41st Match, St George's, Apr 14 2007, Super Eights, ICC World Cup
(48.2/50 ov, target 194)
New Zealand won by 5 wickets (with 10 balls remaining)
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McMillan stayed there til the end, unbeaten on 38 to add to his three key wickets. New Zealand beat South Africa by five wickets to seal their place in the crucial round coming up. They won the toss, and having come unstuck themselves batting first in St George's against Sri Lanka, opted to field first. It paid off on a difficult batting strip, as Bond and Franklin wasted little time with the new ball. Gibbs and Prince added 76 in 17 overs, but it was the gamble of bringing on McMillan that hammered in South Africa's fate. Chasing 194, New Zealand were sluggish, but Fleming played a dour captain's innings and then that man Styris added another World Cup fifty.

Just waiting to confirm the Man of the Match for you all. Im pretty sure it'll be McMillan.

Ian Smith talks to Smith and Fleming. Smith thinks the first 20 overs were the toughest, and credits New Zealand for making full use of the conditions and keeping his side down. He thinks 220-230 would've been much better. Admits everyone's disappointed in the dressing room. Fleming is happy, though he's not letting on. Check out that grimace as he answers Ian's questions. A good effort, he says, with words of praise for Franklin, who set the day up for New Zealand, he adds. Didnt have any issues with the surface, glad he won the toss. Has plenty to say about McMillan's subtleties as a bowler. Acknowledges the game was tight, but backs the motion to slog it out in the chase.

And yes, no surprises, McMillan is the Man of the Match. He's a happy bloke. Beaming, he says he's grateful to just be here and is glad New Zealand bounced back from the loss to Sri Lanka. Loved each of his three wickets, and says chasing 194 was tricky.

Thats all I have for you, people. Let me remind you of tomorrow's game, a tussle between Ireland and Bangladesh at Bridgetown that will start at 13:30 GMT. I'll be bringing you the commentary again, lucky people, you. Until then, this is Jamie Alter signing off. Cheers!

Nel to McCullum, FOUR runs
there it is, McCullum's not wasting time! Full outside off stump, he uses the feet well, and smashes that through the covers and just sets off for the pavilion, cool as a cucumber! New Zealand have made the semi-finals!

Here's McCullum. Just a couple to seal this affair. Nel's still beaming.

Nel to Oram, OUT
cleaned em up! It was full, no room to hit, and Oram swings across the line only to hear the death rattle behind him! What a celebration from Nel as he savours the sight of splayed stumps in front of him!
JDP Oram b Nel 10 (22m 18b 1x4 0x6) SR: 55.55

The Beige Brigade is alive in the stands. Soon to be the Crimson Brigade as most of them are topless and the suns beating down hard.

end of over 485 runs
NZ: 192/4CRR: 4 • RRR: 1.00 • Need 2 runs from 12b
Craig McMillan38 (55)
Jacob Oram10 (17)
Andrew Hall8-0-32-0
Andre Nel9-0-29-1
Hall to McMillan, no run
full on off stump, he nearly falls over as he works it to short midwicket
Hall to McMillan, no run
back of a length again, he pushes to point again
Hall to McMillan, no run
back of a length outside off stump, chopped to point

New Zealanders all hanging out on the balcony...methinks an ambush of sorts once the winning runs are hit and they make the semis

Hall to McMillan, no run
good length outside off stump, he gets a good look at it and then leaves it be
Hall to Oram, 1 run
good length on off stump, pushed down to long-off

Three to get...

Hall to Oram, FOUR runs
full outside off stump, and he clobbers it powerfully past mid-on to get the crowd buzzing

Just seven to get from 18 deliveries. Shakirah offers this: "Andre Nel would make a great bad guy in an action movie." Andrew Hall comes back to bowl. What would he make?

end of over 473 runs
NZ: 187/4CRR: 3.97 • RRR: 2.33 • Need 7 runs from 18b
Craig McMillan38 (51)
Jacob Oram5 (15)
Andre Nel9-0-29-1
Robin Peterson7-0-39-1
Nel to McMillan, no run
good length on off stump, he gets right behind the line and defends back to Nel
Nel to Oram, 1 run
short of a length outside off stump, caressed past point for one
Nel to Oram, no run
bounces the big man, who loses sight of it and awkwardly gets out of the way
Nel to Oram, no run
back of a length on the stumps, clipped to Peterson at mid-on, who has a shy at the nonstriker's end and McMillan has to dive to get back in
Nel to Oram, no run
back of a length outside off stump, steered to backward point
Nel to Oram, 2 runs
pitches it on leg stump, and Oram tucks it past square leg, a misfield in the deep allows the second

10 now from 24. Nel comes back on.

end of over 462 runs
NZ: 184/4CRR: 4 • RRR: 2.50 • Need 10 runs from 24b
Jacob Oram2 (10)
Craig McMillan38 (50)
Robin Peterson7-0-39-1
Makhaya Ntini10-0-42-1
Peterson to Oram, 1 leg bye
tossed up outside leg stump, down he goes in an attempt to sweep, but fails
Peterson to Oram, no run
tossed up, he drives to de Villiers again
Peterson to Oram, no run
another bad ball, but that man de Villiers is a livewire in the covers and robs Oram of runs
Peterson to Oram, no run
short and wide, Oram crunches that off the back foot to cover, where AB de Villiers flings himself around to save runs

That was a catch, very tough, for Boucher, replays show.

Peterson to McMillan, 1 run
tossed up, this time he tucks it into midwicket for one
Peterson to McMillan, no run
tossed up, McMillan leans forward and drives, there's a noise, Boucher fumbles...edge? Ground? I cant tell.

12 from 30. Dancing in the stands. Well, one of the stands anyway.

end of over 452 runs
NZ: 182/4CRR: 4.04 • RRR: 2.40 • Need 12 runs from 30b
Jacob Oram2 (6)
Craig McMillan37 (48)
Makhaya Ntini10-0-42-1
Robin Peterson6-0-38-1
Ntini to Oram, no run
back of a length outside off stump, he drives but mistimes it into the ground
Ntini to Oram, 2 runs
fuller on leg stump, and he's off the mark with a deft flick past square leg

Patrick: "What should I say? I'm French. I don't even know if we have a national team. If you talk about cricket here, people get confused and think of croquet."

Ntini to Oram, no run
good length on off stump, driven back to Ntini
Ntini to Oram, no run
good length now, and he gets forward in defence