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World Cup Qualifier News

  • Scotland's wasted chance

    Participation in 1999 was an opportunity to boost the sport's profile in the country - one the cricket board didn't take, leading to a long period in the wilderness

  • Mommsen ton gives Scotland the title

    Preston Mommsen led Scotland into Group A for the 2015 World Cup, as his second century of the tournament secured an emphatic 41-run win over United Arab Emirates in the final of the qualifiers

  • Scotland make third World Cup trip

    A round-up of the final day's action in the Super Six stage at the World Cup Qualifiers in New Zealand on January 30, 2014

  • UAE and Scotland one win from World Cup

    A round-up of the Super Sixes matches in the World Cup Qualifiers played on January 28, 2014

  • Machan sets up Scotland win

    A round-up of the interrupted Super Six match between Scotland and Namibia at the World Cup Qualifiers

Canada 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0R GunasekeraNR Kumar
2nd37Zeeshan SiddiqiNR Kumar
3rd1NR KumarAS Hansra
4th4Raza-ur-RehmanAS Hansra
5th23TC BastiampillaiRaza-ur-Rehman
6th3TC BastiampillaiHamza Tariq
7th43Hamza TariqJunaid Siddiqui
8th4HS BaidwanHamza Tariq
9th38Khurram ChohanHamza Tariq
10th18JOA GordonHamza Tariq