3rd Match, Hamilton, Feb 15 2015, Pool B (D/N), ICC Cricket World Cup
(48.2/50 ov, target 340)
South Africa won by 62 runs
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South Africa
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9.55 pm: That's all from us then. Don't forget to tune into Match Point! This is Rohan Sharma signing off on behalf of ESPNcricinfo, and If you've had half as much fun reading the commentary as I've had doing it, then I've had twice as much fun doing the commentary then you've had reading it. See you tomorrow, folks.

David Miller, Man of the Match: The first hundred will also be memorable, but this one was really nice as well. I just needed to construct a partnership with someone, and JP was the man today. It was a bit slow initially, but it definitely eased up towards the end. We just kept encouraging each other along the way and we knew how important this partnership was to the team. Can take a lot of positives in how I constructed this innings, especially when rotating the strike with the spinners on.

David Miller is the Man of the Match

9.38 pm The scorecard might suggest South Africa won this one convincingly, but there is no doubt about it, Zimbabwe have issued a clear warning to the rest of the teams in Pool B. They were ahead of the cards in the first half of each innings, but seemed to lose their way as they got into the business end of things. Still, the promise and heart they showed will imbue great confidence within the side as they look to the remainder of their matches. Hamilton Masakadza and Chamu Chibhabha were the main guns initially, before Brendon Taylor added a run-a-ball 40, but it wasn't enough to get them over the line as that 30-run 48th over, courtesy of David Miller's swashbuckling bat, proved the difference ultimately.

Morkel to Chatara, OUT
and with a simple return chance to this full delivery on middle, Morkel has snapped up the final scalp to give South Africa a 62-run victory in the end
TL Chatara c & b Morkel 6 (21m 11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 54.54
Morkel to Chatara, no run
advances down the track before realising this is an attempted wide yorker, so tries to readjust to get at it, but fails to do so
end of over 485 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 277/9CRR: 5.77 • RRR: 31.50 • Need 63 runs from 12b
Tendai Chatara6 (9)
Tafadzwa Kamungozi0 (0)
Vernon Philander8-0-30-2
Morne Morkel8-1-49-1

Vaaalpaiyan: "Earlier today, Someone was concerned that Zimbabwe might loose their confident by playing a losing first game against heavy weights.. they are still loosing the game, But it appears SA might ve drastically damaged their confidence "

Philander to Chatara, 1 run
able to cart away this fuller delivery on and around off to the mid-on fielder
Philander to Chatara, no run
is well late on this bouncer outside off which Tendai fails to ramp over third man
Philander to Chatara, FOUR runs
low full toss which is in the slot as this is blazed away through the covers for a boundary

Pratik Shrestha: "Solomon Mire, showing T20 skill....go Zimbabwe!!!"

Philander to Chatara, no run
searching for the yorker as he ends up giving up a low full toss which is struck back to him. The batsmen run the single as Philander turns to fire in a throw at the non-striker's, but misses
Philander to Chatara, no run
reaches out to this fuller length, almost inside-edging this as it continues on to the keeper

That 48th over which cost Zimbabwe 30 runs may have just been the difference today it seems

Philander to Mire, OUT
AB pops up again in the deep as Philander has got them just one away now as Mire, looking to smash every remaining delivery out of the park, ends up pulling this towards de Villiers at deep midwicket, who puts in a wonderful forward dive to catch him in the deep. Ends a very entertaining cameo from Mire. Will be great to see more pyrotechnics from him as this tournament wages on
SF Mire c de Villiers b Philander 27 (28m 25b 2x4 2x6) SR: 108.00

68 off 18 now.. can Zimbabwe get through till the end? Vernon may have something to say about that, though

end of over 478 runs
ZIM: 272/8CRR: 5.78 • RRR: 22.66 • Need 68 runs from 18b
Solomon Mire27 (24)
Tendai Chatara1 (4)
Morne Morkel8-1-49-1
Imran Tahir10-0-36-3

Peter: "it looks like those last few overs from Zimbabwe are going to cost them. Take at look at that worm, they're neck and neck!"

Morkel to Mire, 1 run
overpitched and thundered down the ground by MIre, but is cut off by a dive from the long on fielder
Morkel to Mire, no run
fullish length outside off which he fails to get any bat on as Morkel has found the right channel to get through these final death overs
Morkel to Mire, 1 wide
wide of the crease and Morkel won't get away it as the umpire goes through the motions
Morkel to Mire, no run
yet another play-and-a-miss as the ball is saved from another demoralising strike from Mire's blade

Ben: "Zimbabwe should not be disheartened - if they play like this against Ireland, UAE and West Indies, they will easily make it through to the quarter finals."

Morkel to Mire, no run
ends up going too fast through his stroke to this bouncer on middle and off
Morkel to Mire, no run
goes for another big heave down the ground to this widish, full delivery outside off
Morkel to Mire, SIX runs
that just might be the biggest six of the tournament as Mire showcases his IPL credentials with a huge scythe over cow corner that just flew high over the stand. This may have even departed the oval. Tremendous strike from the Zimbabwean!

Morkel now on to replace Steyn

end of over 462 runs
ZIM: 264/8CRR: 5.73 • RRR: 19.00 • Need 76 runs from 24b
Tendai Chatara1 (4)
Solomon Mire20 (18)
Imran Tahir10-0-36-3
Dale Steyn9-0-64-1
Imran Tahir to Chatara, no run
gets through the final ball as Tahir wraps up a tidy spell of 3 for 36
Imran Tahir to Mire, 1 run
clubs yet another one with the spin to deep midwicket, but can't get it either side of him on the boundary rope
Imran Tahir to Mire, no run
driven back to the bowler as he covers for the spin
Imran Tahir to Chatara, 1 run
looks for the big heave down the ground which goes straight up, but this falls safe as there are no fielders stationed between long off and mid-off
Imran Tahir to Chatara, no run
goes for the conventional leggie as Tendai fails to glide this one away through third man
Imran Tahir to Chatara, no run
goes up for a loud, raucous appeal as he strikes the pads, but this might have been slipping down leg

Tahir into his final over. Has bowled splendidly well

end of over 4516 runs
ZIM: 262/8CRR: 5.82 • RRR: 15.60 • Need 78 runs from 30b
Solomon Mire19 (16)
Tendai Chatara0 (0)
Dale Steyn9-0-64-1
Imran Tahir9-0-34-3

mo: "Zimbabwe were much better than what their numbers will show in the end of the day. "

Steyn to Mire, FOUR runs
sensational hitting from Steyn as his horror match continues. Mire just picks his spot before punishing Steyn with a blow through long off
Steyn to Mire, FOUR runs
overpitched outside off as Steyn gets this slightly wrong, with the drive from Mire having enough legs on it to beat the cover and mid-off fielder to the boundary
Steyn to Mire, no run
this time opts for the slower bouncer as he sees Mire hanging back in his crease in preparation for the yorker