Player of the Match
Player of the Match

6.14pm England will not be given extra credit for beating Scotland but this win of 119 runs will do their confidence some good after the two thrashings. They could have scored much more than 303, but made sure their bowlers didn't allow many scoring opportunities to the Scotland batsmen. Finn will also be happy to pick up 3 for 26. Scotland did well in phases. They curbed England to just over 300, started will in the chase but could not sustain their performance.

Moeen Ali is the Man of the Match: Nice to spend time in the middle and get through first 10 overs. It was not an easy pitch to start, takes a bit of time to play some shots but we did well to score over 300. At one time I thought of maybe 330-340 but it was not easy to pitch and at least we got 300. Nice to get a bit of form before the next match and hopefully I can continue it. Thank god for winning the game and hopefully we can win the next three in a row. Don't think I bowled that well today, haven't bowled for a couple of weeks in matches now.

Preston Mommsen: We won the toss and we we would have liked a few more early wickets. We pulled them back nicely but didn't get going in the chase, we didn't quite hit our areas but credit to our bowlers for bouncing back in the death. We thought we were in with a shot and needed a partnership upfront but didn't get one that we needed. Joshy did great work at the death and Kyle batted beautifully there. NZ game was a tough first World Cup match for a lot of boys. Today some learnings for us and hopefully we'll be better when we come up against Afghanistan. This is a huge step up from county to international - more pressure, huge crowds, there's more at stake.

Eoin Morgan: Delighted with today's performance, today we played not within ourselves but expressed ourselves little bit, which was good to see. Two openers were exceptional and ideally we would have liked to kick on without stuttering. But we recovered really well to a good score. We are really flexible in our batting, today was all about a win. As we get close to Powerplay we are flexible. Nice to get some runs under my bat. I thought our bowlers were really good, standout from Finn and Broady got rewarded. Moeen was brilliant chipping in with his 10 overs. It's great to have Anderson and Broad back at full strength, their combination works and that's a massive plus for us.

That's all we have from this match, I'm afraid. England will now face Sri Lanka after a week in Wellington. Scotland, meanwhile, face Afghanistan in Dunedin on the 26th. Just in case you are watching the entire World Cup, we have West Indies v Zimbabwe tomorrow from Canberra. Join us again for that, until then it's goodbye and good luck from Vishal and Devashish. Ciao!

Woakes to Haq, OUT, tries another pull, gets a top edge and he's taken at fine leg, England have won! Woakes banged in another short ball, Haq could not get on top of it and got only a top edge. Easy catch for Ballance

RM Haq c Ballance b Woakes 15 (42m 24b 3x4 0x6) SR: 62.50

Woakes to Haq, no run, slightly short, pulled straight to midwicket by Haq

Sree: "I would give bonus point to Scots if they can survive 50 overs.."

42 | 1 Run 1 Wkt | SCOT: 184/9 (120 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 4.38, RRR: 15.00)

  • Majid Haq15 (22b)
  • James Anderson6-0-30-2
  • Chris Woakes5-0-25-1
Anderson to Evans, OUT, gets an edge, gets a wicket! Length delivery outside the off stump, making Evans drive and a thick edge goes to Buttler who completes a good, low catch to his right

AC Evans c †Buttler b Anderson 9 (15m 15b 2x4 0x6) SR: 60.00

Anderson to Evans, no run, almost a yorker, just outside off and beaten! It swung in late towards off stump and missed everything
Anderson to Evans, no run, on length outside off, wide enough to be left alone
Anderson to Haq, 1 run, short of length outside off, pushed into the covers and they sneak in a quick single
  • 'Your captain's Irish'

    It might have been a bit of a no-contest but the fun fans and excellent weather made up for it

  • England's cobwebs and shackles are still on

    They won the game. They found some form. If you're judging England on the scoreboard, it was above par, but still well below par

  • Moeen fights a lone battle

    While he stroked his way to a fluent and majestic hundred, his team-mates struggled to find the boundaries, something that is very likely to cost England in their upcoming games

  • Scotland defeated by lack of experience

    What this game showed us is that Scotland have the talent to compete with England. They were not blown away; they were defeated by their lack of exposure to the circumstances

  • Morgan backs Bell's cautious approach

    England's captain Eoin Morgan expressed support for Ian Bell's understated role in a Woirld Cup record opening stand with Moeen Ali as England saw off Scotland comfortably in Christchurch

Looking for Change


Number of World Cup matches that Scotland has won. They are the only team to play in two or more World Cups without a win.

A New Opposition


Number of previous ODIs that England have played in New Zealand. All of those were against New Zealand.

Tons by Englishmen in NZ


Years since an English batsman scored an ODI hundred in New Zealand (Chris Broad, 106, v NZ, Napier)



Number of times that Scotland have beaten a Test nation in ODIs.

A Rare Event


Number of times that Scotland have successfully chased down a 300+ target in ODIs (v Ireland, Edinburgh, 2011)

A Big Win


Number of World Cup games that England have won by a margin of 100 runs or more.