15th Match (N), Brisbane, Jan 3 2017, Big Bash League
(19.4/20 ov, target 187)
Syd Sixers won by 3 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
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Sydney Sixers
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That's it from us. Brisbane Heat have finally lost one, and now slot into second place on the table after four games. The Scorchers are above them. The Sixers have stayed true to their streak and managed yet another win after a loss. They've climbed to third place on the table, but have played more games - five - than anyone else so far.

Heat made a good comeback after beind pulled back in the middle overs, but this pitch remained true throughout the game and 186 wasn't to be enough. The Sixers would have liked to do it in less tense circumstances though. Daniel Hughes brought up his second fifty of the season, and was aided by a special cameo from Haddin, as he all but took them to victory with his 85.

It's been a good day's cricket. Join us tomorrow for Sydney Thunder v Melbourne Stars. Adios.

Shane Angel: "Super Over on the cards?" Spoken too soon

Cutting to Abbott, SIX runs
he stays around the wicket, digs it short on middle stump again. A pull shot it miscued, again. But it goes sailing over the keeper for six, and that's the game for Sixers
Cutting to Dwarshuis, 1 bye
bowls him a bouncer on off stump, he tries to heave that out of the stadium, doesn't connect, but they've scampered through for a bye

Slip in place

Cutting to Dwarshuis, no run
short and wide outside off, he stabs at it and misses! Some tension here, suddenly
Cutting to Hughes, OUT
he's dragged it on! Cutting angles it in on a length from around the wicket, Hughes goes for the pull but cramps himself with his step across and inside edges this one on to his stumps. Are we going to see some drama here? Surely not?
DP Hughes b Cutting 85 (55b 7x4 4x6) SR: 154.54

Cutting has to defend 3 off 6. He's had better days.

end of over 195 runs • 1 wicket
SS: 184/6CRR: 9.68 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 3 runs from 6b
Daniel Hughes85 (54)
Sean Abbott1 (1)
Mitchell Swepson4-0-25-2
Ben Cutting3-0-38-1
Swepson to Hughes, 1 run
tosses up another wrong one outside off. He gets across and drags it down to long-on
Swepson to Hughes, no run
full on middle, nervously swept away to short fine
Swepson to Abbott, 1 run
was that a wrong'un? Looked like it, but he's somehow managed to top edge that from leg stump, over covers, who jumps too early
Swepson to Hughes, 1 run
pushes flat this time on middle stump, pushed away off the back foot, with the spin, to deep square
Swepson to Botha, OUT
tosses up again, on middle stump. That ball was a stunning 67 kph from Swepson. Pitches and spins away and Botha's attempted slog-sweep can only go as far as mid-on
J Botha c Cutting b Swepson 13 (10b 1x4 0x6) SR: 130.00
Swepson to Botha, 2 runs
tosses it up on leg stump, Botha chips it into the wide open space that is not the midwicket boundary

8 runs to get. Will this be the over?

end of over 1814 runs
SS: 179/5CRR: 9.94 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 8 runs from 12b
Daniel Hughes83 (51)
Johan Botha11 (8)
Ben Cutting3-0-38-1
Mitchell Swepson3-0-20-1
Cutting to Hughes, FOUR runs
low full toss outside off and he's creamed it straight at the bowler, who has to tumble to get out of the way, with the added misery of conceding four
Cutting to Hughes, 1 wide
full and angled down the leg side
Cutting to Botha, 1 run
short on middle stump, tries to pull it away but takes that one in the mid-riff. It ambles away to the right of the keeper.
Cutting to Botha, 2 runs
short and wide, angled across, slapped on the up, into the deep on the off side
Cutting to Botha, FOUR runs
waist-high full toss, slogged high into the night sky, Wildermuth makes a valiant diving effort but he was never going to catch that on the square leg boundary
Cutting to Botha, 2 runs
angled across from around, short and wide, the batsman slaps it into the off side, but it's cut off nicely by the diving sweeper
Cutting to Botha, no run
bowls a bouncer from around the wicket, but it is down the leg and well away from the batsman's hook

Ron: "Honestly if I see that question about 3 international players (Botha being Australian now) I will probably do nothing, but be slightly irritated." Marks to Ron for well-executed passive-aggression.

end of over 177 runs
SS: 165/5CRR: 9.7 • RRR: 7.33 • Need 22 runs from 18b
Daniel Hughes79 (50)
Johan Botha2 (3)
Mitchell Swepson3-0-20-1
Jack Wildermuth2-0-16-1
Swepson to Hughes, no run
pushes it flat this time, on middle stump. Batsman tries to tuck it into the leg side but misses it. A half-appeal for lbw, but this was surely sliding down
Swepson to Hughes, no run
tossed up outside off, spins back sharply and cramps the batsman who tries to power it through off side, but can only hit it back to the bowler
Swepson to Botha, 2 wides
attempted googly goes down the leg side and the keeper misses another one
Swepson to Hughes, 1 bye
tossed up outside off, turns in slightly and beats the batsman who was nowhere near that sweep
Swepson to Hughes, 2 runs
floated outside off, the batsman gets to it early and hits a half-hearted drive that barely clears covers. Ambles back tiredly for the second
Swepson to Botha, 1 run
tossed up and looping nicely on middle stump, he waits for it, takes it on the full and tucks it to deep midwicket