Curran to Maxwell, OUT, caught at long on! That's the game! 113kph, short slower ball, he stood up to try and pull it over wide long on but didn't get any of it, Henriques runs in and takes the catch easily

GJ Maxwell c Henriques b Curran 12 (13b 2x4 0x6) SR: 92.30

Maxwell needs to go nuts

Curran to Larkin, OUT, caught at cover! It was a slower ball outside off, he cleared the front leg and slices this off the top edge to cover and Hughes takes a simple catch. They crossed at least

NCR Larkin c Hughes b Curran 3 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Curran has 26 to play with

Dwarshuis to Maxwell, FOUR runs, full and wide, he opens the face and slices this magically over backward point! The skill level in that shot defies belief! He was front on and still got it over point
Dwarshuis to Maxwell, 2 runs, Vince saves six at deep cover! A ridiculous shot from Maxwell to slice this off the back foot over deep cover, Vince on the rope jumped up and knocked it back in to save four runs! He couldn't catch it and he just had to paddle it down but he did so well

Maxwell gets a new weapon

Lyon to Stoinis, OUT, monstrous sky ball caught brilliantly by Henriques running back from midwicket! He tossed up bravely but it was a touch shorter, Stoinis tried to go again but got under it and hit it miles into the night sky, three men converged but Henriques running back with a cool head took the catch easily. That was not as simple as he made it look

MP Stoinis c Henriques b Lyon 62 (37b 3x4 4x6) SR: 167.56

Lyon to Stoinis, SIX runs, And again! Even bigger! Fuller and quicker in the slot and he used the pace and launched this high and long over long on into the stands
Lyon to Stoinis, SIX runs, flatter on off, he swings this down the ground and it clears long on! He didn't get it but he hit it hard enough to carry the rope
Lyon to Stoinis, FOUR runs, full outside off, he backs away and drills a drive through cover to the short boundary! 50 up for Stoinis off 34 balls.

Lyon again

Curran to Stoinis, no run, wide and full, he drives to mid off, Henriques misfields on the circle, they didn't run! There was an easy one there
Curran to Stoinis, 1 wide, slower ball wide of off, and too wide!

Tom Curran

Paul AJ Saw: "No he can't produce a miracle. It's way too late."

Dwarshuis to Maxwell, FOUR runs, slower ball this time, he clears the front leg and carves this through cover with tremendous power!

Free hit

Dwarshuis to Maxwell, 1 no ball, a chest high full toss! It's a no-ball! Maxwell tried to duck and got hit in the chest. He was looking for the slower ball and it was a 141kph attempted yorker gone horribly wrong

Stays around the wicket. Fine leg and third man up. Slower ball coming

Dwarshuis to Maddinson, OUT, Bowled him! Excellent slower ball. Completely deceived by a 113kph slower ball, he tried to heave across the line, was through the shot way too soon and it crashed into the top of middle

NJ Maddinson b Dwarshuis 16 (18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 88.88

O'Keefe to Maddinson, 2 runs, short and wide, he cuts up and over backward point! He didn't middle it but got just enough of it to clear the fielder and run away
Lyon to Stoinis, FOUR runs, tossed up outside off, he lofts a drive up and over cover against the turn! Skilful, powerful shot to find the rope

Arto: "Is it just me? Or has Curran really one off the boil with his form (both bat & ball) recently?"

Shiva Jayaraman: The only bowler before Ben Dwarshuis to bowl a maiden in a reduced chase in the BBL is Brett Lee, playing for Sydney Sixers, against Sydney Thunder in the 2011-12 season. Thunder were chasing 47 from 5.3 over in that match.

Curran to Stoinis, SIX runs, 139kph, short on the hip, he swivels and pulls this behind square and way back! Just an easy pick up. He did that regularly in his century against the Sixers
Lyon to Stoinis, no run, good length wide of off, he tries to punch square but misses
Dwarshuis to Cartwright, OUT, caught behind trying to scoop fine! This was a length ball straight, he set up early to try and scoop this fine with fine leg up but just got a bit of glove on the way through to Philippe. Easy catch

HWR Cartwright c †Philippe b Dwarshuis 21 (10b 3x4 1x6) SR: 210.00

Ben Dwarshuis

Bird to Stoinis, SIX runs, slower ball and he picks it and deposits it into the stands at wide long on! The slower ball was the wrong length and Stoinis punished it. He's rolling now
Bird to Stoinis, FOUR runs, full and straight, 139kph, he flicks this from middle with the bottom forward of square, one bounce four! Just a bottom hand jab and it nearly went for six!

Jackson Muscat: "Cartwright showing how to go about this chase. Calculated and forceful shots to the boundary. Why is Stoinis defending so much in a 14-over chase where more than 10 an over is needed?"

Bird to Cartwright, SIX runs, 130kph, chest high short ball and he swivels and pulls powerfully forward of square and it goes all the way! He is a good puller and that was a bad ball

hardik: "I think Australia have been looking in the wrong place for a finisher all this while. They need to look at someone like a Michael Hussey who is a good batsman first. Players who are finishing at the 1st class level are getting shown up at the international level. A top order batsman is likelier to succeed as a finisher to me. "

Bird to Cartwright, FOUR runs, 133kph, in the slot, he thumps this down the ground straight of mid on! He didn't middle this but got enough of it to hit it hard and flat down the ground

ed: "Dez, bit harsh on stoin. anyway this is 14over game"

O'Keefe to Cartwright, FOUR runs, full outside off, he stands still and crunches a powerful cover drive! Straight from the textbook and through the gap
Bird to Cartwright, FOUR runs, back of a length, 140kph, wide of off, he stands up and thumps a back foot drive through cover-point! Excellent shot

Melb Stars 2nd innings Partnerships

1st35MP StoinisHWR Cartwright
2nd49MP StoinisNJ Maddinson
3rd25MP StoinisGJ Maxwell
4th11GJ MaxwellNCR Larkin
5th0GJ MaxwellSE Gotch
6th5SE GotchJ Merlo

Big Bash League