Player of the Match
Player of the Match

And that is the end of it all from today. Barring any washouts or upsets they are going to Sydney to face Sri Lanka in the quarter-final. South Africa are done with their league stages, and have finished second. They have beaten only West Indies among the big four of their group. However, in the last World Cup the team that beat only West Indies among the big four and finished second in their group went on to win the World Cup. Cheers

"We bowled well until 44-45 overs," says Mohammad Tauqir. "In batting it was a good knock by Swapnil Patil. We batted almost 50 overs so it is a big positive. It has given us a lot of confidence. They have got some amazing bowlers. We are not used to playing this kind of bowlers. A lot of confidence almost playing out 50 overs."

"Very happy about today," says AB de Villiers, also the Man of the Match. "It was hard work. They made it difficult for us. I was happy with the way we fought throughout. I won't say it is simple, but I try to keep it simple. Not always easy to play against a team not as good as you usually play. Was important for me to stick to my gameplans. Never a given that you will make the quarter-final so a big moment for us. We are representing our country in a knockout match in a World Cup. I think in Sydney. I'll wait for the crunch time in the knockout to bowl my overs. It was an opportunity to give some of the part-timer bowlers a run so we took it. Not a given that we will play five bowlers in the quarterfinal."

And they are shaking hands at nine down because Alhashmi is injured. This brings to an end arguably the most underwhelming match of the tournament so far. Right from the toss, UAE made no attempt to win. Their only endeavour was to spend as much time out in the middle as possible, which can be the only explanation for their decision to bowl first. Everybody knew the only way to beat South Africa for an Associate team was to put them under the pressure of the chase. UAE didn't want to do that. Owing to a slow pitch South Africa couldn't score yet another 400, and UAE never wanted to go for the chase. They just wanted to bat out the 50 overs, which they nearly did. You can get too critical of South Africa's bowling, but on a slow pitch when the batsmen are showing zero intent it can be hard to create penetration. The most boring match of this World Cup for dragging on for so long without a semblance of a contest

Philander to Kamran Shazad, OUT, it's all over as Shahzad backs away and swings again and lobs it to mid-on

Kamran Shazad c Steyn b Philander 0 (6m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Philander to Kamran Shazad, no run, swings again, cues it to mid-on on the bounce
Philander to Kamran Shazad, no run, Shahzad also loves to swing then. Plays at this way away from the actual line of the ball

Philander comes back

47 | 6 Runs | UAE: 195/8 (147 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 4.14, RRR: 49.00)

  • Swapnil Patil57 (100b)
  • Kamran Shazad0 (0b)
  • Morne Morkel10-2-23-2
  • Dale Steyn9-1-40-1
Morkel to Patil, no run, digs this in short, Patil gets under it, Shahzad will be on strike next over
Morkel to Patil, no run, on a length, straight, defended with an open face
Morkel to Patil, 2 runs, makes room to loft a length ball back over Morkel's head. Not getting much bat on them but he is going back over his head where there are no fielders
Morkel to Patil, no run, on a length, angling in, defended back to him
Morkel to Patil, no run, short outside off, beats Patil's attempt to cut. De Kock dives to his right to save byes
Morkel to Patil, FOUR runs, makes room, gets under s shortish delivery and punches it back over Morkel's head. The first boundary off his bowling

Kamran Shahzad is the last man in. Alhasmi won't bat. Patil on strike

46 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | UAE: 189/8 (153 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 4.10, RRR: 38.25)

  • Swapnil Patil51 (94b)
  • Dale Steyn9-1-40-1
  • Morne Morkel9-2-17-2
Steyn to Mohammad Tauqir, OUT, finally they get a wicket. Finally they attack the stumps. Tauqir backs away to swing. And Steyn hits the top of middle for his first wicket today

Mohammad Tauqir b Steyn 3 (26m 16b 0x4 0x6) SR: 18.75

Steyn to Patil, 1 run, edged off the shoulder of the bat, gets a single to third man
Steyn to Patil, 2 runs, fifty for Patil who has surely been a thorn in the SA side, who want to get off the park as soon as possible. Pulled wide of deep midwicket, Tauqir slips while taking the second, but Steyn fails to gather the throw
Steyn to Patil, no run, defends from the crease as Steyn pitches on a length
Steyn to Patil, no run, on a length again, Patil stays back to defend
Steyn to Patil, no run, outswinger, on a length, beats the set batsman

Alhashmi is in the hospital so South Africa need just two more wickets, but they haven't looked like getting wickets. This has been a very underwhelming match right from the moment UAE made the strange decision to bowl first

45 | 5 Runs | UAE: 186/7 (156 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 4.13, RRR: 31.20)

  • Mohammad Tauqir3 (15b)
  • Swapnil Patil48 (89b)
  • Morne Morkel9-2-17-2
  • Dale Steyn8-1-37-0
Morkel to Mohammad Tauqir, no run, looks to pull this shortish delivery angling across him, and is beaten
Morkel to Mohammad Tauqir, no run, another bouncer, and Tauqir is under it
Morkel to Mohammad Tauqir, 4 leg byes, more short-pitched bowling, and this one flies off the arm guard for four leg-byes

Zander: "SA's bowling to the tail has been very poor this tournament. No one is attacking the stumps like Starc or Southee. This stems from the SA culture. We rather want to be feared by bowling short balls than take wickets and end the game. That, unfortunately, will not win you the CWC"

Morkel goes round the wicket

Morkel to Patil, 1 run, tucks him up, works this around the corner for one
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Lacking Big-Chase experience


instances of UAE successfully chasing down a 300+ target in ODIs.

Bang Bang


Sixes hit by de Villiers this World Cup, the most by any batsman in a single World. Hayden hit 18 sixes during the 2007 World Cup.



Quiton de Kock's batting average this World Cup. He has scored 53 runs in 6 innings, with a top score of 26.

Match No. 1000


Number of international matches played by South Africa. Each of the top-eight teams have now played 1000 matches each.

Starting Trouble


Average opening stand for South Africa this World Cup, the second-worst for any Test nation - only Pakistan are worse (10.4)