1st Match, Edinburgh, Jul 9 2015, Group B, ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier
(10/20 ov, target 110)
Scotland won by 9 wickets (with 60 balls remaining)
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end of over 108 runs
SCOT: 110/1CRR: 11 
Calum MacLeod7 (8)
George Munsey62 (36)
Mohammad Naveed4-0-26-1
Amjad Javed2-0-24-0

That is that from the opener. Do tune in for the Netherlands-Afghanistan game, which will get underway in about 90 minutes. Until then, ciao, ciao.

Preston Mommsen, Scotland captain: It is always nice to start the tournament with the win. They actually came hard in the Powerplay but we hung in. 150-160 would have been a difficult chase. I don't think there is any pressure playing at home. To get a first win under our belt is huge. We have a dynamic batting line-up and this sets the tone for us.

Mohammad Tauqir, UAE captain: We had practiced in Southampton , the conditions were different here. It is a long tournament and we need to be a bit more responsible, especially in the batting department. We had a decent World Cup. We just had a bad day and move on in the tournament. This was a 150+ wicket and we should have batted responsibly.

George Munsey, Man of the Match: It is a special place to play cricket. We have been working very hard. We tried to get ourselves in and played our shots. I enjoy batting with Coetzer and it works well.

12:20pm: Fairly subdued celebrations from Scotland. The co-hosts made light work of the chase, wolfing the target down with as many as ten overs to spare. Coetzer and Munsey switched into top gear right away with a flurry of boundaries. Coetzer fell for 39 but Munsey, aided by MacLeod, stayed unbeaten on 62 to finish the chase.

Mohammad Naveed to MacLeod, 2 runs
Scotland thump UAE by nine wickets with ten overs to spare. MacLeod slinks away outside leg, Naveed serves up a full toss as he does not get hold of the yorker. Carved through backward point for the winnings runs
Mohammad Naveed to MacLeod, FOUR runs
dragged short and outside off, Coetzer muscles it over mid-on
Mohammad Naveed to MacLeod, no run
MacLeod makes room outside leg, Naveed follows him with a pin-point yorker. The former can't adjust and dig it out
Mohammad Naveed to Munsey, 1 run
fullish and on middle, squeezed to short fine leg for one. A direct hit could have left Munsey in trouble
Mohammad Naveed to MacLeod, 1 leg bye
too full and straight, he misses the flick and sneaks a leg-bye
Mohammad Naveed to MacLeod, no run
an appeal for lbw, nipped firmly in the bud because of an inside edge. Good length and tails in a touch, he pushes and ekes out an inside edge onto the pad
end of over 96 runs
SCOT: 102/1CRR: 11.33 • RRR: 0.72 • Need 8 runs from 66b
George Munsey61 (35)
Calum MacLeod1 (3)
Amjad Javed2-0-24-0
Mohammad Naveed3-0-19-1
Amjad Javed to Munsey, no run
Javed retorts with a yorker, jabbed onto the pitch
Amjad Javed to Munsey, FOUR runs
overpitched and outside off, Munsey bends his knees and unleashes a rasping drive through the covers, beats long-off to his right
Amjad Javed to MacLeod, 1 run
back of a length and on off, manipulated with the wrists behind square on the leg side
Amjad Javed to MacLeod, no run
full and holds its line on off, MacLeod tips forward and pats it to mid-off