Player of the Match
Player of the Match
Johnson to Cremer, FOUR runs, short ball and Cremer lines up and pulls superbly all along the ground to the deep square leg boundary
Tait to Cremer, FOUR runs, short of a length outside off, Cremer slashes and gets a thick edge that flies wide of Haddin for four
Tait to Utseya, FOUR runs, Utseya uses Tait's pace and dabs a length delivery past Haddin towards the third-man boundary. Deft and well-executed shot.
Lee to Cremer, FOUR runs, Lee's doing everything except get wickets. Bouncer at 141 kph. Cremer is lucky he didn't suffer bodily harm. Hits something and flies fine for four
Smith to Cremer, FOUR runs, not if Cremer has anything to do with it. He dances out, gets to the pitch and scythes Smith through wide mid on for a boundary
Krejza to Williams, SIX runs, who, where did that come from? Williams has seen enough of Krejza's flight, plonks the front foot down the track and swings him majestically over deep midwicket. Ka-boom.
Krejza to Williams, FOUR runs, and the outside edge straight away. Nice flight and spin, it breaks away from Williams who feels for it without getting entirely across, it eludes slip and runs away for four
Tait to Chigumbura, FOUR runs, Tait gives Chigumbura some space outside off and he drives a length delivery through extra cover with excellent timing
Tait to Chigumbura, FOUR runs, Tait strays towards leg again and Chigumbura glances it past a diving Haddin for four towards fine leg
Lee to Taibu, FOUR runs, he's placed this! Taibu stands in his crease and slaps a length delivery with power through cover. No feet movement, but excellent timing.
Lee to Taylor, FOUR runs, terrific shot, Taylor waits for the short of a length ball outside off and then chips it deftly over the head of the fielder at first slip. He played that so late
Lee to Coventry, SIX runs, that is one of the flattest sixes you'll see! Coventry laid into a length ball outside off and played the square drive with immense power. The ball rocketed off the bat and flew over the point boundary. It carried about ten feet over the boundary and smashed into the wall.
Lee to Coventry, FOUR runs, shot. Coventry leans into a half-volley outside off stump and sends it racing to the cover boundary with a powerful yet graceful drive
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Zimbabwe 2nd innings Partnerships

1st22CK CoventryBRM Taylor
2nd18T TaibuBRM Taylor
3rd0BRM TaylorCR Ervine
4th4E ChigumburaCR Ervine
5th44E ChigumburaSC Williams
6th8SC WilliamsRW Chakabva
7th8P UtseyaRW Chakabva
8th49P UtseyaAG Cremer
9th14RW PriceAG Cremer
10th4RW PriceCB Mpofu