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33rd Match (N), Brisbane, Jan 17 2019, Big Bash League
(3/20 ov, target 187)
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9.15pm A bummer for Sydney Thunder who were on top when the floodlights went off. Watson was not pleased that they had to call off the game, especially since the game needed just two more overs to make it official. But c'est la vie... as the teams settle for one point each. Watson's hundred will count in the record books, but it will be a rare ton that won't result in a victory. That's all from us at ESPNcricinfo for today... see you soon for more BBL.

9.12pm Chris Lynn and the umpires are having a chat. The Thunder players are out in the middle. Hopefully we'll have an update soon. And now the teams shake hands. It's a called-off game! Official.

8.50pm I'm told entire east Brisbane is under a power cut, and the matter is being investigated. The Thunder players don't look too happy. Wonder if some sort of an update has been passed on to them.

Some essential reading for you guys, if keen. I'm grabbing a cup of coffee. Colleague Deivarayan Muthu caught up with Thunder's Anton Devcich, and his has been quite a story.

Word from Sydney Thunder: "We have just been informed that play

needs to resume before 10.11pm (AEDT) to get a result. Hopefully they'll get the lights back on shortly."

8.37pm Daryl Harper in conversation with Shane Watson, presume it's briefing him about the situation and the overs we could lose.

8.30pm Gnasher tells me the outage isn't just restricted to the Gabba. So we could be in for a delay. Not sure how long just yet.

A tweet from Brisbane Heat: "Major power outage on Stanley and Vulture Street. Energex on-site."

John: "Looks like only the lights (I mean no lights and not bad lights!) can save the Heats now!"

chris: "Brisbane under the pump and the lights mysteriously go out. I smell a conspiracy!" -- Ha ha ha

One of the light towers has gone kaput. We will be in for a short delay in proceedings. Fans in the stands putting their torch lights on in a fun gesture, as if to say 'get on with this fellas'. A portion of lighting in the main grandstand has gone off too. Oh, dear. What is happening?

end of over 33 runs • 1 wicket
BH: 10/2CRR: 3.33 • RRR: 10.41 • Need 177 runs from 102b
Jimmy Peirson2 (2)
Max Bryant2 (6)
Gurinder Sandhu1-0-3-1
Jonathan Cook1-1-0-0
Sandhu to Peirson, no run
right behind the line of this incoming length delivery as he blocks
Sandhu to Peirson, 2 runs
off the mark immediately, as he works this into the gap at midwicket. A little too straight that time
Sandhu to Lynn, OUT
oh, dear. Lynn, what have you done? Looking to blindly swing this length delivery, but this leaves him a hint, extra bounce as well and he toe-ends this slap to mid-off. The Heat are in early trouble
CA Lynn c Jordan b Sandhu 4 (9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 44.44
Sandhu to Lynn, no run
bowls this at 132 clicks, but there's enough width to cut, Lynn misses. Had a big swipe at that, was looking to clear his front leg and wallop this over long-on cross batted
Sandhu to Bryant, 1 run
climbing into him a hint, nudged nicely into the leg side.
Sandhu to Bryant, no run
short of length outside off, beaten as he poke at this

Gurinder Sandhu into the attack

end of over 2Maiden
BH: 7/1CRR: 3.5 • RRR: 10.00 • Need 180 runs from 108b
Chris Lynn4 (7)
Max Bryant1 (4)
Jonathan Cook1-1-0-0
Chris Jordan1-0-6-1
Cook to Lynn, no run
gets to the pitch of the ball and crunches this to mid-off
Cook to Lynn, no run
gets this to dip a hint as he bowls from close to the stumps, squeezed back
Cook to Lynn, no run
drifting into middle and leg from wide of the crease, defended back
Cook to Lynn, no run
nicely tossed up on off, he lunges forward and blocks
Cook to Bryant, 1 leg bye
fired down leg, looks to flick but he deflects this off the thigh pad to short fine
Cook to Bryant, no run
fired full on off, creamed to cover
end of over 16 runs • 1 wicket
BH: 6/1CRR: 6 • RRR: 9.52 • Need 181 runs from 114b
Chris Lynn4 (3)
Max Bryant1 (2)
Chris Jordan1-0-6-1
Jordan to Lynn, no run
good leg-cutter that he lands on length outside off, bunted with soft hands
Jordan to Lynn, no run
punches this on the up to mid-off
Jordan to Lynn, FOUR runs
width outside off and he's belted this on the up through extra cover!

Chris Lynn walks out at No.3

Jordan to McCullum, OUT
huge wicket, huge moment in the game. Jordan is delighted and why not. Reaches out to cut this short of length delivery, but this doesn't quite come on, McCullum looks to go over cover and toe-ends this straight to the man at the edge of the ring at cover.
BB McCullum c Ferguson b Jordan 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Jordan to McCullum, 1 wide
banged in short but this is too far down leg, wide called. Even there, plenty of zip for Jordan as McCullum ducked under this one
Jordan to Bryant, 1 run
short of length on middle and leg, tucked to deep square as he jogs the single
Jordan to Bryant, no run
beaten as he looks to play an expansive cut

Welcome back, folks. This should be an exciting chase. Watson leads his side back onto the park. Heat have the batting line-up to chase this down. Chris Jordan to open the bowling.