Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Brisbane Heat win by seven wickets with loads of time to spare. The Strikers were never in the game after James Pattinson's early burst and he finished with a career-best five-for. The chase didn't start too well for the Heat, but AB de Villiers played a lovely hand and Matt Renshaw's good form continued.

"I was very nervous leading up," de Villiers says. He adds that he thought Rashid's first ball to him would be the googly and he picked it.

A nice boost to their net run-rate as well. They are up to fourth with the Strikers fifth but in a poor run. Plenty more cricket to come today and you can head over for our coverage of the first ODI between India and Australia in Mumbai. That's all from me tonight, thanks for joining us and catch you again soon.

Conway to Renshaw, FOUR runs, top edge over the keeper! Swings hard at a short ball and it takes him to his fifty
O'Connor to Renshaw, FOUR runs, gets down early and plays a deft paddle-sweep to a full delivery on the stumps, nicely done

Just short of finishing the job but a very nice start to his BBL stay. Joe Burns at No. 5

O'Connor to de Villiers, OUT, picks out long-on! Well, mark that down on things you didn't expect to see. Dropped down short, de Villiers rocks back and pulls it straight to the fielder

AB de Villiers c Neser b O'Connor 40 (32b 5x4 0x6) SR: 125.00

Renshaw will face the free hit

Siddle to de Villiers, (no ball) 1 run, uses his feet, takes the toe end towards mid-off...and it's a no-ball!
O'Connor to de Villiers, FOUR runs, a low full toss which de Villiers puts away with a drive through the covers. That's a freebie

O'Connor into the attack

Conway to Renshaw, FOUR runs, over the off side! That's a wonderful shot, another good stride into the ball and sends this over the covers. Anything AB can do...
Conway to Renshaw, FOUR runs, lovely batting, a classical cover drive as he comes forward and places a half volley through the off side
Conway to de Villiers, FOUR runs, pumped away! Great sound off the bat. Just short of a length, de Villiers pulls off the front foot well in front of square

Conway into the attack. A few dark clouds building up. We have a match now

McEnroe: "I reckon Siddle has been one of the top bowler so far in BBL09! Big loss to the Strikers if this is a broken finger." He's been patched up and will continue. Good effort

He immediately waved for assistance. Split webbing, perhaps. He's getting patched up on the field. We are still waiting for Siddle. He's not gone off

Siddle to Renshaw, no run, dropped by Siddle and he's hurt himself! Full on off stump, drilled back down the pitch, Siddle got his right finger tips on it

Peter Siddle into the attack

Well, AB said he felt in good form

Rashid Khan to de Villiers, FOUR runs, now he goes over cover...dragged down short, de Villiers rocks back and doesn't try to keep this one down, goes up and over the off side
Rashid Khan to de Villiers, FOUR runs, terrific shot, full at the stumps, de Villiers gives himself a touch of room and drives it along the ground through the covers. Rashid bowled that from behind the stumps
Neser to Renshaw, FOUR runs, just over mid-off! Full outside off, he drives on the up and just has the elevation to evade Siddle
Neser to Renshaw, no run, did he edge that? Didn't carry to the keeper. A slower ball, Renshaw drives, might have been a thin one on that
Neser to Renshaw, SIX runs, what shot! Man at the other end would be pleased with that. Full at off stump, a simple strike through the line sends it fractionally over the rope at long-on
Rashid Khan to de Villiers, FOUR runs, what a start! Full outside off, he strides forward and slots away the perfect cover drive

And in he walks. AB de Villiers. Slip in place

Rashid Khan to Bryant, OUT, through him! What are they doing? A googly, spins back nicely, Bryant misses his drive and there's a huge gap. Pretty awful batting if we are honest

M Bryant b Rashid Khan 10 (5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 200.00

Matt Renshaw at No. 3

Neser to Lynn, OUT, taken at mid-on! Terrific catch. A length ball, Lynn doesn't hold back, strikes through the line and sends it low to mid-on. He generally only plays one way...

CA Lynn c Salt b Neser 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Neser to Bryant, FOUR runs, inside edge past the stumps! Back of a length, he goes for a square cut and gets an under edge...when it's your day

Michael Neser with the new ball...slip in place

Welcome back. Rashid Khan is currently sat in the dug out with ice pack on his shoulder. Doesn't look great

Connor: "If Lynn can open then AB can play at 3. I hope that happens today." It is indeed Bryant and Lynn to open

Heat 2nd innings Partnerships

1st5CA LynnM Bryant
2nd6MT RenshawM Bryant
3rd77AB de VilliersMT Renshaw
4th26JA BurnsMT Renshaw

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