12th match, Cardiff, Jun 8 2019, ICC Cricket World Cup
(48.5/50 ov, target 387)
England won by 106 runs
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6.38pm That's enough from here for now - England are up to No.2 in the table after a NRR-boosting win, but there's still plenty live action down at Taunton, where Afghanistan and New Zealand are slugging it out in what could yet be a low-scoring dogfight... from Andrew Miller, Hemant Brar and Chandan Duorah, good night!

Don't forget, if you are in the UK, Ireland, Australia, South East Asia and Hong Kong, there's a smorgasbord of highlights embedded within the commentary, and all over the site, and if you are in India, there will be Hotstar highlights lurking around the site, including Jason Roy's fabulous 153.

6.34pm Manish: "Quite disappointing for me to see this chase, to throw in the towel from ball one. Not something you would expect from a team who have come with the target to win the trophy. " There is literally no pleasing some people.

Bangladesh still have the tools to fight for a place in the last four, but they do have a task on their hands after facing three tough opponents. But there are some games coming up that they will expect to win, and win well...

6.28pm Eoin Morgan: "More positives from the game today, we knew we would have to improve to win a tough game today, and with the bat we were outstanding. Jason got a significant score at a good clip, which is quite intimidating."

"I think the majority of people will open with spin, there's always something that sides will throw up against us, but we are prepared for whatever they throw at us."

No serious concern with Jos Buttler, he adds. He didn't field as a precaution, but his hip will be monitored over the next 48 hours

Mashrafe Mortaza: "I think 389 is too many to be asking from the batsmen, the first four or five overs we were in control but then they took over. We knew we had to get Roy out to get back into the match."

Mashrafe hints that he might have preferred to bat first in hindsight. "320-330 could have been a different chase. But Shakib from the first match has played so well for us, batting at 3 and his bowling as well. Still six matches left, hopefully the other guys will step up. We have to win all those matches."

6.22pm Jason Roy is Man of the Match: "We wanted to give ourselves the best chance possible. we've been doing pretty well together over the past few years. We've put in an all-round performance and righted our wrongs."

Jasz: "BD made 280. How is that 'accepting defeat already' cricket? They played well. Look at how Tamim got out. Wasn't he trying to score quick?" I have literally no idea ....

Dark Blaze: "Fizzing bouncer. Good pun" Why thank you.

Agnel Joseph: "Shouldn't Archer technically be awarded a maiden for the last over since he ensured the match is over without conceding anything off the last ball? Just a thought...." I'm sure he'll get over it ...

Rhys : "666 runs scored in the match for 16 wickets. " How beastly!

6.18pm So, a spirited chase from Bangladesh, but they were never really on top of the express rate required to keep pace with England. Jason Roy leads England off the field after his superb 153 ... which formed the bulk of England's eventual 106-run win. The hosts and favourites are back on track after their wobble against Pakistan ... and they've seen off an opponent that has beaten them in both the last two World Cups. A quietly significant victory in the grander scheme of their ambition.

Archer to Mustafizur Rahman, OUT
fizzing bouncer, flicked to the keeper, and that's the end of that! That was a savage finale, speared right in at the tailender, who had nowhere to go, and a looping catch was gobbled by Bairstow.
Mustafizur Rahman c †Bairstow b Archer 0 (4m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Archer to Mustafizur Rahman, no run
yorker, well bowled
Archer to Mustafizur Rahman, no run
full and straight from round the wicket, poked to short cover
Archer to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, OUT
short and wide, draws the ambitious slap through point, but it's a thin edge to the keeper! Mehidy chooses the valiant way to go - that will please the death-or-glory mob - and England are one wicket from victory
Mehidy Hasan Miraz c †Bairstow b Archer 12 (16m 8b 2x4 0x6) SR: 150.00
Archer to Mashrafe Mortaza, 1 leg bye
on the legs, worked fine

Here's Archer to wrap his day's work up

end of over 483 runs
BDESH: 279/8CRR: 5.81 • RRR: 54.00 • Need 108 runs from 12b
Mehidy Hasan12 (7)
Mashrafe Mortaza4 (8)
Ben Stokes6-1-23-3
Mark Wood8-0-52-2

Frank: "Help please! Looks like NRR could be a factor. In which case, given England are going to win, wouldn't it be better for them to bowl defensively/boringly?" True, though the best way to resolve NRR is to bowl your opponents out

Stokes to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, no run
slower ball, much straighter line, blocked down into the crease
Stokes to Mashrafe Mortaza, 1 run
full length, brings the bat down late on an angle to pick off another single to cover
Stokes to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, 1 run
crashed out to the covers

Shake: "Ever since I have learnt how to play cricket I was always told take one game at a time. These players accepted defeat during innings break Because they are thinking 9 games ahead wow!! Not a single thought on how millions of people are feeling right now. I am disgusted by this chase approach. I am so ashamed I rather die fighting than accept defeat without a fight. " Heroically futile attitude. Nice knowing you!

Stokes to Mashrafe Mortaza, 1 run
outside off, and deflected down to third man
Stokes to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run
leans back for a slap into the covers, but can't beat the field this time
Stokes to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run
pushed onto the back foot, and blocked to cover
end of over 4712 runs
BDESH: 276/8CRR: 5.87 • RRR: 37.00 • Need 111 runs from 18b
Mehidy Hasan11 (5)
Mashrafe Mortaza2 (4)
Mark Wood8-0-52-2
Ben Stokes5-1-20-3
Wood to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, FOUR runs
pounded back through the bowler's followthrough! This is good from Bangladesh, no surrender to futility, just a volley of strokeplay. Wood was collapsing a touch in his followthrough, as he is wont to do, and his outstretched hand can't intercept
Wood to Mashrafe Mortaza, 1 run
shows all three stumps, inviting the yorker, and biffed with intent into the off side
Wood to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, 1 run
angled bat, into the off side
Wood to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, FOUR runs
climbing into the ribs, and flicked with some panache behind square. Cramped on impact, but watched the ball well
Wood to Mashrafe Mortaza, 1 run
short and agggressive, and eventfully played by Mashrafe, limboing out of line and deflecting very fine through third man. A fine tumbling stop to intercept the boundary
Wood to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, 1 run
punched into the covers
end of over 463 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 264/8CRR: 5.73 • RRR: 30.75 • Need 123 runs from 24b
Mashrafe Mortaza0 (2)
Mehidy Hasan1 (1)
Ben Stokes5-1-20-3
Mark Wood7-0-40-2

Hridoy: "It would have been different match if Bangladesh batted first. The way they have batted it should have been 300+ target for England. World cup pressure!! Game on!" Maybe ... maybe ...

Stokes to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run
opens the face on a yorker, steered to point
Stokes to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run
beaten outside off, as Mashrafe stabs with an angled bat outside off, but can't connect
Stokes to Mohammad Saifuddin, OUT
the bails aren't on any longer! That's the solution to the heavy bails 'crisis' ... hit them harder! A heat-seeker of a delivery, spread-eagling off and middle as Saifuddin plays across the line. Stokes didn't appear until the 38th over, but he's suddenly on course for a five-for!
Mohammad Saifuddin b Stokes 5 (13m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 62.50
Stokes to Mohammad Saifuddin, no run
bowled him ... no, the bails have stayed on! Down the leg side, under-edged into the crease, hops up into the timbers and despite an audible clunk of wood, the wicket remains intact!
Stokes to Mohammad Saifuddin, 2 runs
back of a length, outside off, chipped in the air, out of the reach of point
Stokes to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, 1 run
tucked to square leg to get off the mark
end of over 454 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 261/7CRR: 5.8 • RRR: 25.20 • Need 126 runs from 30b
Mohammad Saifuddin3 (5)
Mark Wood7-0-40-2
Ben Stokes4-1-17-2

Roshan: "None of the WC's were won by a Net RR optimizer!" Nope, but plenty have been lost ... just ask South Africa!

Wood to Mahmudullah, OUT
leading edge, spirals high into the air, Bairstow sprints backwards and guzzles the chance! An attempted flick off the toes, but Wood's extra pace made it fraught with danger. We're nearly done here
Mahmudullah c †Bairstow b Wood 28 (66m 41b 1x4 1x6) SR: 68.29