2nd Semi-Final, Adelaide, Feb 2 2018, Big Bash League
(20 ov, target 179)
Strikers won by 1 run
Player Of The Match
Adelaide Strikers
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end of over 2011 runs
MR: 177/4CRR: 8.85 
Kieron Pollard29 (21)
Tom Cooper36 (29)
Ben Laughlin4-0-31-1
Michael Neser4-0-45-1

10:13pm Strikers have engineered a super comeback to snatch this win here. They will now host Hobart Hurricanes in their first ever BBL final. You'd have expected some panic when the strike bowlers started getting carted around, but Travis Head was impressive as captain. After his 85, he snuck in four economical overs along with the wicket of Harris. And then, he took a gamble with Ingram that might have won them the match a lot earlier if the fielding had fallen into place. He also took a gamble with Neser, the bowler who struggled most up till the 19th over. That over went for only 7, after Rashid went for 8 in the 18th. Laughlin had a poor start to the final over, but he and his skipper got the tactics bang-on from there. Bowled to his field every ball, and he's pulled it off against Pollard who makes a living out of these situations.A superb match and we hope you enjoyed it as much as us. We'll see you on Sunday for the final.

Laughlin to Pollard, 1 bye
Laughlin has done it! Head confirms with the umpire that the ball is dead as his team-mates wheel away in celebration! Pollard has missed a length ball that's tailed into him. Sneaks past his inside edge and misses the off stump too. What a game. You count on Pollard to send that flying, but the marginal movement in has done it

It's only the captain in the bowler's ear right now. They have long-off very straight now. Third man and fine leg are in.

Laughlin to Pollard, 2 runs
Pollard scrambles and just makes it for the second! Rashid fires it in from long-off after Pollard can't get connection on the yorker
Laughlin to Pollard, 2 runs
yorker at middle stump, tailing in at leg stump. Lifts it over the non-striker off the toe-end. They steal the second as Lehmann cleans up to his left

Pollard picks this moment to take the gloves and helmet off and adjust his laces. Guess what the crowd thinks of that?

Laughlin to Cooper, 1 run
slower bouncer lifted wide of fine leg with a hook. They settle for a single

Long chat between batsman and bowler. Fine leg has dropped back and mid-off comes in.

Laughlin to Pollard, 1 run
nicely done! Yorker in at off stump. Jams it towards long-off for the single
Laughlin to Pollard, FOUR runs
oh what a hit. Lovely drill down the ground from Pollard. Laughlins tosses the slower ball up at middle stump and it's in Pollard's arc. Long-on has no chance
end of over 197 runs
MR: 166/4CRR: 8.73 • RRR: 13.00
Kieron Pollard20 (16)
Tom Cooper35 (28)
Michael Neser4-0-45-1
Rashid Khan4-0-28-1

13 off 6 for Laughlin to defend. Point and third man are in, as is extra cover. Short fine the other one inside.

Neser to Pollard, 1 run
slower ball full outside off, hammered along the floor to long-off
Neser to Pollard, 1 wide
goes full and down leg side again and Pollard gets his pads out of the way to take the free run
Neser to Cooper, 1 run
deep square gets across to his left and keeps it to a single! Full ball following him down leg side and it's a flick to deep square leg's left. He gathers on the bounce
Neser to Cooper, 2 runs
oh lovely yorker, but it's going to be worth two. Taps it into the midwicket region with soft hands and it's an easy return

The crowd love this fielding effort now.

Neser to Pollard, 1 run
slower ball full outside off. Reaches out and closes the face. This is threatening to beat Siddle to his left at short fine but the veteran lunges to his left to stop it
Neser to Cooper, 1 run
slower ball full on middle stump, lifted to long-on's left and Lehmann gets a loud cheer as he fields to his left
Neser to Cooper, no run
slower ball full and past the wide marker, but it won't be given because Tom Cooper has gone into the off side a long way for the reverse ramp
end of over 188 runs
MR: 159/4CRR: 8.83 • RRR: 10.00
Kieron Pollard18 (14)
Tom Cooper31 (24)
Rashid Khan4-0-28-1
Colin Ingram2-0-19-0
Rashid Khan to Pollard, no run
full outside off, poked nervously to point away from the body. The crowd applauds Rashid. Pollard joins in, in mock surprise. Got heated between those two there
Rashid Khan to Pollard, no run
good length outside off, spinning away rapidly as Pollard pokes anxiously outside off. Beaten
Rashid Khan to Pollard, SIX runs
drilled over long-on! Full ball on middle stump, sends it sailing over long-on
Rashid Khan to Cooper, 1 run
back of a length outside off, dabbed to shert third man
Rashid Khan to Pollard, 1 run
length on middle stump, pushed through square off the back foot
Rashid Khan to Pollard, no run
nearly gets the off stump! Misses the googly, Pollard. It's full outside off and he can't get the drive away. Rashid has words. Pollard responds.
end of over 179 runs
MR: 151/4CRR: 8.88 • RRR: 9.33
Kieron Pollard11 (9)
Tom Cooper30 (23)
Colin Ingram2-0-19-0
Ben Laughlin3-0-21-1
Ingram to Pollard, 1 run
full on middle stump, flicked to long-on
Ingram to Pollard, 2 runs
Jake Lehmann has completely missed it at long-on! Oh he's having a horrible night. Head takes two gambles and both times they seem to have worked till the end. Length ball on leg stump, goes across the line and gets a top edge. Lehmann is completely out of confidence. Looks at deep midwicket a couple of times before realising it's behind him
Ingram to Pollard, 2 runs
back of a length outside off, swings across the line and drags it wide of long-on
Ingram to Cooper, 1 run
short ball outside off, dabbed to short third man off the under-edge
Ingram to Pollard, 1 run
back of a length outside off, backs away and chips to long-off's right