Final, Melbourne (Docklands), Feb 17 2019, Big Bash League
(20 ov, target 146)
Melb Reneg won by 13 runs
Player Of The Match
Melbourne Renegades
MS Innings
Full commentary
end of over 2014 runs
MS: 132/7CRR: 6.6 
Adam Zampa17 (10)
Jackson Bird4 (4)
Daniel Christian4-0-33-2
Harry Gurney4-0-20-1

6.15pm Thanks Varun. Blimey, what just happened? Will bring you the presentations shortly

Silva: "I had been complaining on Cricinfo that this BBL has been disappointing with no tight finishes...the finals was turning out to be the same story but WOW...that finish made up for all of my disappointment!"

Man of the Match is Dan Christian. He's done it again, another tournament in the bag. "I wasn't expecting that to be honest, an awesome game from everyone. The bowlers stuck to it all the way. I was lucky to parachute in at the end. This is right up there, let's say it's the best one! We spend a lot of time together, a great bunch of blokes."

Glenn Maxwell "Extremely proud, we played some great cricket thus tournament. To fall short at the end is disappointing. Hopefully win it next year. Great support, they've been brilliant for us. Congratulations to Renegades, we've had some great tussles. To my boys, I've asked a lot of you and you've delivered in spades."

Aaron Finch "It's exciting, very special. Our boys were fantastic. I didn't do a hell of a lot to be fair, it was the guys who executed with bat and ball. We knew batting first it was going to be so hard to chase any total, you can defend anything. We stuck to our strengths and you just need one little opening, especially in a final with the pressure on."

Sooryanarayanan: "Renegades had just three half-centuries to boast of all season. Yet another proof that a solid bowling attack will win you T20 tournaments. Congratulations to Aaron Finch and Co. Savour the moment."

As Aaron Finch collects the BBL trophy we will wrap our live coverage up there. We'll have much more on the site over the next few hours. Thanks for joining us throughout the tournament - it was a long one, but it ended in extraordinary fashion. From all of us it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

6:09pm A maiden title for Renegades! Boy have they snatched the most unlikely result here. Superb, simply superb. Comebacks and fighting till the end in the second half of both innings. They've conceded only 60 in the last ten overs and taken seven wickets. Unreal. Helped along by some woeful shot selection, but there was still some work to be done, and they did it. Ben Dunk and Stoinis put on a well-paced 93 for the opening wicket, but the rest of the line-up was reckless. And it has costed them a title. Tremain, Boyce, and Gurney with the squeezing, and Christian playing a superb supporting role too. What an evening it's been. Here is Gnasher to close it off for us.

Christian to Zampa, no run
inside edge onto toe and that is it for the Stars. Another loss in a final. Slower ball from Christian, swings across the line and can't do more than get this pitch side
Christian to Zampa, FOUR runs
length at the stumps, backs away and swipes to deep midwicket's right
Christian to Zampa, SIX runs
slower ball at a length outside off, shuffles to get behind the line and spanks it flat over the boundary
Christian to Bird, 1 run
full outside off, shuffles and slugs along the floor to long-on's right. Crowd erupts. Mathematically, this is the title for Renegades

Sai: "There is no boundary after the first wicket... Wow... That got them into the pressure "

Christian to Bird, 2 runs
offcutter, a low full toss outside off. Walks into it and chucks the bat at it. Thick inside edge to deep midwicket's right
Christian to Zampa, 1 run
slower ball, overpitched outside off. Stays leg side of it and slices it over extra cover

Mayurdan Gadhav: "Superb captaincy from Finch! A great change of bowling. He could not contribute by bat due to bad luck but definitely he has delivered by great change of bowling."

end of over 195 runs
MS: 118/7CRR: 6.21 • RRR: 28.00 • Need 28 runs from 6b
Adam Zampa6 (6)
Jackson Bird1 (2)
Harry Gurney4-0-20-1
Daniel Christian3-0-19-2

What a spell from Gurney. Stars now need 28 off 6, having just lost 7 for 25.

Gurney to Zampa, 1 run
yorker at middle stump, gets behind the line and jams it into the leg side
Gurney to Zampa, no run
yorker in the corridor, swings across the line, beaten on the inside edge

Jack: "Horrible from the Stars. If I had to pick one guy out, it would be Dunk. After Stoinis got out, he needed to be there till the end and let others take risk."

Gurney to Zampa, 2 runs
full and wide outside off, mistimed drive to mid-off's right
Gurney to Bird, 1 run
close call on the run out here. And a bizzare one if it is out. A slower ball is dragged to deep midwicket's right and his throw is wide. As the keeper looks to retrieve it and take the stumps out, Zampa slides his bat into the keeper's leg. As a result, it doesn't slide into the crease. But his back leg just makes it in as the stumps light up

Abhijato: "@Varun Shetty - remember my comment to Mr McGlashan? I predicted plenty of wickets in hand for the team batting second but conservative batting leading to their downfall like in the IPL 2017 Finals during the death overs. If it does come true..." --- I was the commentator during that final too, this could be a pattern...

Gurney to Bird, no run
full and wide outside off, can't get bat on that
Gurney to Zampa, 1 run
slower ball wide outside off, reaches out and jabs to point
end of over 185 runs • 2 wicket
MS: 113/7CRR: 6.27 • RRR: 16.50 • Need 33 runs from 12b
Adam Zampa2 (2)
Jackson Bird0 (0)
Daniel Christian3-0-19-2
Harry Gurney3-0-15-1

TJ: "I bet Bravo is really regretting leaving the Renegades right now. "

Christian to Zampa, 1 run
full on leg stump, flicked to deep midwicket
Christian to Bravo, OUT
White takes it at point! And he has no idea what sort of a celebration to pull out. Awkwardly lobs it up. Not sure anyone can comprehend this collapse right now. Bravo has managed to get a leading edge on a leg side full toss. That's what pressure does. Could have tickled it fine, could have clubbed it over midwicket, but it's a swish with the top hand coming off
DJ Bravo c White b Christian 3 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00
Christian to Zampa, 1 run
slower ball at a length on middle stump, shuffles and mistimes slog to deep midwicket's right

Rakesh Misra: "Renegades say Gotch-a! Can Stars say Bravo?" --- This is why teams shouldn't collapse. This is why.

Christian to Bravo, 1 run
slower yorker at off stump, picks it and pokes it to point's right
Christian to Bravo, 2 runs
full on leg stump, flicked to deep square's left
Christian to Gotch, OUT
he's picked out deep midwicket! Oh dear, oh dear! That makes it 6 for 15 in 26 balls! Offcutte,r full on leg stump. Leans into it and makes good connection on what is an intentional chip. But the boundary is big there and you need to get the angles absolutely right. He doesn't
SE Gotch c Harvey b Christian 2 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00
end of over 177 runs • 1 wicket
MS: 108/5CRR: 6.35 • RRR: 12.66 • Need 38 runs from 18b
Seb Gotch2 (4)
Harry Gurney3-0-15-1
Chris Tremain4-0-21-2

Harvey: "This game can really punish you if you take it easy. I'm sure Stars' top order is hurting bad right now."

Gurney to Maddinson, OUT
and they get the wicket! Gurney goes around the wicket and bowls a slower ball that slants across from a length on middle and leg. He's down early for the paddle/ramp, probably a good option, but he doesn't account for the slower ball. Has to check the shot and he gets a top edge that lobs up harmlessly for finch at short fine
NJ Maddinson c Finch b Gurney 6 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 85.71

Desperately need a boundary now. Wicket opportunity for the Renegades

Gurney to Gotch, 1 run
yorker at leg stump, jammed down to long-on

Stays over the wicket

Gurney to Maddinson, 1 run
slower ball at a length on leg stump, dropped into the square leg region with soft hands
Gurney to Maddinson, 2 runs
yorker length at middle stump, expertly nudged into the circle at midwicket and Gotch is rapid again on the second