Melbourne Stars win by six wickets and are into the BBL final. They will play either the Renegades (at Marvel) or the Sixers (at the SCG). They were very good tonight, the tone was set by Dan Worrall's new-ball burst then they knocked the runs off very sensibly, calmly finished by the stand between Glenn Maxwell and Seb Gotch. Qais Ahmad claimed three wickets but it was enough for Hobart so the table-topping side fall at the semi-finals. The debate will rumble on about whether there should be a second chance in such a long tournament. For now, though, it's all about the Stars who are timing things just right at the end of the competition.

"Just so happy," says Peter Handscomb. "We are a family and having so much fun. We've been hitting form at the right time, credit to Hobart they've had an incredible season. No nervous moments, we had it under control all the way. Not fussed either way [for the final] so we'll take it as it comes."

Simon: "Told you Maxi is more responsible now. Great for the Stars, and Australia!"

Glenn Maxwell "Amazing, as in previous years doesn't matter where you finish in the top four. The way he [Worrall] got the wickets, thought he was really smart the way he stayed ahead of the game. I felt like we were in control, but those two [Bailey and McDermott] played really well. The timing when we got them out was key. I thought the way Marcus and Peter got out of the Powerplay [was very good]. I was throwing up if we should go right-left hand and my gut instinct was to go with Maddinson. His innings was key and changed the momentum, but pressure on the overseas pro. I had a bit of time to get into my innings, the guys around me played their perfectly. Seb Gotch was outstanding, kept the partnership flowing. I'd love to have an all-Melbourne final."

Dan Worrall is Man of the Match "Pretty good night all in all, playing some good cricket at the end of the tournament. Feels good for any player [to be mentioned about the Ashes] but just have to play every game as well as you can. It's a very fun dressing room, never a dull moment."

We'll wrap things up there for tonight, we'll be back for the second semi-final between the Renegades and Sixers tomorrow night. For now, from Gnasher, it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

Faulkner to Gotch, SIX runs, what a way to do it! Slower ball, full outside off, and Gotch drives it inside-out over extra cover
Faulkner to Gotch, FOUR runs, backs away to a short ball and plays this brilliantly, upper cuts over point
Faulkner to Maxwell, 1 run, moves outside leg stump and thumps this one bounce to long-off
Faulkner to Gotch, 3 runs, slower ball, full outside off, drilled to cover who parries it and probably saves the boundary, the return could bring a run out but Wade drops the ball at the stumps. Fast throw from Archer. Maxwell might have been safe anyway

Stuart: "What incentive is there to win the league at the moment? There is no difference whether you win the league or finish second; both prizes are just a home semi final "

Faulkner to Maxwell, 1 run, starts to move to leg then stays conventional, clipped to deep square leg

Can Faulkner produce a four-run over to give Hurricanes a chance?

18 | 4 Runs | MS: 142/4 (12 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.88, RRR: 6.00)

  • Seb Gotch20 (19b)
  • Glenn Maxwell41 (31b)
  • Clive Rose1-0-4-0
  • James Faulkner3-0-31-0

Rahul: "I feel for Wade for not being selected for the national team, but this is terrible captaincy, isn't it? He had to get a few over away earlier from the fifth bowling options. Or am I missing something here?" He gambled a bit. Felt he needed wickets.

Rose to Gotch, no run, tries to cut this away, it's quite full, gets beaten
Rose to Maxwell, 1 run, short outside off, cut to deep cover, mix-up in the running but they are safe in the end
Rose to Gotch, 1 run, full, wide outside off, driven in the air but short of cover
Rose to Maxwell, 1 run, worked down the ground to long-on, that's all they need to do

Crowd: 12,404

Rose to Maxwell, no run, goes for the reverse sweep, full outside off, doesn't connect
Rose to Gotch, 1 run, round the wicket, driven down to long-off

It's late, but here's Clive Rose. George Bailey currently being assessed in the dressing room

17 | 12 Runs | MS: 138/4 (16 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 8.11, RRR: 5.33)

  • Glenn Maxwell39 (28b)
  • Seb Gotch18 (16b)
  • James Faulkner3-0-31-0
  • Jofra Archer4-0-33-1

That over has all-but killed off the match

Faulkner to Maxwell, FOUR runs, short, another slower ball, dragged down the leg side and helped round the corner with a pull
Faulkner to Gotch, 1 run, out of the back of the hand again, goes deep in the crease and works to midwicket
Faulkner to Maxwell, 1 run, back-of-the-hand slower ball, very full, driven to deep cover

Melb Stars 2nd innings Partnerships

1st11MP StoinisBR Dunk
2nd41MP StoinisPSP Handscomb
3rd26NJ MaddinsonPSP Handscomb
4th7GJ MaxwellPSP Handscomb
5th72GJ MaxwellSE Gotch

Big Bash League