Player of the Match
Player of the Match

47 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | ENG: 212/10 (21 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 4.51, RRR: 7.00)

  • Ben Stokes82 (89b)
  • Nuwan Pradeep10-1-38-1
  • Isuru Udana8-0-41-2

6.37pm So, that just about wraps it up for today. England's women will be in action at Northampton shortly, because I know you all need another fix of live action. That was compelling! The World Cup has burst to life in perhaps the least anticipated upset of the entire competition! Cricket is awesome! From Andrew Miller, Saurabh Somani and Thilak Rama, good night, and see you all bright and breezy tomorrow for a double header - India v Afghanistan and West Indies v New Zealand...

6.32pm So ... it's up for grabs now! Three massive fixtures to come for England, starting with Australia at Lord's on Tuesday, which is a relatively quick turnaround. I wonder if England will look to bat first if they win the toss? Runs on the board in this competition is suddenly starting to look like a theme... Virat Kohli called it way back at the captain's press conference in Dalston before the tournament. He's knows of what he speaks!

And though there's no official word on Roy, you can bet that England will be extra desperate to get him back on the park sooner rather than later. His absence (or, more accurately, his "presence" in terms of calmness, technique and run-harvesting) at the top of the order has not been adequately replaced.

6.30pm Angelo Mathews is speaking to Sky: "It's been a see-saw kind of a tournament for us, but to beat England is amazing." Can they reach the top four? "Absolutely!"

6.24pm Lakshitha: "And I thought England would finish this off in 30 overs at most. Didn't watch a single ball of the English innings since I didn't want watch SL getting beaten. And I just accidentally woke up from sleep to check cricinfo. Am I dreaming?" You are not dreaming, but Sri Lanka are in dreamland! They've given themselves a life-line in the tournament, especially with their next game coming against South Africa on Friday!

Kalpit: "Points table from 1-6 position team looks as 10-9-8-7-6-5 !! Semi Final spots are still wide open. England needs to play some serious cricket against Australia, India and New Zealand (their remaining fixtures), not this kind of self-assured !!"

ABHINAV DIKSHIT: "and they were complaining about green pitches, "What a bowling performance. They have a good pace attack" probably down with confidence they were , but that changes today"

WATCH - Malinga rolls back the years with four-for (UK, AUS, IRE, SEA, HK only

Dimuth Karunaratne: "Our batters and bowlers did really good work, when you are playing it is slower and slower, we couldn't get to 300 so wanted 250-275, Angelo batted really well and with some score on the board the bowlers knew what to do. It's a team effort, when Malinga got a couple of wickets we needed to keep him for the last overs, and Dhanajaya did a really good job."

Eoin Morgan: "We were at fault with a lack of substantial performances. It wasn't good enough. It's frustrating, every game is a one-off game, it's about fronting up today, and bouncing back on Tuesday. Both sides adapted to conditions, found it challenging on a bowler's day. There will be those throughout the tournament, so we have to adapt. As a team we come back aggressively. This is a long, long tournament, there are opportunities in every game. Australia, it's a fixture you look for first on the fixture list."

No word on Jason Roy's fitness yet either...

6.20pm Kannan: "Must mention Mathews. Great innings. Still Malinga deserve the MoM. Great team performance. Much needed one for SL" Quite so, he's had a terrible run of form, but class is permanent etc. And a word too for Ben Stokes, who looked in the mood to pull off a brilliant chase, if only he'd had someone left to stay with him ... what a contest! That's what this World Cup needed!

6.15pm England might have thought their long wait to beat Sri Lanka in a World Cup was coming to an end. Not quite. Our Live Report will tell you exactly how long they've had to wait.

The Player of the Match is Lasith Malinga! "We know how good Stokes is, we know how hard he hits, but we stick to our basics, and kept bowling our stock balls, and ended up winning. We stick to our plan, line and length, variation of slower ball and bouncer. We have good confidence as we know how good the England team is."

6.10pm This is a stunning result for Sri Lanka, and for the tournament... it's closed the gaps between the have-(points) and the have-nots, and it's given England something to think about as well, with a run-in against Australia, India and New Zealand!

Lasith Malinga is the hero of the hour, his brilliant four-wicket haul wrecked England's slow-but-steady approach to what appeared to be a sub-par target. A first-ball duck for Jonny Bairstow set the tone, and Nuwan Pradeep deserves a special mention, six overs for 12 up top, then the key scalp of Wood, he had one ball at the tailender, and completely nailed it!

Pradeep to Wood, OUT, edged and it's all over! That was the perfect ball to the No. 11... full, fast, in the corridor of uncertainty... and feathered to the keeper!

MA Wood c †MDKJ Perera b Pradeep 0 (19m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Peter: "Amazing difference once the talismanic bowler has finished his overs. Now if our talismanic all rounder can keep going..."

Pradeep to Stokes, 1 run, on the toes, clipped to the leg side, this time they run, and Wood once again has a solitary ball to survive...
Pradeep to Stokes, no run, full toss, outside off, looking for two as the sweeper swoops, but they decide none is a better bet

A huge conflab now as Sri Lanka realise ... this is their World Cup, here and now...

Pradeep to Stokes, FOUR runs, completely loses his shape on the pull but gets it away! A miscued pull through backward square, and there's no-one to cut that off!
Pradeep to Stokes, FOUR runs, hauled across the line, brilliantly! A bottom-handed shovel from so deep in the crease.... Malinga gallops but can't intercept at long-on!
Pradeep to Stokes, no run, full length, Stokes goes deep, looking to manipulate a stroke to deep midwicket. Not this time...

46 | 15 Runs | ENG: 203/9 (30 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 4.41, RRR: 7.50)

  • Mark Wood0 (3b)
  • Ben Stokes73 (84b)
  • Isuru Udana8-0-41-2
  • Lasith Malinga10-1-43-4

Phew... this is lively. Unexpectedly lively, dare I say it! Nuwan Pradeep returns after a stunning first spell... if he can replicate those figures Sri Lanka are in business...

Udana to Wood, no run, the biggest cheer of the day as Wood plonks his bat on the line of the ball!

Forecaster is back up to 31.4% ... It's never known a day like it ...

Udana to Stokes, 1 run, a nudge into the off side and a strolled single into the vacant ring. Wood has one ball to face
Udana to Stokes, 2 runs, tapped into the leg side, and Stokes wants two immediately! Wood slips momentarily, but finds his feet to scamper home!
Udana to Stokes, no run, Stokes leaves his crease again, but picks the slower ball this time, and checks his stroke with a punch to cover
Udana to Stokes, SIX runs, Stokes on the rampage! A gallop down the track, a mighty heave over wide long-off! Pace on the ball, and it vanishes!
Udana to Stokes, SIX runs, length ball, angled into Stokes' arc and utterly lambasted over long-on! Tremendous muscular batting, but that is not smart bowling

Now then, Stokes on strike, this will be tasty...

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st1JM VinceJM Bairstow
2nd25JM VinceJE Root
3rd47EJG MorganJE Root
4th54JE RootBA Stokes
5th17JC ButtlerBA Stokes
6th26MM AliBA Stokes
7th6CR WoakesBA Stokes
8th2AU RashidBA Stokes
9th8BA StokesJC Archer
10th26BA StokesMA Wood