Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's that, folks. Game over. Brisbane Heat win by DLS method, their second win in five matches. Lynn is Player of the Match.

10.05pm Sorry, folks. Not much to report. Increasingly looking like that will be it.

Nathan Coulter-Nile and Ashton Agar have spoken of not being communicated to about their position in the ODI scheme of things. Here's what Lynn has to say.

Lynn: "I have no idea, to be honest," he says, when asked if the selectors have spoken to him. "I know I have to put the runs on the board, got no one else to blame but myself. Hopefully, the BBL runs do count, end of the day, I'm grateful to be playing cricket. If I play for Australia, that's a big bonus."

9.45pm Still pouring. Lynn seems pretty relaxed, but the crowd continues to wait in anticipation of a return.

Rob in Sydney: "I'm at the game. Behind the bowler's arm at the southern end. If anything the rain has only intensified since play was halted. Looking at the radar the weather is coming from the north west, and there looks like being at least another hour of this. Difficult to see further play, or a gettable target for the Thunder even if they do get back out there. All good news for the Heat. "

9.35pm Starting to really come down now.

James Pattinson is out for a dug-out interview: "Good to be back, spent lot of time on the sidelines, which was frustrating. Rhythm is good, lucky enough to get a few games in Shield cricket. I've had four stress fractures, had a surgery on my back. It's been tough, but when you're back and taking wickets, it's all worth it. When you get out of bed and struggle to move out, you feel at times that 'enough is enough' but through all my setbacks, I've always dreamt of playing. I look short term, get through the BBL and then play Shield cricket. Missed a fair bit of BBL recently, so it's good to be back."

Watson wanted to stay out there probably, but was saying to the umpires that he couldn't hold the bat.

9.25pm Rain coming down heavily. They're going off. Sydney Thunder are behind the par score. Lynn in an animated chat with the umpires. 'Can't play in this rain, Lynn told them. Eventually they go off. But it's not really bucketing down. So there is some hope. Let's see.

Jake: "Why on Earth was Watson so happy to get off? So far behind par and little chance of play starting up again. As a Thunder fan, I think its time for him to retire." -- Possibly punting on a shortened chase working to their advantage?

The DLS par-score at this stage is 49. Sydney Thunder are 15 behind

Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Watson, SIX runs, rocks back and clbbers this pull onto the roof and out of the stadium at deep midwicket. Massive hit, Mujeeb can't believe it. That was a 110-m hit
Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Watson, no run, tight line, on a length on middle, worked to midwicket

Starting to rain again

Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Watson, no run, bunts this length delivery to point

5 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | ST: 28/2 (22 runs required from 3 balls, RR: 5.60, RRR: 44.00)

  • Shane Watson7 (11b)
  • Brendan Doggett1-0-8-1
  • James Pattinson2-0-6-1
Doggett to Ferguson, OUT, he's hit this beautifully but picks out cover. This was travelling but Max Bryant moved to his left swiftly to pluck that

CJ Ferguson c Bryant b Doggett 16 (12b 1x4 1x6) SR: 133.33

Doggett to Ferguson, FOUR runs, superb wrist work to pick the gap at square leg. Short of length outside off, he hops across and then whips this. Picking length early was the key there
Doggett to Watson, 1 run, toe-ends this pull, on the bounce to long-on.
Doggett to Watson, 2 runs, helped along to beat Mujeeb at short fine, just about pulled back inside the ropes. The timing was off because he was cramped for room as he swiveled back. Watson hasn't looked entirely in control yet
Doggett to Ferguson, 1 run, pulls but not in control, just manages to hit this over short midwicket and they take a single

Syd Thunder 2nd innings Partnerships

1st5SR WatsonJC Buttler
2nd23SR WatsonCJ Ferguson
3rd6SR WatsonJE Root