Player of the Match
Player of the Match

33 | 3 Runs | NZ: 117/4 | RR: 3.54

  • Chris Cairns7 (12b)
  • Roger Twose30 (36b)
  • Hasibul Hossain10-2-33-1
  • Naimur Rahman2-0-5-1

and as far as thrashings go, that was highly enjoyable NZ did their best to give the tailenders some batting practice, but they didnt quite get there and so ends the 1st rounds of matches, Zimbabwe on top of Group A, NZ on top of Group B, no doubt some mud is to settle there. Tomorrow we head back to Group A, with England to take on Kenya, a match which could send the world cup onto the front page of the english dailies, that is, if Kenya win President Gavin Larsen is the Man of the Match an impeccable display of slow straight bowling at the stumps so until tomorrow, it's good evening from CI

Hasibul Hossain to Cairns, 1 run, prodded into the covers, and so ends the resumption of hostilities between NZ and Bangladesh after a 9 year break

scores are level, cannot rule out the tie yet

Hasibul Hossain to Twose, 1 run, on the back foot, poked to the mid off

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