20th Match (D/N), Melbourne (Docklands), Jan 2 2020, Big Bash League
(19.5/20 ov, target 154)
Syd Sixers won by 6 wickets
Player Of The Match
Sydney Sixers
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10.20pm Sixers move to second on the points table, but Renegades lose their fifth game in a row. Not good for the defending champions now with the tournament's business stage now approaching. Silk gets a pat on the back from Richardson, Finch and Christian for his match-winning innings. Curran's poor time with the ball does not hurt the Sixers eventually. Vince was excellent for Sixers too, while Christian impressed with the bat in the first innings. Don't forget the contributions from the Sixers openers too. Both Hughes and Philippe got forties to set the chase up beautifully.

Gleeson to Curran, 1 run
full on off, and the inside-edged shot goes to cover. They scamper across and Sixers win by six wickets

Field coming in.

Gleeson to Silk, 1 run
yorker length, on middle, and drilled to deep midwicket. Scores tied
Gleeson to Silk, SIX runs
just over cow corner! Back of a length, outside off, and pulled over the fielder on the boundary. That six was 81m long

Sixers need eight off four

Gleeson to Curran, 1 bye
they pinch a single as the ball goes under Curran's bat. Another slower ball outside off. Silk would've been out had Harper got the direct hit from behind the stumps

Curran back on strike. Still has the opportunity to redeem himself for that bowling spell tonight

Gleeson to Silk, 1 run
back of a length, outside off. Flat-batted back to Gleeson, and the ball bursts through his hands for the batsmen to take a single

Ten for Sixers to win. Nine for a super over. Less than eight and Renegades win. The DJ at the stadium is playing Darude - Sandstorm to get the crowd. Gleeson has the ball. Silk on strike

end of over 197 runs
SS: 144/4CRR: 7.57 • RRR: 10.00 • Need 10 runs from 6b
Tom Curran0 (1)
Jordan Silk28 (23)
Kane Richardson4-0-22-0
Cameron Boyce4-0-31-2
Richardson to Curran, no run
dot ball to end the spell. Good length outside off again, but the lack of pace goes under the bat
Richardson to Silk, 1 run
good length, outside off. Bunted to cover for a quick run
Richardson to Silk, no run
slower ball again, length ball outside off, and he can't connect with the dragged swipe. Through to the keeper, just inside the tramlines
Richardson to Silk, no run
slower ball, full outside off. Looks to swing leg side but deceived by the lack of pace
Richardson to Silk, SIX runs
full and wide outside off, but Silk has struck a lofted cover drive over the extra cover boundary! Finch on the mic says 'what's the fielder standing so far inside the boundary line for?'. If the fielder was on the line, Silk could've been out
Richardson to Silk, no run
slower ball, wide outside off. Mistimes the cut back to Richardson

Vince having a chat with Curran as the new man walks in. Can Curran redeem himself? Remember he went for 50+ in his four-over spell today

end of over 1811 runs • 1 wicket
SS: 137/4CRR: 7.61 • RRR: 8.50 • Need 17 runs from 12b
Jordan Silk21 (18)
Cameron Boyce4-0-31-2
Kane Richardson3-0-15-0
Boyce to Vince, OUT
strikes next ball! Faster ball, full and straight on middle, and Vince can't connect with the slog. The bails have lit up and Vince has to go back to the dugout
JM Vince b Boyce 41 (26b 3x4 1x6) SR: 157.69

Sixers need 17 in 13 now

Boyce to Vince, SIX runs
tees off! Full, outside off, and slogged into the second tier at cow corner. Picks the legbreak well

fifty stand

Boyce to Vince, 2 runs
yorker length, on middle. Squirted into the gap near square leg. Two more
Boyce to Silk, 1 run
tossed up on middle, but dipping sharply. Toe ends this full toss to deep midwicket. Throw from the deep hits the stumps at the bowlers' end, but they choose not to take the second run
Boyce to Silk, 2 runs
tossed up on middle, and driven through the covers! Fielder at long off runs towards the boundary and cups the ball back while going beyond the rope. Christian the man with the fielding there. Brilliance
Boyce to Silk, no run
faster ball, length on off, and some extra bounce. Silk looks to cut but misses

Sixers need 28 off 18. Renegades desperately need to beat Sixers for the sake of their BBL 09 chances

end of over 176 runs
SS: 126/3CRR: 7.41 • RRR: 9.33 • Need 28 runs from 18b
Jordan Silk18 (15)
James Vince33 (23)
Kane Richardson3-0-15-0
Richard Gleeson3-0-20-0
Richardson to Silk, 1 run
full and wide outside off. Bends his knees and clatters a drive to extra cover. Single off each ball this over
Richardson to Vince, 1 run
full and wide outside off. Tries to drive through cover, but flies off the bat's inside half to the non-striker. Richardson gives the ball a chase
Richardson to Silk, 1 run
good length, on off. Swings across the line and sends this down to deep backward square