20 | 13 Runs | MR: 222/4 | RR: 11.10

  • Thisara Perera28 (11b)
  • Tom Cooper53 (24b)
  • Daniel Christian4-0-37-1
  • Stuart Broad4-0-39-0

Utter and absolute carnage. Misfields and dropped catches did not help Hurricanes' cause. Aaron Finch set the tone but it was Tom Cooper that utterly razed Hurricanes with a 22-ball half-century. There were contributions from every single Renegades batsman. While Finch and Cooper dominated, all of Marcus Harris, Cameron White, Callum Ferguson and Thisara Perera made vital contributions, however short they may have been. The end result is the highest total ever for the Renegades. Needless to say that Hurricanes will have to bat like a dream to chase this down. We will be back shortly with the chase.

Rana: "@Akshay, "made bital contributions", it seems that you are from Bengal!! :P " Oops, embarrassed!

Christian to Perera, 2 runs, slices it to sweeper cover off the leading edge as he tries to slog across the line and they come charging back for the second
Christian to Perera, no run, very full and on the stumps, dug out straight back to the bowler as he takes it over the head
Christian to Perera, FOUR runs, and another one off the inside edge goes away to the boundary. Tries to carve this full ball over the leg side and gets a fine inside edge to the fine leg fence. It was cross-seam. Forgot to mention - Renegades have got their highest total ever
Christian to Perera, 2 runs, full and wide at 138 clicks, squeezed out to backward point and they concede an overthrow as the fielder fires a throw at the striker's end that wasn't really required
Christian to Perera, FOUR runs, lucky boundary. He was trying to slog this fuller ball away into the leg side and gets the inside edge instead. Misses the stumps and goes away well wide of the wicketkeeper and into the fine leg boundary
Christian to Cooper, 1 run, good slower yorker outside off that is dug out behind the stumps and the wicketkeeper runs in and picks it up

Christian to bowl the last over. How many will we see off it?

Umair: "Rose/Boyce/Tait/Rainbird/Reed/Kingston !! I feel sad for Broad and Christian :( Our fielding has been poor too & as I said before Paine is a poor captain! "

19 | 16 Runs | MR: 209/4 | RR: 11.00

  • Tom Cooper52 (23b)
  • Thisara Perera16 (6b)
  • Stuart Broad4-0-39-0
  • Jake Reed4-0-54-2
Broad to Cooper, 1 run, fuller ball, drilled down to long-on from outside off. He will keep the strike for the last over
Broad to Cooper, FOUR runs, angled down the leg side and Cooper got in position early by moving across early. Scoops it over the wicketkeeper's head and the ball runs away into the boundary. That's fifty for Cooper, off 22 balls. What an innings this has been

Kapil: "Renegades can only hit big against smaller teams with poor bowling attacks. They just couldn't win against reasonably good teams like Stars and Scorchers, so they just cannot make play offs. They should have chased it against Stars but opening with Narine didn't help their cause when chasing big especially Marcus Harris, who just couldn't get going at No.3"

Broad to Perera, 1 run, turned away to deep midwicket
Broad to Perera, 2 runs, dropped. Desperate attempt and a good one at that by Broad. It was a full ball and Perera was looking to slog it away. Gets a leading edge that is skied and Broad has to run a long way back, does well to get near it but just cannot get two hands to it as the ball hits his right hand and falls into the turf. It was a cross-seam slower ball. Would have been an unbelievable catch if he had got it
Broad to Perera, 2 runs, full and outside off, yorker, drags it from outside off to mid-on which is vacant so they can scamper back for the second
Broad to Perera, SIX runs, full and angling in on off from wide of the crease. Swings hard on the slog and creams it over wide long-on and it goes a good 10 rows or so back

200 total coming up? Just seven needed and 12 balls remaining in the innings. Broad to bowl the penultimate over.

18 | 19 Runs 1 Wkt | MR: 193/4 | RR: 10.72

  • Tom Cooper47 (21b)
  • Thisara Perera5 (2b)
  • Jake Reed4-0-54-2
  • Cameron Boyce4-0-36-0
Reed to Cooper, FOUR runs, gets down to sweep and nails it as he works this low full toss from outside off to the deep square leg boundary. Lovely shot. It was fired at 130 clicks and he used the pace on the delivery
Reed to Cooper, FOUR runs, slower short ball, pulled away to deep backward square leg and the fielder running across, from deep fine leg perhaps, cannot get to it
Reed to Perera, 1 run, worked down to long-on
Reed to Perera, FOUR runs, misfield at the deep square leg boundary. Straightforward pick up for Jake Reed but he makes a bad mess of it after swooping down and lets it go between the legs after failing to wrap his hands around it. Coming to the delivery, it was short and Perera tried to pull but it is a weak shot as he cannot get hold of it

Thisara Perera in now. Can he muscle a few late and bury Renegades under a bigger pile of runs

Reed to Ferguson, OUT, slower full ball outside off, drilled hard off the front foot but chips the drive straight into the hands of mid-off. Struck quite well ut does not get enough elevation as he fails to pick the drop in pace

CJ Ferguson c Short b Reed 15 (7b 1x4 1x6) SR: 214.28

Reed to Ferguson, SIX runs, short of a length and angling in, looks to swivel around and pull, gets a top edge, a big one, but the ball sails comfortably over the deep fine leg boundary

"Is it just me or does hurricanes bowling look toothless every season ? " laments Mayak

17 | 9 Runs | MR: 174/3 | RR: 10.23

  • Tom Cooper39 (19b)
  • Callum Ferguson9 (5b)
  • Cameron Boyce4-0-36-0
  • Daniel Christian3-0-24-1
Boyce to Cooper, no run, gets down to reverse sweep and cannot make contact as it is bowled slower through the air and he gets it to spin away a bit
Boyce to Cooper, no run, short of a length at a flatter trajectory. Opens the face of his bat after waiting for it to come on but cannot beat the diving backward point fielder
Boyce to Cooper, 2 runs, short and wide outside off, slapped out to sweeper cover
Boyce to Cooper, FOUR runs, pushed through flat and down the leg side and Cooper gets down to sweep and manages to beat the deep backward square leg fielder. Not the quickest outfield but struck with immense power
Boyce to Ferguson, 1 run, turns it away to midwicket from the crease

Hurricanes 2nd innings Partnerships

1st1TD PaineDJM Short
2nd18DJM ShortBR McDermott
3rd151GJ BaileyBR McDermott
4th15GJ BaileyDT Christian
5th0GJ BaileyJW Wells
6th20GJ BaileyBJ Webster
7th2GJ BaileyCJ Boyce
8th2CJ BoyceSL Rainbird
9th14SCJ BroadSL Rainbird