44th match, Leeds, Jul 6 2019, ICC Cricket World Cup
(43.3/50 ov, target 265)
India won by 7 wickets (with 39 balls remaining)
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6.20pm So, that just about wraps it up from Headingley. India have done all they can to make a statement ahead of the knock-outs. It's all about Old Trafford now, and how Australia can respond to South Africa's hefty total. Win, and they face New Zealand on the same ground on Tuesday. Lose, and it's off to Edgbaston to face England on Thursday. And vice versa for India. Tune in now! But from myself, Andrew Miller, and Karthik and Chandan, goodbye!

Virat Kohli: "We wanted to play good cricket but didn't expect 7-1 (results). It's a real honour to play together for India. More or less everything is set for the semis, but we don't want to be one-dimensional. We have to turn up on the day and put in another performance."

"For us the opposition never matters, if we don't play well anyone can beat us, if we play well we can beat anyone."

Hardik Pandya's bowling: "He's really motivated for this tournament, hes thinking like a batsman, which helps, it's amazing to have a cricketer like that who can bring so much to the table."

Dimuth Karunaratne: "We ended up with close to 280 which was a good score. We kept losing wickets, and didn't capitalise on a good start, we had to rebuild which is why we got 260. But Rohit and Rahul batted really well."

"We have to think about what we got wrong, talk to the selectors and high-performance centre to identify some new talents. Four years is a long time [until the next World Cup]."

On Malinga: "Sri Lankan cricket will miss him, in Test cricket and one-day cricket, he was the man, he's done a really good job. Everyone has to end their chapter, and we have to find a new guy, as we lacked bowlers to get wickets in the middle parts."

6.11pm Naveen Kumar S.: "Interesting, Joe root is watching neither of these matches. He says he would rather sit in a wimbledon box on this fine saturday evening, watching a Federer #Wimbledon #Round3 #FederervsPouille" Can't say I blame him! Lovely evening for it, and England have got a few days off now to not think about cricket. They'll be back on it like a bonnet before long...

6.10pm Speaking of total control, few players have been as dominant as Pankaj Advani in billiards and snooker. With a staggering 21 world titles to his name, the Indian won the only piece of silverware missing in his trophy cabinet - the Asian snooker championship - last month. How does a player of this calibre remain hungry? Have a read to know more.

The man of the match is Rohit Sharma "I wasn't thinking about milestones, my job is to keep my head straight and get the team towards the finishing line. When you are in, shot selection becomes very important, I try to calculate how I want to go forward, and it has paid dividends, You have to be disciplined in batting, and I've learned from my mistakes in the past."

"Every day is a new day, I start fresh, I try to think I've not played any ODIs, not got any hundreds in the tournament. The challenge as a sportsman is to keep your head straight."

On Malinga, "Lasith Malinga is a champion, a match-winner, the team relies on him to deliver, and he has done that. I've seen him at close quarters [for Mumbai Indians], and world cricket will miss him."

On their potential semi-final opponents, "we're not thinking of that..." Of course not ...

6.08pm Meanwhile at Old Trafford, Australia have lost an early wicket... it's looking increasingly like India will be facing New Zealand....drama!

6.05pm WATCH on Hotstar (India only): Highlights of Rohit Sharma's fifth century of the World Cup

Deepanshu Khand: "Salute and farewell to Ian Gould as well. What a prolific umpiring career it has been for this man! One of the great umpires of our times, specially when umpiring has been under scanner. Great man, great umpire and great character!"

6pm Handshakes all round on the dot of 6pm... India are top of the group-stage table at the last gasp ... and who knows, they might yet be staying there, depending on how Australia's chase at Old Trafford pans out... it's a statement chase from India, who will be a side to be feared in the semi-finals. But who will they face ... England, or New Zealand?

Handshakes for Malinga as he bows out of World Cup cricket, and umpire Gunner Gould as well.

Udana to Pandya, 1 run
loopy slower ball, outswinger almosts deceives the batsman, but instead is deflected to third man to seal a thumping, momentum-seizing win!
Udana to Kohli, 1 run
patted down to third man. Scores are level
Udana to Kohli, no run
back of a length, blocked back to the bowler
end of over 4310 runs
INDIA: 263/3CRR: 6.11 • RRR: 0.28 • Need 2 runs from 42b
Hardik Pandya6 (3)
Virat Kohli33 (39)
Lasith Malinga10-1-82-1
Isuru Udana9-0-48-1

The end of a storied World Cup career. it's not been his day today, but Malinga's raging against the dying of the light inspired Sri Lanka to greater heights than anyone expected in this World Cup. Farewell, legend!

Malinga to Pandya, FOUR runs
attempted the trademark yorker to finish, comes out as a full-toss, and clobbered through midwicket! It wasn't to be for Malinga ... India on the brink now
Malinga to Kohli, 1 run
banged in short, pulled to the leg side... one more ball for Lasith ...
Malinga to Pandya, 1 run
fuller length, into the legs, tucked square. Smiles from Hardik and Malinga as they pass each other in the middle

A nice pat on the back from the Sri Lankan fielders, by the way, after Ian Gould had potentially his last decision in ODIs overturned!

Malinga to Kohli, 1 run
opens the face to dab the wider line down to third man
Malinga to Kohli, 1 wide
too full, leg-sided, Malinga will have that one again
Malinga to Pandya, 1 run
full face of the bat as Hardik presses a length delivery back past the bowler to get off the mark
Malinga to Kohli, 1 run
sliding into the legs, worked behind square

Hardik Pandya has been sent up the order to finish this in a hurry... here's Malinga for his final World Cup over

end of over 429 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 253/3CRR: 6.02 • RRR: 1.50 • Need 12 runs from 48b
Virat Kohli30 (36)
Isuru Udana9-0-48-1
Lasith Malinga9-1-72-1
Udana to Pant, OUT
slower ball, swinging into a riotous pull, a polite appeal, and Sri Lanka are reviewing! It's not a terrible shout, actually. Misses the bat, and thumped him right amidships ... is it hitting the stumps? It certainly is! Middle stump on the one hand, leg stump on the other! A late bonus for Sri Lanka
RR Pant lbw b Udana 4 (6m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00
Udana to Pant, no run
thumped to mid-off
Udana to Pant, FOUR runs
bottom-handed belligerence! Full length, and dismissively slapped back past the stumps!
Udana to Pant, no run
swinging into the toes, pushed with the angle to mid-on
Udana to Kohli, 1 run
deflected down to third man
Udana to Kohli, FOUR runs
gorgeous! Kohli's cover-drives have all been a rehearsal for that one, utterly nailed through the covers with the most serene of followthroughs