World Cup Qualifier News

  • Scotland's wasted chance

    Participation in 1999 was an opportunity to boost the sport's profile in the country - one the cricket board didn't take, leading to a long period in the wilderness

  • Mommsen ton gives Scotland the title

    Preston Mommsen led Scotland into Group A for the 2015 World Cup, as his second century of the tournament secured an emphatic 41-run win over United Arab Emirates in the final of the qualifiers

  • Scotland make third World Cup trip

    A round-up of the final day's action in the Super Six stage at the World Cup Qualifiers in New Zealand on January 30, 2014

  • UAE and Scotland one win from World Cup

    A round-up of the Super Sixes matches in the World Cup Qualifiers played on January 28, 2014

  • Machan sets up Scotland win

    A round-up of the interrupted Super Six match between Scotland and Namibia at the World Cup Qualifiers

Nepal 2nd innings Partnerships

1st4MK ChhetriAK Mandal
2nd10MK ChhetriSagar Pun
3rd28P KhadkaSagar Pun
4th11G MallaSagar Pun
5th0S VesawkarG Malla
6th49S VesawkarB Bhandari
7th12B RegmiS Vesawkar
8th80SP GauchanS Vesawkar
9th1SP GauchanSompal Kami
10th0SP GauchanJK Mukhiya