Player of the Match
Player of the Match
Nehra to Peterson, FOUR runs, there's the game! Peterson steps away and slams it through the covers, roaring with delight as the ball threads the gap and races away
Nehra to Peterson, SIX runs, six runs! Peterson was walloped the leather off this one, sending the ball sailing over cow corner. His team-mates are whooping and cheering in the changing room!
Nehra to Peterson, FOUR runs, huge swipe, Peterson was aiming for the stratosphere there but a thick inside edge shot past the stumps and Dhoni and down to fine leg. That's so unlucky for the bowler!
Patel to Botha, SIX runs, on a length and straight, that's where Botha wanted it and he heaves through the line to send the ball sailing straight back over the bowler's head. Six runs!

South Africa 2nd innings Partnerships

1st41HM AmlaGC Smith
2nd86JH KallisHM Amla
3rd46JH KallisAB de Villiers
4th50JP DuminyAB de Villiers
5th15JP DuminyF du Plessis
6th9MN van WykF du Plessis
7th32J BothaF du Plessis
8th21RJ PetersonF du Plessis