Player of the Match
Player of the Match

And as Brian Lara walks round the boundary on a one-man lap of honour - he's vaulted the hoardings and is touching hands with as many people as he can - we sign off for the night. A great match to end the Super Eights - and at times this stage seemed as infinite as outer space - and now it's the semi-finals on Tuesday and Wednesday. Join us then. From me, Martin Williamson, and Will Luke, good night.

Presentations Michael Atherton is the MC and Wes Hall is with him. Vaughan - "A great game, nice to get a victory and nice to have a fantastic crowd in ... but we have to be realistic and say we haven't played well throughout the tournament."

Kevin Pietersen is named Man of the Match for his ton. "I'm just pleased for Fletch and Dean Conway we got them a victory. It's been emotional and yet fantastic for everyone." And praise for Paul Nixon as well for his part in the whole winter.

And finally Brian Lara steps up to loud applause. "Things didn't work out as planned but it was a very good cricket game. I thought it was a good effort by all 22 players. I've had a tremendous time playing for West Indies ... my dream was to see West Indies cricket stay on top and not doing that has been the most disappointing thing.

"Did I entertain?" Lara asks the crowd, and the cheers answer that ... and for the final time, Lara steps down from the podium.

England win by one wicket Well, West Indies might not have given Lara the send-off he wanted, but what a game to bow out on, and at least Duncan Fletcher will be a happy man tonight. Amazing and at long last we have had a real and rare humdinger ...

Bravo to Broad, 2 runs, Broad leans back and hits that high over the covers ... there's nobody back and that's the winning runs. Broad grins and embraces Anderson as the crowd erupts. A grim-looking Lara shakes hands with friends and foes and has a long handshake and exchange with Koertzen. The crowd stand as he heads off ahead of all the other players. He wipes a tear from his eye and shakes hands with the England side who have lined up on the boundary edge ... and then he disappears into the pavilion.

A long chat between the batsmen. They finish and then, and only then, Lara changes his field.

Bravo to Broad, no run, slower ball, pushed into the off side and Gayle in lithely to field

Three balls, two runs. One to tie.

Bravo to Anderson, 1 leg bye, fired in at Anderson's legs, it hits him on the pads and as Bravo screams his appeal the batsmen run a leg-bye. That was several inches outside leg

No pressure on Jimmy Anderson then!

Nixon has been magnificent. On a day of farewells, perhaps that's the old boy's last hurrah in international cricket. But what a glorious one for someone who wasn't everyone's first choice to tour this winter.

Bravo to Nixon, OUT, anyone with a weak heart, turn off now. Slower ball fools Nixon who was on the walk as Bravo let go, he misses and it clips the top of his off stump

PA Nixon b Bravo 38 (83m 39b 4x4 0x6) SR: 97.43

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England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st11MP VaughanAJ Strauss
2nd90MP VaughanRS Bopara
3rd53MP VaughanKP Pietersen
4th8PD CollingwoodKP Pietersen
5th23A FlintoffKP Pietersen
6th4KP PietersenJWM Dalrymple
7th80PA NixonKP Pietersen
8th2PA NixonLE Plunkett
9th27PA NixonSCJ Broad
10th3JM AndersonSCJ Broad

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