22nd match (N), Indore, Apr 20 2017, Indian Premier League
(15.3/20 ov, target 199)
Mum Indians won by 8 wickets (with 27 balls remaining)
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Mumbai Indians
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11.30 pm That's all we have for you. Thank you for joining us, thanks for the comments as well. Sorry I couldn't post enough but we hope you keep sending them in. Good night.

Jos Buttler is Man of the Match for his 77 off 37 balls (same score as Chris Gayle two days ago, but one ball quicker) "Found really good touch in the tournament, been desperate to kick on, nice to put in a contribution. Striking the ball well, it's a small ground and a fantastic wicket. Luckily we won the toss, you'd think 200 was a really good score. [360 degree batsman?] I think today, chasing that kind of total was great for me because I could go from ball one without thinking. I've put a lot of pressure on myself, trying too hard to score the runs. Today, when you're chasing a big score, you can relax and play your shots. Keep a still base and do the rest"

"Incredible game to be part of. Something which reminded me of 2014, when we chsed 190 against Royals in 14 overs," Rohit Sharma says, "To be able to chase this target in 15.3 overs is fantastic. Hashim Amla played one of the finest knocks we would ever see but we finished up really well. When we came back to the change room the talk was that the ground is small and we have the batters to do it. That was pretty evident in the first six overs. The way Jos and Parthiv batted at the start was magnificent. That's the kind of firepower we have. Parthiv is coming off a great domestic season and he's taken that confidence into IPL. That's the kind of start we required chasing 199. [Concern with the bowlers] Not really. It's something which we have to look into. They are proven match winners and they have done it for years, even in international cricket. That's there. It's a lot of pressure, it's always challenging. It's just about backing them and the management does that. They will come good. It's just the first half of the tournament, the second half becomes crucial, the table keeps changing so you have to be on the money, you can't lose momentum. So hopefully we can continue our winning streak. The good thing we've done is focussing on one particular opposition and we are going to do that again"

"They were pretty favourable to batting," Glenn Maxwell says. "In saying that I thought 198 was a good score. Thought we'd be able to defend it. Especially here. Unfortunately we let our chances slip. Positives, Hashim's hundred. And Marsh's start. He hit the ball beautifully. Amla's all class. Plenty of positives on the batting side, but the bowlers had a tough night. We have to make sure we take every catch that comes to us. Buttler was outstanding. Any time a batsman takes you on in the Powerplay like that, on a pitch that has no sideways movement or even purchase for slower balls, it's hard. Now onto Rajkot, another flat pitch. No respite to our bowlers"

11.08 pm An eight-wicket victory chasing 199 with 27 balls to spare. That's as good a mauling as the IPL has ever seen. Kings XI now have lost four matches on the trot. The last one was a nail-biter. This one... well, it'll take a lot to get over. Hashim Amla struck his maiden T20 hundred earlier today. He's somehow found himself on the losing side because Kings XI's bowlers just did not know what to do once Jos Buttler and Parthiv Patel started doing what they were supposed to. They got 82 runs in the Powerplay - a record for Mumbai - allowing only six dots - the second-lowest count in IPL history. Nitish Rana then came in, struck his fourth half-century in four innings at No. 3 and put the finishing touches on

Mumbai's highest successful chase

MM Sharma to Rana, SIX runs
game over! This is a slow, short ball, down leg, and Rana pulls it mightily over the long leg boundary
MM Sharma to Rana, 2 runs
picks the slower ball and pastes it to the right of long-off. Good, hard running gets them two
MM Sharma to Rana, no run
good length ball on off stump, pats it towards point

Nitish Rana now has the highest score by a batsman in the IPL without hitting a single four in the innings

end of over 1521 runs
MI: 191/2CRR: 12.73 • RRR: 1.60 • Need 8 runs from 30b
Hardik Pandya15 (4)
Nitish Rana54 (31)
Ishant Sharma4-0-58-0
Mohit Sharma2-0-21-1

That's the second time out of the chase, with Mumbai's required rate reading 1.6. A few updates might be required to this list

I Sharma to HH Pandya, FOUR runs
another that races away. Looks for the yorker, but doesn't quite find it. Pandya is able to drill the ball down the ground and the long-on fielder can't get to his left in time
I Sharma to HH Pandya, FOUR runs
mid-off is up and the mis-hit has enough power to lob over him and into the boundary. Low full toss, given the treatment
I Sharma to HH Pandya, SIX runs
into the second tier over long-on! He's got really strong forearms and they are on show as he somehow gets on top of the bounce of a slower short ball - he's on the front foot, so that makes it all the more remarkable - and hits it straight down the ground
I Sharma to Rana, 1 run
yorker on off stump, jams his bat down on it for a single into the covers
I Sharma to Rana, no run
full on off stump, drills it down to long-off
I Sharma to Rana, SIX runs
that's unlucky. This is a back of a length ball outside off. Rana goes for the swipe and top edges it over third man. Four innings at No. 3 and four fifties as well. He's still to hit a four in this innings, but has six sixes

Brutus_Shylock: "Flat as hell wickets, they said in tv commentary that sides were getting 220 during practice games. Sorry everyone else but strike rates matter, I think guptill has to be brought in as an opener whichever way. Man has been in exemplary white ball form for two years nearly. Maybe Matt Henry too, given the state of King's XI bowlers."

end of over 144 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 170/2CRR: 12.14 • RRR: 4.83 • Need 29 runs from 36b
Nitish Rana47 (28)
Hardik Pandya1 (1)
Mohit Sharma2-0-21-1
Sandeep Sharma3-0-39-0

ArunC: "This season has already become all the more exciting due to the success of Indian players mostly..rana, pandyas, kaul, pant, Samson, pandey, jadhav... Can't wait to see more of Indian players performing well.."

MM Sharma to Rana, 1 run
picks the slower ball this time, waits on his punch to long-off, and delivers it perfectly
MM Sharma to HH Pandya, 1 run
shortish and outside off, steers it to deep third man
MM Sharma to Rana, 1 run
almost seems like he has mis-hit the slower ball, but it still gets past point. Sucked into playing the length - which is full and tempting. Drives away from the body and the offcutter arrives a little later than he expects

Dileep: "@Mowlana Narine has been one of the most economical bowlers this season and has taken crucial wickets.. bowls in the power plays and at the death. Played a match winning innings with the bat as well.. what more do you want?"

MM Sharma to Rana, no run
offcutter on middle, Rana defends to point. An excitable Hardik is looking for a single, but is made to go back
MM Sharma to Rana, 1 wide
goes for the slower, short ball on leg stump, Rana calmly gets under it
MM Sharma to Rana, no run
shortish, slower ball on leg stump, Rana tries to dink it around the corner to fine leg. No connection

Hardik Pandya at No. 4, ahead of Rohit Sharma

MM Sharma to Buttler, OUT
this is high, who's getting under it? It's the captain. Mohit starts a new spell with a slower ball, Buttler loses his shape in trying to hit it as hard as he could. Ends up skewing it high and Maxwell, at mid-off, takes a good catch. Super innings. Broke the chase all on his own.
JC Buttler c Maxwell b MM Sharma 77 (63m 37b 7x4 5x6) SR: 208.10

Qaaid Mowlana: "The big stars haven't been at their best this year, for all the teams. Malinga out of sorts, Narine seems to have lost his bite, Gayle's form has been up and down, Dhoni is far from his best, etc. However, lesser known players like Rana and new players like Rashid Khan are raising their hands. This promises to be one hell of a season, and it's only just beginning "

end of over 1316 runs
MI: 166/1CRR: 12.76 • RRR: 4.71 • Need 33 runs from 42b
Nitish Rana45 (24)
Jos Buttler77 (36)
Sandeep Sharma3-0-39-0
Swapnil Singh2-0-22-0

Rupam: "Players like Rana should be groomed & trained properly.. these are great prospects for India.. Otherwise every year we have an exceptional Indian player in IPL, and then he is lost.."

Sandeep Sharma to Rana, no run
good length ball on middle, Rana, surprisingly, can only keep it out
Sandeep Sharma to Buttler, 1 run
full and outside off, drums it to long-off

The required rate is only 4.64 now in a chase of 199!

Sandeep Sharma to Buttler, SIX runs
into the stands again! That's his highest T20 score. Short ball outside off, shovels over deep midwicket. Strike-rate still over 200.
Sandeep Sharma to Buttler, SIX runs
what a hit! That wouldn't have risen over 15 feet. It's a half-volley outside off. Buttler flays it over extra cover. Bottom-handed beastly hitting
Sandeep Sharma to Rana, 1 run
good length ball on middle, Rana blocks into the off side and looks up, Buttler is already running. Easily taken quick single
Sandeep Sharma to Buttler, 1 run
reaches out to a full ball outside off and slaps it to deep point. Would have been a wide had he left it
Sandeep Sharma to Buttler, 1 wide
looks to skirt the off-side wide line, but he does so on the wrong side. That makes the equation 48 off 48 balls in a chase of 199. This has been a mauling