those last 25 minutes, we were in a good situation."

"The partnership with Chris and Evin was obviously great for us and it was well-supported in the middle. If we started well with the ball, we were always in the game," says West Indies captain Jason Holder.

So there you have it. West Indies, Ireland, UAE, Zimbabwe, Scotland and Afghanistan. Those are you Super Six teams in the 2018 World Cup Qualifier. For the rest, it's the end of their World Cup dreams. They still have games left in the tournament, though, in the form of the Playoffs to determine which position they end up in. A tough pill to swallow for those four teams. Years of preparation come to a heartbreaking end. For the ones that are through, it is now time to bring forward their best cricket and play the game of their lives as the race gets tighter and more exciting.

That is all we have from tonight. Join us for the next round. As always, it's been a pleasure to bring this game to you. Thank you all for your comments and company.

4.34pm As Seelaar goes off, the groundstaff comes sprinting out with the covers. May start to bucket down any time now, and if how dar those clouds are looking is anything to go by, we may not be back at all. It has started drizzling now. Before the Seelaar wicket, they were 34 runs behind the DLS par score. They are now 54 behind There's flashes of lightning and it all looks a little too dark now.

Debendra Subedi: "What happened if any bowl can't be delivered from this point?? Can netherlands go up in super six?? We are watching from Nepal ." Five teams are through. The sixth spot is a tussle between Netherlands and UAE. If Netherlands win, they are through; if they lose, UAE progress.

Paul-E: "Not sure Afghanistan cricket team deserves to go to super sixes in this tournament. They lost all 3 high profile matches and scraped through because of help from other teams and also due to not-so-well-designed qualification process. Why we can't have top 2 teams from each team play the semi finals instead of this needless and lengthy super sixes format? I don't support any teams in this tournament and voiced my opinion as a cricket enthusiast."

Williams to Seelaar, OUT, another one falls with the rain imminent. Netherlands in a position from where there could be no recovery. Slower ball, Seelaar chips it in the air after completely misreading the pace. Gayle didn't have to move an inch at midwicket

PM Seelaar c Gayle b Williams 7 (13m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 63.63

Really, really dark and gloomy. Thick, menacing clouds. It's looking ominous now.

Williams to Seelaar, 2 runs, short, slapped over the in-field as he gets on top of the bounce
Williams to ten Doeschate, 1 run, length ball, outside off, slapped through backward point
Williams to ten Doeschate, FOUR runs, short on off, swivels and hurriedly pulls it through backward square leg

UAE have lost by 226 runs, so a win for Netherlands is enough.

28 | 4 Runs | NL: 160/5 (62 runs required from 4 balls, RR: 5.71, RRR: 93.00)

  • Pieter Seelaar5 (9b)
  • Ryan ten Doeschate61 (59b)
  • Ashley Nurse6-0-25-1
  • Kesrick Williams5.4-0-36-0
Nurse to Seelaar, no run, defended back to the bowler
Nurse to ten Doeschate, 1 run, flat, on a length, pushed through point
  • Lewis 84 puts Netherlands out of Super Sixes

    A 113-run stand between Wesley Barresi and Ryan ten Doeschate kept Netherlands in the hunt in their chase of 310, but a string of run outs pegged them back and left them well short of the DLS par score when rain brought the contest to a premature halt

Netherlands 2nd innings Partnerships

1st25W BarresiSA Edwards
2nd4W BarresiBN Cooper
3rd113RN ten DoeschateW Barresi
4th5PW BorrenRN ten Doeschate
5th4RN ten DoeschateRE van der Merwe
6th16RN ten DoeschatePM Seelaar

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