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Player of the Match
133dThe Report by Will Macpherson in Adelaide

Head century caps Strikers' thrilling win

Travis Head blitzed the first ton by an Adelaide Strikers batsman to lead his side to a five-wicket win despite needing 51 off the last 18 balls

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Commentator: Shashank Kishore

Time to rest my fingers a bit. Fear I'll drop my drink tonight, for such has been the onslaught by Travis Head. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Looking forward to more in 2016. Until then, cheers!

Adelaide Strikers needed 51 off the last 18 balls. They scored 56 in 15. All the runs were scored by Travis Head.

Justin: "You got to feel for Abbott there, but the Sixers must be ruing the lack of a sixth bowling option. What a way to end the cricketing year I have to say"

Travis Head: I thought we were gone at one stage, but credit to Hodgy for bringing it back. I thought we can get close to give entertainment to the fans who came down tonight, but the short boundaries helped. Sean Abbott is a quality bowler, on another day I would have hit a few to the fielders, but tonight I got the opportunity and that got me going. I've tried to improve, haven't been consistent throughout the year, but it's good to step up and get a win.

At one stage, it looked like Adelaide where nowhere in this. But a succession of short deliveries that went horribly wrong meant they were in with a hunt from nowhere. Travis Head hit three successive sixes to bring up a century and an improbable win. At no stage did Travis Head look out of place. Just to tell you the magnitude of his achievement, picture this: Travis Head hit seven sixes off his last 14 deliveries

Abbott to Head, SIX runs, a century to savour . Champagne moment on New Year's eve! It was short again, the ball got big on him and he slapped it behind square on the leg side. The ball got big on him but he ensured the swing was powerful enough to take it all the way. This is the first century by an Adelaide Strikers batsman in BBL history
Abbott to Head, SIX runs, are you kidding me? This one was a short ball, much slower as well and it made it easier for Head to generate enough power as he waited on the slower ball and then swung that away, got it a little high on the bat but it was enough to take it over deep midwicket. Sean Abbott is crest fallen
Abbott to Head, SIX runs, as easy as it can get. Too full on leg stump, he walks across the stump and flicks the half volley over deep midwicket. Short boundary there and only those in the stands could have caught that

19 | 11 Runs | AS: 164/5 (13 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 8.63, RRR: 13.00)

  • Travis Head83 (50b)
  • Adil Rashid2 (1b)
  • Doug Bollinger4-0-31-0
  • Sean Abbott3-0-39-1

What a cracking end to 2015. A last-over finish. That too in front of a sell out. 45,000 people in on New Year's eve. What an atmosphere. Can Travis Head take the Adelaide Strikers home?

Bollinger to Head, 1 run, high full toss, the deep cover fielder misfields but Head decided he wasn't going to run back for the second come hell or high water. He retains the strike.
Bollinger to Head, no run, hit hard but straight to cover
Bollinger to Head, SIX runs, monstrous hit! He hasn't learnt here. Bowls it full, half-volley, Head backs away and makes the most difficult stroke look ridiculously easy. Lofted nice and clean over extra cover, tremendous bat speed on that as ball met bat

Strikers 2nd innings Partnerships

1st46CJ SimmonsTP Ludeman
2nd8DPMD JayawardeneTP Ludeman
3rd12TP LudemanTM Head
4th47BJ HodgeTM Head
5th10AI RossTM Head
6th59AU RashidTM Head

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