20 | 13 Runs | RPS: 179/4 | RR: 8.95

  • MS Dhoni61 (34b)
  • Manoj Tiwary17 (8b)
  • Siddarth Kaul3-0-45-0
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-39-1

Thank you for joining us today, hope you enjoyed our coverage. There's still more cricket though, so head on over to the action for Mumbai v Delhi

MS Dhoni is Man of the Match for his 61 off 34 balls. "It was a difficult one. But it was important that since we had strikers in the back of the innings, it was important we take Rashid out of the game. And one side we can hit with the breeze. One side can always hit with it. You can't always win games like this. I think we did very well. Manoj contributed, which was very important because he didn't eat too many deliveries. There is no run-rate tha is high. It boils down to how well the opposition bowlers execute. So seven, eight, nine, ten, doesn't matter. What matters is keeping your calmness."

"Got pretty close towards the end, but MS did what's he's done for such a long period of time. Under pressure, he comes good again," the winning Pune captain Steven Smith says, "It was a 160-165 wicket, we probably didn't execute our plans as well as I thought. We batted really well, Tripathi at the top and MS did what he's done for such a long time. We have four games now at home and one in Mumbai and hopefully we can get up the ladder"

7.35 pm Well, it was worth the wait. MS Dhoni has been struggling all through this IPL. But today, after he was involved in the run-out of the team's top scorer before him, he became a different batsman. And because of that his team, Rising Pune Supergiant, has jumped from last place to fourth. They will stay there too, if Mumbai Indians beat Delhi Daredevils in the second game of the day.

Right, Pune needed 62 off the last 30 balls and against a good bowling team, that was a pretty tough ask. Much of that is because of Bhuvneshwar Kumar's excellent form in the slog overs, but today, he went for 19 runs in the 19th over. He lost the one-on-one battle with Dhoni, as many bowlers have have done before.

It's the first last-ball win for the chasing team this season. The last in IPL was also by Pune v Kings XI last year. MSD has hit the winning runs in both.

Raza: "MS deserves more than that the ball wasn't the greatest and not according to the field. Nobody has been able to hit Bhuvi, he did.

Afsar: "When 2 runs needed per ball, MSD scored 36 runs from 13 balls, that's why he called as best finisher in the world!!!"

Rook: "Oh wow, this is why we love the ipl all over the world. After everything said about MSD this tournament as well, you couldn't write it. I think I need to sit down..."

Kaul to Dhoni, FOUR runs, length ball on middle, not the thing his field wanted him to do, and it's smashed through extra cover. Dhoni does another epic finish. Stands still, gets his front leg forward and out of the way, and with a perfectly textbook drive, secures victory

Two needed off one ball, and Dhoni's back on strike. He walks up to his partner and touches gloves. The calmness hasn't gone away. Bhuvi comes up to Kaul to have a chat again. Warner joins in. Anyone thinking about a tie? A Super Over? Deep fine leg, square leg, long-on. Field set for a yorker on leg

Kaul to Dhoni, 2 runs, full on middle and leg, from around the wicket, whips it to long-on for a couple

Four off two needed. Dhoni on strike now. Rips his gloves off, puts them back on. Gets his game face on. Checks the field. And then gets into his stance.

Kaul to Tiwary, 1 run, low full toss on middle, he swings it away to deep square leg

Third man up, point up. Cover deep

And the game slows down now. Bhuvi with Kaul. Tiwary with Dhoni. Plans being made. The crowd being made to soak in the tension

Kaul to Dhoni, 1 run, round the wicket for a low full toss on leg stump, flicks it to long leg

Dhoni v Kaul and the crowd are making a heck of a lot of noise about who they are supporting. Warner, Bhuvi and Kaul in conversation. Six off four needed

Kaul to Tiwary, 1 run, back of a length and outside off, pushes it to extra cover
Kaul to Tiwary, FOUR runs, dropped length ball, it's heaved over to midwicket. This looks like six. But wait, Rashid's there, he is running to his right, he dives, gets both hands to it and shells it.

Who will bowl the final over? This huge final over. He will have to defend 10 runs. Kaul? Henriques? It's Kaul. Tiwary to face

19 | 19 Runs | RPS: 166/4 (11 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 8.73, RRR: 11.00)

  • MS Dhoni54 (31b)
  • Manoj Tiwary11 (5b)
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-39-1
  • Mohammed Siraj4-0-42-0

Bhuvneshwar had not conceded more than 10 runs in any of the overs bowled at death this season before the 19th over yielded 19 runs today.

Kumar to Dhoni, 2 runs, low full toss on off stump, Dhoni drills it to long-on for a couple

A smiling Bhuvi chats with his captain. Pune need 13 off 7 now.

Kumar to Tiwary, 1 run, full on off stump, Tiwary yanks it away to deep midwicket
Kumar to Dhoni, 1 run, back of a length and just outside off, Dhoni goes for a pull, inside edges onto his pad and finds a single to point
Kumar to Dhoni, SIX runs, in the slot. Dhoni has fifty. Loads of bottom hand power, he picks up a full delivery on off stump, almost a yorker but just not quite good enough, and it travels over long-on hard and flat
Kumar to Dhoni, FOUR runs, one-bounce over the third man boundary. This is wild. Dhoni starts to make room outside leg, the ball ends up a wide yorker again. He stops the initial movement, reaches out with his hands and slashes it away
Kumar to Dhoni, FOUR runs, the length is perfect - yorker - but the line allows Dhoni just the little bit he needs to get a four. Both fine leg and square leg were up. So all he has to do is flick it into the gap. Flicked it between his own legs
Kumar to Dhoni, 1 wide, yorker, skimming over the wide line on off side. Dhoni leaves it, expecting a wide, and he gets it. By the finest margins, that is outside the tram line

Pune need 30 off two overs. Sunrisers gun bowler Bhuvneshwar with huge pressure on his shoulders. He will have to face Dhoni, who loves turning chases into one-on-one battles. This is that territory. Fine leg is up. Third man is back. Square leg is up

18 | 17 Runs | RPS: 147/4 (30 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 8.16, RRR: 15.00)

  • MS Dhoni37 (26b)
  • Manoj Tiwary10 (4b)
  • Mohammed Siraj4-0-42-0
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar3-0-20-1
Mohammed Siraj to Dhoni, 1 run, yorker outside off, Dhoni pats it to long-off
Mohammed Siraj to Dhoni, FOUR runs, another one! Siraj is going short and slow, and Dhoni is reading him like a book. Stands deep in his crease, leaps to catch up with the ball and helps it over point and short third man
Mohammed Siraj to Dhoni, SIX runs, picks the slower ball. It's at a terrible length too. Rank and short with plenty of room. Dhoni hangs back and flat bats it over long-on. The crowd goes 'Dhooni, Dhoooni, Dhooooni'
Mohammed Siraj to Tiwary, 1 run, slow, short and wide outside off, Tiwary is momentarily fooled by the variation. Then adjusts and taps it to point
Mohammed Siraj to Tiwary, FOUR runs, lovely batting! The only thing wrong with his delivery is the length. It is length, and Tiwary maximises it by moving across and flicking it over backward square leg, where there is no one on the boundary. Fantastic awareness of the field
Mohammed Siraj to Dhoni, 1 run, low full toss, but with it being wide outside off, and Dhoni reluctant to get in line with deliveries this late in the innings, it is mistimed to cover. Almost a catch, as Bipul does all he can, diving forward, but it drops short

Tiwary gets a change of bat. Equation reads 47 off 18. Who will bowl the 18th? It's the rookie. Siraj. Playing his first season of IPL. His team looking for their first away win of 2017

17 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | RPS: 130/4 (47 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.64, RRR: 15.66)

  • Manoj Tiwary5 (2b)
  • MS Dhoni25 (22b)
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar3-0-20-1
  • Mohammed Siraj3-0-25-0
Kumar to Tiwary, FOUR runs, midwicket is up inside the circle for Tiwary and he exploits it. A full delivery - almost a yorker outside off - is dragged into the leg side, beats the man inside the 30 yard circle and hurries away.
Kumar to Dhoni, 1 run, full, swinging in, Dhoni camps deep in his crease and heaves it to long-on

They grow up so fast


Washinton Sundar, the 17-year old making his T20 debut today, is the third-youngest player to play the IPL

Plodding along


No. of balls Shikhar Dhawan and David Warner took to put on 55 runs - the slowest half-century stand in this IPL

The rocket runs out of fuel


No. of balls David Warner took to make 43, his slowest innings of 30 balls or more batting first in an IPL match in India

Who are you backing?


Only twice has a team chased down a target of 177 or more against Sunrisers in the IPL

Smashing it in his first season


Rahul Tripathi's strike-rate as an opener before today, putting him among the five quickest openers to face at least 15 balls in IPL 2017