35th Match, Bengaluru, Mar 16 2011, Group A (D/N), ICC Cricket World Cup
(34.5/50 ov, target 212)
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 91 balls remaining)
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AUS Innings
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That winds up our coverage for today. On behalf of Abhishek and the rest of the crew, this is Nitin Sundar signing off. Do join us for the Chennai cracker tomorrow, it is England v Windies. Cheers!

Well, it started well for Canada, but Australia gradually took control and cantered home. Here's George Binoy's bulletin telling you how it all happened.


Watson is Man of the Match: "It was nice to come out good in the end and hit a few right out of the middle. Canadians bowled pretty straight, they bowled well with the new ball and the wicket was two paced. It was nice to develop the partnership with Haddin. We have been having a week between some of our games, so nice to get some back to back games now."

Ponting: "Things went not too bad, their top four or five batted really well, but our batsmen were outstanding. We haven't fully been tested yet, we will be by Pakistan in Colombo and we look forward to it. You could say I am due, would have been nice to be not out, but may be I am saving it up for the big games."

Bagai: "The experience has been phenomenal, the young guys will take a lot from this. Our bowlers were fantastic through the tournament, but the batsmen were poor in the first half. Some young guys got self belief out of the World Cup - Hansra, Patel. We came here looking to win, and laid a good platform, but inexperience let us down."

Faisal: "What does it take to beat Australia in the World Cup? ....... "Pakistan". Well, lets hope it is a cracker!

Kamal: "Another one sided in Group A.. Is it a calm before storm considering England would be playing tmrw?"

What does it take to beat Australia in the World Cup? Sigh! They now top the table.

Satish: "Ponting's reflexes are not like before. He should cut back on that pull shot."

That's right Satish. You echoed George Binoy's opinions, he still recalls nightmares from 2003 when Ponting pulverised India with the pull shot.

Phil: "That's why Ponting do not want the Associates to play in the World Cup - he keeps getting out against them." Haha!

Osinde to White, 1 wide
Osinde denies White the pleasure of hitting the winning run by landing a bouncer in his own half. Bowden signals wide, and that's the end of Canada's World Cup campaign.
Osinde to White, FOUR runs
White levels the scores with a smooth backfoot cover drive. He waits on the back foot to a short of length ball and punches it cleanly through the cordon
Osinde to White, no run
back of a length on off stump, played off the back foot into the off side
Osinde to White, no run
White gingerly pokes out to the off side

Two slips in place.

Osinde to Ponting, OUT
a bad day for Ponting comes to a forgettable end. Hide the TVs, is the joke doing the rounds. His bowlers struggled to bowl out Canada. Steve Smith nearly muffed a catch that was his. And now he's not got the batting practice he wanted. And he's again perished to the short ball. Late on the pull, pops it up to square leg meekly. A catch for Davison now, this is not as bad way to retire.
RT Ponting c Davison b Osinde 7 (30m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 46.66
Osinde to Ponting, no run
short of a length outside off, Ponting opens the face and defends to the off side
end of over 349 runs
AUS: 207/2CRR: 6.08 • RRR: 0.31 • Need 5 runs from 15 overs
Ricky Ponting7 (13)
Michael Clarke16 (17)
Balaji Rao7-0-46-0
Henry Osinde9-0-48-0

Anand: "What are Punter and Pup waiting for to finish the game, Has the TEAM BUS not arrived yet?"

Balaji Rao to Ponting, 1 run
Ponting gets a single as well, cutting a short ball into the covers
Balaji Rao to Clarke, 1 run
too short and wide, Clarke cuts away with the spin through the covers for one more
Balaji Rao to Clarke, FOUR runs
top shot from Clarke, skips out like a beaver, gets to the pitch and drives it right back past Rao and all the way to the straight boundary.
Balaji Rao to Clarke, no run
looped up on middle and leg, Clarke defends off the front foot
Balaji Rao to Clarke, 2 runs
over-pitched on off, Clarke drives into the covers for one more