29th Match, Dublin (Malahide), Jul 17 2015, Group A, ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier
(14.1/20 ov, target 94)
P.N.G. won by 8 wickets (with 35 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Papua New Guinea
PNG Innings
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Jack Vare is smiling from ear to ear: It's what we do best on the field - we enjoy the game, we love cracking jokes, singing songs and we want to continue that in the tournament. I thought the wicket would be similar to the Ireland match but it played differently and things went our way when we took wickets and things went well. The surface was sticky so I thought 130 would have been a good score. We will take every game as it comes and won't look too far ahead.

Paras Khadka: Most teams have fielded first and conditions help n the morning, we had a decent start just could not capitalise on it. We lost momentum and wickets in the middle overs so couldn't get partnerships. We have one game to go so hopefully can bat better. With the ball doing it a bit we are trying to see off the new ball but plans haven't come off. We will learn from our mistakes and come back strong. It's about picking out the mistakes we have made and come up with a good game. We still haven't played our best game.

Man of the Match Vala: Really enjoyed things and it was a good effort from the bowlers so that we could chase it down. If they had scored 140-150 it would have been a tough chase. We had wickets in hand so it was easy in the end.

That's all from the two of us - Vishal D and Nikhil Kalro - as the fight for the knockout stage continues. Do follow the other games and join us for Ireland v Hong Kong later on. Until then, goodbye and good luck!

12.43pm Sealed with a six and in style. PNG go on top of the table with a clinical performance. They bowled well to stall Nepal's good start with the bat, backed it with excellent fielding and made things easier for themselves to chase down 94 in under 15 overs. Problems continue for Nepal as they need solid performances with the bat and are sixth on the table.

Regmi to Vala, SIX runs
it's finished with a six too, easy march down the ground and lofts it effortlessly into the sight screen over long-off. Clean hit again
end of over 1417 runs
PNG: 93/2CRR: 6.64 • RRR: 0.16 • Need 1 run from 36b
Kila Pala22 (16)
Assad Vala28 (43)
Paras Khadka4-0-29-0
Basant Regmi3-0-16-1
Khadka to Pala, SIX runs
levels the scores with a six down the ground! It wasn't that overpitched but his swing connected well and he launched it high and straight down the ground over the sightscreen
Khadka to Vala, 3 runs
wider outside off, it's shorter and he drives that nicely through the covers in the gap. A dive in the deep saves one run
Khadka to Pala, 1 run
flat again outside off, he slams it down to long-on for one
Khadka to Pala, no run
quicker just outside off, he cuts and misses
Khadka to Pala, SIX runs
goes against the turn and gets six, big one! Pitched up on the off stump and he slog-swept that nicely for a clean hit
Khadka to Vala, 1 run
drills the full delivery from the stumps down to long-on for one

Just 18 more now...

end of over 134 runs
PNG: 76/2CRR: 5.84 • RRR: 2.57 • Need 18 runs from 42b
Assad Vala24 (41)
Kila Pala9 (12)
Basant Regmi3-0-16-1
Shakti Gauchan3-0-16-0
Regmi to Vala, 1 run
edged again, this one flies off the bat as he sweeps the ball from leg to fine leg
Regmi to Vala, no run
inside edges it onto his front pad after taking a step down as the ball turned in
Regmi to Vala, no run
goes back to cut off the back foot but misses outside off
Regmi to Vala, 2 runs
comes down the track and edges that over backward point to deep third man in the gap for two
Regmi to Vala, no run
sliding outside off from back of length, turned to midwicket off the back foot
Regmi to Pala, 1 run
keeps a bit low on off stump as Pala goes back and chops it to deep cover for one
end of over 121 runs
PNG: 72/2CRR: 6 • RRR: 2.75 • Need 22 runs from 48b
Assad Vala21 (36)
Kila Pala8 (11)
Shakti Gauchan3-0-16-0
Basant Regmi2-0-12-1
Gauchan to Vala, no run
slightly closer to off stump, pushed to cover after it turns in
Gauchan to Vala, no run
persists with the line miles outside off, bottom-edged to cover this time
Gauchan to Vala, no run
that was going for a wide again well outside off, but he slices it off the back foot in the air to backward point
Gauchan to Vala, no run
closer to off, he pushes off the back foot to point
Gauchan to Vala, no run
similar delivery way outside off, this time he cuts off the back foot to backward point