Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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49 | 9 Runs | SA: 221/7 | RR: 4.51

  • Lance Klusener46 (41b)
  • Mark Boucher12 (15b)
  • Saqlain Mushtaq10-0-51-1
  • Wasim Akram10-0-44-1

what a win for South Africa, they did lie full low, graved in the hollow ground, but came back magnificently the partnership of Kallis and Pollock was the match-saver, whilst the ever-dependable big hitting of Lance Klusener was the match winner and so by beating Pakistan, South Africa prove themselves the equal of Bangladesh presentations: Wasim... "I think Shoaib bowled a bit short in the ends... Moin deserves all the credit [for the target]" Cronje looks a bit too miserable for a winning captain... "obviously with Lance at the crease we fancied our chances... the ways the guys crawled out of that showed tremendous character....." Klusener is the Man of the Match: says his bat is a brand new one and that was a nice start for it that's all for today from CI. Tomorrow's game is NZ v ZIM, only 7 months ago they had to face the ignominy of playing off against each other in the Wills International Cup for the right to be in the final 8, tomorrow it's a Super 6 match.

Saqlain Mushtaq to Klusener, 2 runs, swinging down the wicket, top edge, Saeed is under it at mid off, what an important catch this will be, could Pakistan get back into it? DROPPED!
Saqlain Mushtaq to Boucher, 1 leg bye, swinging on the on side, missing, leg bye into the covers
Saqlain Mushtaq to Boucher, no run, into the pads, Lance sends him back
Saqlain Mushtaq to Boucher, no run, back to the bowler, Boucher a little to keen to hit the winning runs
Saqlain Mushtaq to Boucher, no run,
Saqlain Mushtaq to Boucher, SIX runs, awful looking shot, but oh so effective, sweeping with the legs spread apart, manages to get it over the mid wicket and over the rope

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