20 | 6 Runs 2 Wkts | KXIP: 181/9 (27 runs required, RR: 9.05)

  • Ishant Sharma5 (2b)
  • Ashish Nehra4-0-42-3
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-27-2

11.30pm Martin Guptill teed off at the start of the chase. Shaun Marsh teed off at the back end. Bhuvneshwar - Sunrisers' gun bowler - dismissed both with knuckle balls to seal it for his side. In between Rashid Khan was just as brilliant with his googlies and fast legbreaks. The win, though, was set up fifties from the top three: Dhawan, Warner, and Williamson. Sunrisers stay third with their fifth win of the season. Kings XI slip from fifth to sixth with their fifth loss of the season.

"It was chaseable. We were sloppy with the ball and in the field. We bowled either side of the wicket," Maxwell says. "There were a few soft dismissals in isolation. If you put together it looks bad. Marsh was absolute class; he was striking the ball beautifully. He has done it for Kings XI for 10 seasons. It is a quick turnaround for us. At least we will be at home and turn up next game."

"Look we had to come out with a positive mindset," Warner says. "The wicket played fantastic. Fantastic knock from Marsh. This venue is quite hard under lights; a few basic drops. Shikhar wanted to play his natural game, it was the Shikhar we all know. Kane is a fantastic player. The way he comes in and plays so freely and so elegantly is great for the team. We tried a few change-ups, it was quite dewy, credit to Sos [Marsh]."

"It is a big league and big stage; just tying my best to learn from them [the seniors and the coaching staff]," Rashid, the Man of the Match, says. Murali has been superb for me and helping me with his experience. The confidence and the motivation comes from the coach and skipper. I want to dedicate this award to my family and my brother Jalil.

Sravan PVSR: "3rd time, a KXIP batsman came close to a century in a losing cause. Amla last year, Vohra earlier and Marsh today. Unlucky."

Shreyanshu : "That boundary from Ishant was his first in IPL. #smallcomforts"

sandip: "The other good thing about SRH is, their net Run rate is better than MI. "

That's all we have for you from this match. Thanks for tuning in. Do come back for the double-header tomorrow. Until then, goodbye and good night

Nehra to Anureet Singh, OUT, full-toss outside off, Anureet clears his front leg swings it straight down the throat of Williamson at long-off. That is that. Sunrisers secure their first away win of the season

Anureet Singh c Williamson b Nehra 15 (23m 12b 2x4 0x6) SR: 125.00

Nehra to I Sharma, 1 run, length ball on off, backs away outside leg, and toe-ends a slog to long-on
Nehra to I Sharma, FOUR runs, Nehra cramps Ishant with a short ball on the leg stump, Ishant looks away, pulls, and edges it past the keeper
Nehra to Anureet Singh, 1 run, yorker on off, or a near yorker, jammed down to long-off
Nehra to MM Sharma, OUT, The ball keeps following Hooda. Full and outside off, Mohit again stays leg side of the ball and ends up skewing it in the air - he was probably going over cover - to deep point

MM Sharma c Hooda b Nehra 2 (7m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Nehra to MM Sharma, no run, back of a length and angling across off, Mohit looks to clatter it over midwicket. He is beaten in the end

Nehra to finish it off

19 | 8 Runs | KXIP: 175/7 (33 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 9.21, RRR: 33.00)

  • Mohit Sharma2 (2b)
  • Anureet Singh14 (10b)
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-27-2
  • Siddarth Kaul4-0-36-3
Kumar to MM Sharma, 1 run, Mohit comes down the track but is cramped for room. Drags it to deep midwicket
Kumar to Anureet Singh, 1 run, length ball on off, flat-batted down to long-off
Kumar to Anureet Singh, FOUR runs, Anureet darts around in the crease, this is slower and wider outside off, possibly a knuckle ball, sliced away in the air between short third man and backward point. Too little, too late for Kings
Kumar to MM Sharma, 1 run, Mohit stays leg side of the ball and guides it to point
Kumar to Anureet Singh, 1 run, nails an off-stump yorker, tinged with inswing, jammed down towards long-on
Kumar to Anureet Singh, no run, slower ball outside off, the batsman swings early and does not make contact

Bhuvneshwar to bowl the 19th

18 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | KXIP: 167/7 (41 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 9.27, RRR: 20.50)

  • Anureet Singh8 (6b)
  • Mohit Sharma0 (0b)
  • Siddarth Kaul4-0-36-3
  • Ashish Nehra3-0-36-1
Kaul to Anureet Singh, 1 run, The batsman backs away outside leg, Anureet follows him. Back of a length, pushed through the covers

SherlockHolmes: "Rashid Khan!! Take a bow! What a performer.. when everyone is going above 9 rpo, he bowls his full quota for 16 with a wicket in his kitty! GameChanger!! ""Remember the name""" --- Bhuvneshwar and Maxwell were pretty good too with the ball

Kaul to Anureet Singh, FOUR runs, Kaul errs in length. Full-toss, just below the waist on middle, Anureet wallops it over midwicket for a four

Mohit is the new batsman

Kaul to Patel, OUT, slower ball outside off, 114ks, Axar slogs at it but ends up skying it straighter to the left of long-off. Warner settles under it

AR Patel c Warner b Kaul 16 (19m 9b 2x4 0x6) SR: 177.77

Kaul to Anureet Singh, 1 run, Anureet moves away outside leg. Kaul digs it short and outside off, flat-batted down the ground
Kaul to Patel, 1 run, short and outside off, dragged away to deep midwicket
Kaul to Patel, 2 runs, back of a length and outside off, Axar swings at it and skies it.... Williamson tears in from long-on, dives forward for a one-handed catch, but the ball evades him

Kaul. Over the wicket

17 | 12 Runs | KXIP: 158/6 (50 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 9.29, RRR: 16.66)

  • Axar Patel13 (6b)
  • Anureet Singh2 (3b)
  • Ashish Nehra3-0-36-1
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar3-0-19-2
Nehra to Patel, 1 run, dug short and outside off, Axar splices a pull to deep midwicket
Nehra to Patel, 2 runs, back of a length and angled into the thigh, punched to wide long-on for a couple
Nehra to Patel, FOUR runs, Nehra goes full and wide outside off again. He is taken to the boundary again. He reaches out and smacks it through extra cover

Kings XI 2nd innings Partnerships

1st26MJ GuptillM Vohra
2nd11SE MarshM Vohra
3rd5SE MarshGJ Maxwell
4th73SE MarshEJG Morgan
5th23SE MarshWP Saha
6th6SE MarshAR Patel
7th18Anureet SinghAR Patel
8th13Anureet SinghMM Sharma
9th6I SharmaAnureet Singh