30th Match, Providence, Apr 1 2007, Super Eights, ICC World Cup
(44.3/50 ov, target 304)
Sri Lanka won by 113 runs
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Close Jayasuriya's ton - and Sri Lanka's enthusiasm - proved a big difference there, with Sri Lanka racing to victory. West Indies' high point was when they took two early wickets; from then on it was all Sri Lanka. This could spell the end of West Indies' World Cup hopes - technically they're still in the competition, but on the evidence of their recent games, they're not looking cohesive, nor a well-oiled unit.

Sri Lanka deserve their victory, let's take nothing away from them. Thanks for joining us today, please do return to Cricinfo tomorrow when you can follow Bangladesh's fortunes in Antigua; they're playing New Zealand.

Jayasuriya to Powell, OUT
and that's it. Cleaned up by some tidy work and that's a comprehensive win for Sri Lanka
DBL Powell b Jayasuriya 2 (2m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00
Jayasuriya to Bradshaw, 1 run
outside off and that was driven to long-on
Jayasuriya to Powell, 1 run
outside off and that's driven slowly off the back foot to point
end of over 447 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 188/9CRR: 4.27 • RRR: 19.33 • Need 116 runs from 36b
Daren Powell1 (2)
Ian Bradshaw5 (16)
Muttiah Muralitharan9-0-59-2
Sanath Jayasuriya8-0-36-2
Muralitharan to Powell, 1 run
driven out to mid-off
Muralitharan to Powell, no run
outside off and that straightens, but was too high

Martin Mercury starts singing "Another one bites the dust." It's a thing to hear, as much as his tight yellow trousers are a sight to behold. Daren Powell steps up to face Murali meanwhile

Muralitharan to Taylor, OUT
pitched in-line and just did enough to go on to hit the stumps. All the team go up for that one, trying to Umpire Harper's decision much easier. He didn't really need their help, squinting through his yellow lenses to give that one
JE Taylor lbw b Muralitharan 13 (10m 9b 2x4 0x6) SR: 144.44
Muralitharan to Taylor, 2 runs
very nice shot, Taylor delicately dinking that one very fine
Muralitharan to Taylor, FOUR runs
outside off and Tharanga fluffs that one, trying to pick it up on the bounce, as the ball runs away to the rope off the midwicket hoick
Muralitharan to Taylor, no run
on leg and that's padded into the leg side
end of over 432 runs
WI: 181/8CRR: 4.2 • RRR: 17.57 • Need 123 runs from 42b
Ian Bradshaw5 (16)
Jerome Taylor7 (5)
Sanath Jayasuriya8-0-36-2
Lasith Malinga5-0-34-2
Jayasuriya to Bradshaw, no run
outside off and that's driven slowly straight to mid-on
Jayasuriya to Bradshaw, no run
opens the face, a touch awkwardly, and runs that down to third man
Jayasuriya to Taylor, 1 run
opens the face, a touch awkwardly, and runs that down to third man
Jayasuriya to Bradshaw, 1 run
... but did this time, taking that one from outside off and that's worked just in front of square
Jayasuriya to Bradshaw, no run
swished at that one, didn't get hold of it
Jayasuriya to Bradshaw, no run
pushed right up there and that was defended
end of over 4212 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 179/8CRR: 4.26 • RRR: 15.62 • Need 125 runs from 48b
Jerome Taylor6 (4)
Ian Bradshaw4 (11)
Lasith Malinga5-0-34-2
Sanath Jayasuriya7-0-34-2

The drums are being bashed ferociously as West Indies fans take what enjoyment they can out of this game - and that means, on the whole, creating their own entertainment

Malinga to Taylor, FOUR runs
driven strongly straight back over the bowler's head and that runs on its merry way for four
Malinga to Taylor, 2 runs
slower delivery this time, not picked, and that just pops over the inner ring. He gets off the mark, for what it's worth, which is not much
Malinga to Taylor, no run
another yorker, and the batsman just managed to dig that one out again, his bottom hand flying up off the bat
Malinga to Taylor, no run
got that one from the box labelled 'Sturdy defence' - had to be expecting the yorker, there, to be fair, and we are, and so was that shot

An ad for Brian Lara Cricket flashes up on the telly. That means you don't get the side you want and you lose, notes my most astute colleague in the corner

Malinga to Chanderpaul, OUT
good reply from Malinga, right up in the blockhole, Chanderpaul aiming to pull that one, playing right over it, and knocking out the off stump
S Chanderpaul b Malinga 76 (151m 110b 1x4 5x6) SR: 69.09
Malinga to Chanderpaul, SIX runs
another six! Stepping down and launching that right over square leg. We like that one
end of over 414 runs
WI: 167/7CRR: 4.07 • RRR: 15.22 • Need 137 runs from 54b
Shivnarine Chanderpaul70 (108)
Ian Bradshaw4 (11)
Sanath Jayasuriya7-0-34-2
Lasith Malinga4-0-22-1

A mini-recovery, not a match-saving one, but enough that I can't say that West Indies are still folding quicker than a speed origami display

Jayasuriya to Chanderpaul, 1 run
played out to point off the back foot to steal the strike
Jayasuriya to Bradshaw, 1 run
outside off and that's swept down to square