27th Match (N), Sydney, Jan 11 2016, Big Bash League
(19.2/20 ov, target 174)
Melb Reneg won by 5 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Melbourne Renegades
MR Innings
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11.00pm Wonderful chase from Melbourne Renegades, hunting down 174 with ease in the end. Bravo and White, in particular, aced that chase and paced it to near perfection. In the end, Thunder just did no possess enough firepower to be able to prevent Renegades' power-packed batting from gunning that target down. This win throws the race for the Playoffs wide open as well.

Cameron White is the Man of the Match: "More enjoyable now. Back end of our bowling was probably the difference. I was plumb lbw but that's the way it goes. Sometimes it goes for you. Ill take it any day of the week."

Watson to Nevill, FOUR runs
that will be it. The game is Renegades'. Full on off, Nevill backs away and belts the ball back over Watson and to the long-off boundary

Hussey has to take a risk and bring a few more inside the circle

James: "Dwayne Bravo has had an excellent all round game. Good final over, then some excellent batting."

Watson to McDermott, 1 run
good length on off, tucked away past square leg for one

Watson will bowl the final over. Three required. Hussey bringing six inside the circle

end of over 197 runs • 1 wicket
MR: 171/5CRR: 9 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 3 runs from 6b
Ben McDermott1 (1)
Peter Nevill0 (1)
Clint McKay4-0-29-1
Andre Russell4-0-42-2
McKay to McDermott, 1 run
that's all that is required. Slower ball outside off, played towards point for one
McKay to Nevill, OUT
not sure what is happening here. Another predictable slower ball outside off, Nevill misses but Beaton calls him through for a non-existent run. Hartley hits and Beaton is gone.
TM Beaton run out (†Hartley) 6 (6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00
McKay to Beaton, 1 run
better from Beaton. Pushes this slower ball on off back, hits the stumps at the strikers end. McKay reacts quickly and fires an accurate throw at the strikers end, Nevill is easily in though
McKay to Beaton, no run
and another slower delivery. Beaton goes for a massive swing again, the ball bounces over the stumps. Poor batting
McKay to Beaton, 1 wide
another slower ball but this time it is too wide. Beaton keeps his eyes on it for just a little longer this time. Wide called
McKay to Beaton, no run
another slow slower ball. Beaton is through his hoick, beaten
McKay to Beaton, FOUR runs
superb shot from Beaton. McKay goes full and straight, Beaton pummels it back with sensational timing to the long-on boundary.
end of over 1815 runs • 2 wicket
MR: 164/4CRR: 9.11 • RRR: 5.00 • Need 10 runs from 12b
Tom Beaton1 (2)
Andre Russell4-0-42-2
Clint McKay3-0-22-1
Russell to White, OUT
good catch from Rohrer. White, this time, looks to go for a swipe to finish the game but the ball takes the top edge and spoons up. Rohrer keeps his eyes on it at all times and holds onto a swirler. Great catch that.
CL White c Rohrer b Russell 61 (46b 3x4 4x6) SR: 132.60
Russell to Beaton, 1 run
the free hit is swatted to long-on on the bounce
Russell to Beaton, 1 no ball
no ball signalled. Short delivery outside off, Beaton sways out of the line. Freehit coming up. That ball lobbed over Beaton's head. He may have overstepped though
Russell to Bravo, OUT
Russell responds well but it may be too little, too late. Slower ball on leg, Bravo gets a thick top edge which lobs up and Russell races in front to take a good low catch. Not yet done
DJ Bravo c & b Russell 47 (24b 3x4 3x6) SR: 195.83
Russell to Bravo, SIX runs
six more and that should be the game actually. Full and wide outside off, Bravo looks to loft over cover but gets a thick outside edge which flies over the third man boundary for six
Russell to Bravo, SIX runs
smoked out of the ground. Is that the decisive blow? Good length delivery on off, Bravo goes for a massive heave, this time the ball goes way over the midwicket boundary
Russell to White, 1 run
slower ball on off, punched to deep cover for one

Russell, big over this. A wicket changes things

end of over 179 runs
MR: 149/2CRR: 8.76 • RRR: 8.33 • Need 25 runs from 18b
Dwayne Bravo35 (21)
Cameron White60 (44)
Clint McKay3-0-22-1
Gurinder Sandhu3-0-38-0
McKay to Bravo, no run
slower ball outside off, Bravo goes for another big hoick but fails to connect altogether. He has control of his bat this time though.
McKay to Bravo, FOUR runs
fantastic delivery. Yorker on off and middle, Bravo gets some bat on his guide and the ball goes to the fthird man boundary