27th Match (N), Adelaide, Jan 16 2017, Big Bash League
(20 ov, target 172)
Melb Reneg won by 6 runs
Player Of The Match
Melbourne Renegades
• The Report by Geoff Lemon

Renegades' six-run win keeps them alive

The Melbourne Renegades kept their chances alive in the BBL with a six-run win that knocked the Adelaide Strikers out

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Commentator: Alex Malcolm
Scorecard summary
Melbourne Renegades171/9(20 overs)
Adelaide Strikers165/8(20 overs)
end of over 2011 runs • 2 wicket
AS: 165/8CRR: 8.25 
Ish Sodhi5 (5)
Ben Laughlin0 (0)
Thisara Perera3-0-25-4
Sunil Narine4-0-40-1

Perera holds his nerve after the nightmare against the Hurricanes and they keep their season alive. The Strikers can't make the finals now after their fifth loss of the season. They started the chase so well but no one could go on with it. Ludeman, Dunk and Pollard all got starts but couldn't take it deep. Ferguson's catch to remove Pollard was the pivotal moment of the match. Dean tried his best in the penultimate over but 35 from 12 balls was six runs too many.

Marcus Harris has been named Man of the Match for his 85 with the bat: "My heart rate was about 300 beats per minute at the end there. It was good to win a close one and keep the season alive.

"Obviously the focus goes onto the Heat game on Friday. We have to prepare well, try and get a win to get into the finals."

That concludes our coverage from Adelaide tonight. Great win for the Renegades. Join us again tomorrow night as the Melbourne Stars host the Brisbane Heat. The winner is guaranteed a finals berth. Thanks for your company.

Perera to Sodhi, 1 run
slower ball, wide of off, toed over the bowler's head and lands safely but the Renegades win a close one finally!
Perera to Sodhi, 2 runs
What a save by Cam White at deep midwicket! This was slapped into the gap between deep midwicket and long on, it was struck well, White at full stretch makes a one handed save to virtually win the game!

10 off two with Sodhi on strike!

Perera to Agar, OUT
Caught at long on! Short slower ball, well bowled, Agar mistimes the pull shot, comes off the top edge and flies towards long on, Cooper comes in off the rope and calmly pouched the catch!
WA Agar c Cooper b Perera 8 (3b 2x4 0x6) SR: 266.66
Perera to Agar, FOUR runs
inside edge past off stump for four! Chaos! This was a low inswinging full toss, got a thin edge, just past the stumps and it bounces over the keeper's head away for four!
Perera to Agar, FOUR runs
Over point for four! Same ball, short and wide, Agar gets it up and over Tremain at point and it races away
Perera to Dean, OUT
caught at point! Short and wide slower ball, he hammers the cut shot but hits it straight to the sub fielder Tremain on the circle! A metre either side and it was four! Good catch by Tremain
JR Dean c sub (CP Tremain) b Perera 21 (9b 0x4 2x6) SR: 233.33
end of over 1917 runs
AS: 154/6CRR: 8.1 • RRR: 18.00
Jono Dean21 (8)
Ish Sodhi2 (3)
Sunil Narine4-0-40-1
Thisara Perera2-0-14-2

18 to win off the last over! Perera with the ball again just as he did against the Hurricanes

Narine to Dean, 1 run
slog swept from outside off, doesn't nail it, it falls short of the man coming in off the rope
Narine to Sodhi, 1 run
shorter ball, pulled hard to deep midwicket, they think about a second but decide late not to go
Narine to Sodhi, no run
missed stumping! He advances, misses, but Finch couldn't take it clean
Narine to Dean, 3 runs
top edge over the keeper's head runs towards the rope! Another attempted sweep, that runs to third man off the edge, Hogg runs it down to save four
Narine to Dean, SIX runs
Two in a row! This was fired into leg stump and he sweeps up and over deep backward square! This went way back! Game on now
Narine to Dean, SIX runs
Incredible shot over midwicket! This was so wide of off, he stepped out and slog swept it 83m over the deep midwicket rope!
end of over 188 runs • 1 wicket
AS: 137/6CRR: 7.61 • RRR: 17.50
Jono Dean5 (4)
Ish Sodhi1 (1)
Thisara Perera2-0-14-2
Brad Hogg4-0-28-0
Perera to Dean, 1 run
short slower ball outside off, cracked hard off the back foot to deep cover
Perera to Sodhi, 1 run
slower ball, driven hard to deep cover
Perera to Hodge, OUT
Chopped on! Leg cutter slower ball that swung in and stayed a touch low, Hodge tried to flat bat it over the leg side and got a bottom edge onto the stumps! Is that the Strikers' season over?
BJ Hodge b Perera 26 (20b 3x4 0x6) SR: 130.00
Perera to Hodge, FOUR runs
Misfield at long off for four! The substitute Matthew Short was fielding a well struck drive but he fumbled it through the legs and it went for four!
Perera to Dean, 1 run
slower ball leg cutter, punched to cover on the circle

He went down holding his head but he's now sitting up and the doctor is checking him.

He got hit in the head by the ball against the Sixers as well last well. He will be forced to go off the ground. He is standing up now and will walk off. But he's got quite a bit of swelling on his right jaw. He walks off.

Finch will now keep for the Renegades.

Perera to Hodge, 1 run
Oh no! Hodge swings hard, hits it to deep backward square but he lost the bat out of his hands and it flies backwards and hits Nevill in the head! Nevill was watching the ball and wasn't expecting it. The handle of the flying bat hit him in the side of the face.

Perera is into the attack despite Narine having one left

Match details
Adelaide Oval
TossAdelaide Strikers , elected to field first
SeriesBig Bash League 2016
Player Of The Match
Marcus Harris
Hours of play (local time)19.10 start, First Session 19.10-20.25, Interval 20.25-20.40, Second Session 20.40-21.55
Match days16 January 2017 - night match (20-over match)
John Ward
Tony Wilds
TV Umpire
Phillip Gillespie
Reserve Umpire
Cain Kemp
Match Referee
Peter Marshall
PointsMelbourne Renegades 2, Adelaide Strikers 0