Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | KENYA: 264/6 (61 runs required, RR: 5.28)

  • Collins Obuya98 (129b)
  • Jimmy Kamande0 (0b)
  • Shaun Tait8-0-49-2
  • Mitchell Johnson8-1-40-0

So Australia win by 60 runs and extend their unbeaten streak in World cup matches to 33. But Kenya played proudly, they were good with the ball too, spirited performance and didn't let Australia get away easily. And their batsmen did not fold like they did in previous matches, Collins Obuya leading the resistance with an unbeaten 98.

Jimmy Kamande: "At the end of the we came out second, so it's a little disappointing. The worst thing is we have only one more game left. But we can hope to improve from today. All in all Tanmay, Collins and some bowling from Nehimiah was excellent ..."

Ricky Ponting: "A bit of rust on the team, even with the batting. Full credit to Kenya, they fought really well. We tried a few different things today, bowling Smith in the Powerplay ... but hopefully we've shaken off the rust ahead of the Canada game ... great to have Hussey back. We'll have a rest day tomorrow, we've done plenty of training ..."

The Man of the Match is Collins Obuya! Well done Collins, against Australia, in a World Cup. "I'm very proud," he says. "I've been working hard on my batting, on my bowling as well, hopefully I'll become a batting allrounder." He's gracious as well about not getting enough strike at the death and missing his hundred.

A parting comment and it's from Mark Kidger: "Kenya will take some heart from that performance. For Australia, job done, but they won't have terrified any of the sides in the other group today thinking about the Quarter Final crosses."

That's about it from us at ESPNcricinfo for today. Thank you for all your emails and comments. We get a lot and we try to read and publish as many as we can between deliveries. Join us tomorrow for another double header. Cheers, and goodnight.

Tait to CO Obuya, 1 run, no hundred for Obuya as Tait delivers a yorker which he digs out to point, a real shame but well played all the same

He needs a boundary here ...

Tait to CO Obuya, no run, short of a length outside off stump, Obuya swings and misses, and he's disappointed

Two balls to go, Obuya on 97. Kamande, the captain, is the new batsman.

Tait to CO Obuya, 1 run, OUT, hit straight back down to long-on and Obuya runs back for the second. But the throw from the deep is good and Tait, even though he took an age to remove the bails, does it in the nick of time to run out Patel. Only one for Obuya, who has the strike though

RR Patel run out (Krejza/Tait) 6 (10m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 85.71

Three balls to go, Obuya needs four.

Tait to Patel, 1 run, Patel steers to third man for a single

Three balls to go, Obuya stranded. Ponting brings the field in, he won't give Obuya the strike easily.

Tait to Patel, no run, Patel backs away towards leg and then can't make contact with a full ball outside off. what is he doing?!
Tait to Patel, no run, Patel defends towards the bowler, Obuya wanted one but it wasn't there

49 | 10 Runs | KENYA: 261/5 (64 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 5.32, RRR: 64.00)

  • Collins Obuya96 (126b)
  • Rakep Patel5 (4b)
  • Mitchell Johnson8-1-40-0
  • Shaun Tait7-0-46-2
Johnson to CO Obuya, FOUR runs, he's found the gap at deep extra cover! Obuya stands his ground and smashes a full ball past the man at wide long off
Johnson to CO Obuya, no run, length delivery outside off stump, Obuya slogs it to the man at midwicket
Johnson to Patel, 1 run, Patel nudges the ball off his pads through square leg

This is Kenya's highest total in World Cups.

Johnson to CO Obuya, 1 run, pushed off the front foot towards deep point, takes the single

Kenya 2nd innings Partnerships

1st12MA OumaAA Obanda
2nd9CO ObuyaAA Obanda
3rd25CO ObuyaDO Obuya
4th115CO ObuyaT Mishra
5th86TM OdoyoCO Obuya
6th16CO ObuyaRR Patel
7th1JK KamandeCO Obuya