Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Taylor's smashing end


Runs scored by Taylor in his last 29 balls (7 fours, 5 sixes). In his first 81 balls he made 68

New high for Zimbabwe


Number of Zimbabwean batsmen who've scored 400 or more in a World Cup - Taylor in the first. Previous best: 367 by Neil Johnson, 1999

Turning it on


Runs scored by Zimbabwe in ten overs between the 17th and the 26th. After 16 overs they had scored only 46

When in NZ, chase


The win-loss record for teams batting second in New Zealand in this tournament. In Australia, their record is 4-14

India on a hot streak


Number of successive ODIs India have won in ICC tournaments - 4 in the 2011 World Cup, 5 in the 2013 Champions Trophy, and 5 in this World Cup