25th match (N), Indian Premier League at Mumbai, Apr 22 2017
(20 ov, target 143)
Mum Indians won by 14 runs
Player Of The Match
Mumbai Indians
DC Innings
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end of over 2010 runs
DC: 128/7CRR: 6.4 
Pat Cummins4 (5)
Chris Morris52 (41)
Hardik Pandya3-0-23-1
Jasprit Bumrah4-0-21-2

12am The presentation:

Rohit: To defend 142 was not easy but we had the belief and the guys to do it. We were not so good with the bat but I don't want to be to too harsh on the batters, they've been in really good form. The crowd always picks us up in crunch time. The pitch looked little dry compared to earlier matches and the chat we had in the dressing room was we had to bowl differently this time. There was not much dew but it's been pretty unpredictable here.

Man of the Match is McClenaghan: Last match I went for 50 so it's a roller coaster in T20, every game is a new game. We had certain plans for certain guys and everyone stuck to their guns today. Anderson has pumped me around the park so it was good to get him.

That's all we have as Mumbai are proving to be unbeatable at Wankhede. Batting clicked earlier, bowling clicked today and they'll enjoy that Sunday now. Thanks for tuning in, catch you tomorrow for another double header. Ciao!

11.48pm The Mumbai batting flopped today but who would have thought that Delhi would not be able to chase down 143 at Wankhede? Delhi's bowlers put on an excellent display - Mishra's flight, turn and economical figures, the pacers' yorkers and what not. The Mumbai bowlers fought back really hard with accurate bowling but the Delhi batsmen didn't do much good with their shots, run outs and the catches they gave. It was mainly the opening spell of McClenaghan that jolted Delhi though. Mumbai have a bigger lead at the top of the table now, with 12 points and KKR are second at 8.

Zaheer: The only chance they had was by taking early wickets and that's exactly what went for them. We restricted them about 20-25 runs short, our bowlers did a fantastic job. Good to see the bowlers dominating. Considering they were at 26 for 6, it was a fantastic effort from Morris and Rabada.

HH Pandya to Cummins, 1 run
slices the last ball from outside off behind square, Mitch J stops it at the boundary and Mumbai have defended 142 on this batsmen-friendly ground
HH Pandya to Cummins, no run
block hole again outside off, Cummins tries to put it away but is beaten by pace

The crowd erupts after that single, the flags are waiving

HH Pandya to Morris, 1 run
in the block hole outside off, Morris can only drill it to cover

Long discussion between Hardik and Rohit

HH Pandya to Morris, 2 runs
another full ball with width, Morris throws his bat at it, it's about to beat deep point but Krunal runs to his left and puts in a dive to stop with his left hand. Excellent fielding and that's a fifty for Morris

19 from four, still need at least one six

HH Pandya to Morris, FOUR runs
full and wide again, this time Morris stays still and scoops it over point and short third man almost from the middle for four
HH Pandya to Morris, 1 wide
Morris makes room, Hardik bowls a full wide on the off side
HH Pandya to Cummins, 1 leg bye
starts with a short ball, Cummings mistimes the pull and gets a single to short third man. It fell a few yards short of him

25 runs from six, but Cummins on strike. Hardik will bowl those six

end of over 195 runs • 1 wicket
DC: 118/7CRR: 6.21 • RRR: 25.00
Pat Cummins3 (2)
Chris Morris45 (38)
Jasprit Bumrah4-0-21-2
Mitchell McClenaghan4-0-24-3
Bumrah to Cummins, 1 run
tries the yorker, it's a full delivery on the stumps and Cummins sends it down to long on for one. Keeps strike
Bumrah to Cummins, 2 runs
the slow and low yorker again, Cummins connects and hits it through the air to the cow corner for two

Pat Cummins on strike

Bumrah to Rabada, OUT
this one's on leg stump, Rabada misses again but Bumrah doesn't. Bumrah rolled his fingers over it again, it was slow and Rabada was through with the shot as the ball hit the base of leg stump. But a very impressive knock from Rabada on debut
K Rabada b Bumrah 44 (63m 39b 4x4 1x6) SR: 112.82
Bumrah to Rabada, no run
he wants to put this full ball away to the leg side but the slow yorker dips, beats him and lands in front of off stump but then cuts away to miss the stumps
Bumrah to Morris, 1 run
lands safe luckily for Morris - it was a short ball outside off, he pulled with some hesitation and it went straight up behind the bowler's head and fell many yards short of long off
Bumrah to Rabada, 1 run
short of length towards leg, Rabada opens up and flashes hard but gets an edge to short third man

30 from 12 balls. Bumrah has one left, here he is

end of over 1812 runs
DC: 113/6CRR: 6.27 • RRR: 15.00
Chris Morris44 (37)
Kagiso Rabada43 (36)
Mitchell McClenaghan4-0-24-3
Jasprit Bumrah3-0-16-1
McClenaghan to Morris, SIX runs
short ball again, maybe he expected it and he's landed it straight to the cow corner boundary over the ropes. This time he got some pace on the ball and connected well too
McClenaghan to Morris, no run
another short ball outside off, it's a bouncer, this time Morris pulls and misses. Mitch M is appealing for an edge but it's turned down
McClenaghan to Morris, no run
way too wide outside of, he should have left it but he middles and it finds Rohit at cover
McClenaghan to Morris, FOUR runs
bangs it in short, it's too wide too and Morris throws his bat at it to get a thick edge flying over the slip region for a four

Around the wicket

McClenaghan to Rabada, 1 run
it's full on off but he takes some pace off it, Rabada drills it down to long off
McClenaghan to Morris, 1 run
full and wide outside off, Morris drive it away to sweeper cover

Rabada's previous best T20 score was 8*. Mitch M for his last over

end of over 174 runs
DC: 101/6CRR: 5.94 • RRR: 14.00
Kagiso Rabada42 (35)
Chris Morris33 (32)
Jasprit Bumrah3-0-16-1
Mitchell McClenaghan3-0-12-3

palwinder: "one indian death over specialist bhuvi got hit for runs today earlier.hope that does not happen with bhumra."

Bumrah to Rabada, no run
he shuffles across to eye the boundary behind short fine leg, gets a full toss but mistimes completely and takes it on the body for a dot ball
Bumrah to Morris, 1 run
tries a yorker and it's pretty full, Morris drives it again for one more

Only singles are not going to do it for Delhi

Bumrah to Rabada, 1 run
he's lost his balance while whipping the short of length ball behind square on leg. So only a single
Bumrah to Morris, 1 run
full delivery at normal pace, Morris drives it easily this time
Bumrah to Morris, no run
a slow and low dipping yorker well outside off, Morris drives and is deceived by the lack of pace completely
Bumrah to Rabada, 1 run
nice yorker just around off stump, Rabada makes room and digs it out towards cover

Bumrah comes back, Rohit setting the field, Parthiv adjusting the angles