50 | 4 Runs 2 Wkts | UAE: 210/8 (130 runs required, RR: 4.20)

  • Mohammad Tauqir0 (1b)
  • Mohammad Naveed0 (0b)
  • Wahab Riaz10-1-54-2
  • Sohail Khan9-2-54-2

9.52 pm: Well, that is all she wrote from Napier. Pakistan secure a second, and much-needed, win in their misfiring World Cup campaign, and will be preparing with keen interest ahead of their crucial clash against South Africa. Don't forget to tune into our live showing of Match Point, while there is also the other match at the WACA between Afghanistan and Australia. Warner currently going strong on 156 in the 33rd over. Yup, you read that correctly. I am going to dash off now to see if history will be made. I think you should too! This is Rohan Sharma signing off on behalf of ESPNcricinfo.

Ahmed Shehzad, Man of the Match: Pretty much satisfied before the big game (against South Africa). We didn't want to be in a similar situation like we were against Zimbabwe. All the coaches and players have been very supportive to try and fix that. The way Misbah and Haris batted to help us get momentum, will be useful against South Africa. We need to stand up as a team and play as well as we did today.

The Man of the Match is Ahmed Shehzad for his 93.

9.40 pm: So in the end, Pakistan manage to hold on to a 129-run victory over UAE, but you can hardly call it impressive as they allowed them to bat through their full quota, which would have seemed quite unfathomable after they had them languishing at 25 for 3 at one stage. Niggles to Mohammad Irfan, and then Sohail Khan, hurt Pakistan's bowling resources early on, and team management will be hoping they are fit and ready for Pakistan's next crucial encounter against South Africa. Shaiman Anwar moved to the top of the World Cup run-charts after another meaningful innings for his side.

Wahab Riaz to Mohammad Tauqir, no run, and he safely negotiates the full delivery on off to help UAE get through their full quota of overs, with two wickets still in hand

It will be Tauqir to face the final ball of the innings

Wahab Riaz to Patil, OUT, where was that all this time? delivers a vicious yorker from round the wicket which is just too good for the batsman as he backed away to try and create space to get under it. Far too late in the contest to really matter though...

SP Patil b Wahab Riaz 36 (84m 68b 2x4 0x6) SR: 52.94

Wahab Riaz to Patil, no run, looks to slam this bouncer going down the leg side over midwicket, but is late on it. Called one for the over
Wahab Riaz to Patil, 2 runs, looks to ramp the bowler over backward point, with this one falling safely in the deep in the end

UAE seven down now, but really doesn't matter with just the four legal deliveries left. Naveed is the new batsman

Wahab Riaz to Amjad Javed, OUT, and Javed's jolly good time comes to a suitable end as he attempts yet another club over midwicket, with this one finally falling to a Pakistan fielder in the deep as Sohail Khan steadies himself under the catch. Leaves McLean Park with a host of good memories I am sure

Amjad Javed c Sohail Khan b Wahab Riaz 40 (48m 33b 5x4 2x6) SR: 121.21

Wahab Riaz to Amjad Javed, 1 wide, backs away a touch as Wahab delivers this one wide of off, and round the wicket, with the umpire penalising him for straying the margin
Wahab Riaz to Patil, 1 run, punches this back of a length through to the cover fielder, but can't pinch the single

Final over now with UAE needing 134 off 6. Game on!

49 | 8 Runs | UAE: 206/6 (134 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 4.20, RRR: 134.00)

  • Amjad Javed40 (32b)
  • Swapnil Patil33 (64b)
  • Sohail Khan9-2-54-2
  • Wahab Riaz9-1-50-0

ahsan: "Required RR 134. Is this correct ? :P"

Sohail Khan to Amjad Javed, FOUR runs, backs away and then lifts Sohail inside-out over the covers to find the boundary at a rate of knots. Has put on a clinic with some sound shots interspersed with late bludgeons and French cuts
Sohail Khan to Amjad Javed, no run, lovely yorker which missed the downswing of Javed's bat as he looked to get under it. Followed the batsman beautifully there
Sohail Khan to Amjad Javed, FOUR runs, Javed better frame that bat after as he gets away another streaky shot, this time the inside-edge through fine leg, as he looked to smash the bowler over long on
Sohail Khan to Amjad Javed, no run, tries to pummel Sohail out of the park over midwicket, but is late on the shorter one that is fired in

Misbah in fifth gear


Balls for Misbah-ul-Haq's 50, the second-fastest of his 41 fifties in ODIs

Pakistan's 90s club


Number of Pakistan batsmen who have been out in the 90s in World Cup games. Zaheer Abbas has been out for 97 (in 1975) and 93 (1979)

Batting powerplay?


Runs scored by Pakistan in the five overs between 8th as 12th. In the first seven they scored 15

Pakistan's poor starts


Pakistan's run rate in the first ten overs in this World Cup, the lowest among all teams. NZ are on top with a rate of 8.50

All or nothing


Pakistan's average opening stand in their last 7 matches. Their partnerships: 1, 0, 11, 111, 0, 0, 3

Zeroes galore


Number of ducks for Pakistan's top seven in 21 innings in the World Cup. No other team has more than 4