Player of the Match
Player of the Match

9.18pm Lynn and McCullum dominated this Friday evening here in Gabba with an unbelievable show of clean ball striking, some of the best strokes this year. They made the chase of 174 look like a dawdle. They chased it down with 22 balls to spare to continue their unbeaten run this year. Beat this team. The Hurricanes bowlers had no answers to the onslaught and eventually succumbed to wounds, partially created by themselves with those dropped chances.

Short to Lynn, SIX runs, that's the game. Wait, it's over already? It is. A low full toss and Lynn swipes the full toss over square leg for six. What an innings from Lynn
Short to Lynn, SIX runs, the longer boundary. Still want it? Yea, no problem says Lynn. Runs to the pitch and heaves the ball cleanly over midwicket

Heat 2nd innings Partnerships

1st9BB McCullumJJ Peirson
2nd109BB McCullumCA Lynn
3rd16CA LynnAI Ross
4th40JA BurnsCA Lynn