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no doubt Steve Waugh will whinge that the crowd aren't paying any attention to him this time great win for NZ, that goes someway towards avenging that painful defeat at Chennai in 1996 and some scary approximation of a haka is being performed by a bunch of shirtless guys in front of the dressing room and now hopefully people will stop saying Australia are favourites despite all evidence to the contrary presentations..... Waugh says he isnt all that worried abou the way they're playing.... Fleming says it one of his most memorable victories as captain but says they must be consistent and Twose is the Man of the match, 80 not out off 99 balls big day for the World Cup tomorrow, a credit to the schedulers in that they see WI v Bangladesh as important enough to devote a day to this will be the 1st ODI for WI against an associate country since *that* match at Pune, coverage as per usual will start at 945 GMT cheers from CricInfo

Fleming to Twose, FOUR runs, cross bat shot down the ground, it's all over, crowd swarm onto the ground and mob the NZ batsmen
Fleming to Twose, no run, defending off the leg stump into the off side

45 | 8 Runs | NZ: 210/5 (4 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 4.66, RRR: 0.80)

  • Adam Parore10 (9b)
  • Roger Twose76 (97b)
  • Glenn McGrath9-0-43-1
  • Damien Fleming8-1-39-2

4 runs until vengence is paid

McGrath to Parore, no run,
McGrath to Parore, SIX runs, ever so casual flick off the off stump, over the forward square leg, great shot, and caught! (by a guy leaning over the fence)
McGrath to Parore, no run, forceful drive, McGrath bends over well
McGrath to Parore, no run, defending outside the off stump, fielde don the on side

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