Player of the Match
Player of the Match

11.45pm: Daredevils stay alive in the tournament - they now have six points with five matches still to play. Sunrisers remain third, and Rising Pune Supergiant have a chance to leapfrog them if they can beat Kolkata Knight Riders tomorrow. The league stage is building up to an exciting finish - do join us while we keep bringing you every ball. Until next time, it's goodbye and good night from the ESPNcricinfo crew. Mohammed Shami, the man of the match: "I'm playing after a long time, and this performance will lift my confidence levels. In the T20 format, you don't think about runs as a bowler. We just wanted to use the new ball well, not give too much pace, so it would be good for us to mix up our pace. I had different plans for each batsman - whether the batsman moves around or stays still, I stick to my plan, and the rest of it comes down to luck."

Karun Nair: "I think the bowlers gave it their all, and if we had caught that catch they wouldn't have got that far. We told ourselves, we are a young team, and we should play like a young team. Go out there, play without fear. Bit disappointed to get out after getting a start, but glad to get some runs finally and hoping to kick on from here."

David Warner: "It's been a little bogey, playing away. The wicket sort of held up a little bit, early on, and we thought 186 was a tough target. They played really well to win it, unreal. The slower balls were holding up a little, and we didn't want to be too predictable, but we maybe bowled too many quicker balls today."

Easwar: "Bowling summary for the match - Regular spinners 73 runs off 12 overs. Rest of the bowlers 301 runs off 28 overs!!! WOW! SRH definitely missed a trick picking Hooda."

Mayur: "Its a good time to loose for Sunrisers... They will now assess the importance of that extra bowler, which will prove crucial for playoffs..."

11.26pm A clinical win for Daredevils, with each of their six batsmen getting among the runs. The kind of win that showed what their young, Indian top order is capable of on its day. They've not been able to do it with any consistency so far, but some encouraging signs for the rest of the tournament. Sunrisers' bowlers had an off-day today, and they really missed a sixth bowler. They've only won one game away from home so far.

Henriques to Anderson, FOUR runs, length ball on off stump and Anderson smashes it for four. Backs away from leg stump to make room and just flat-bats it past the non-striker and to the left of mid-off. Seals a confident run-chase from Daredevils

That leaves just one run to get. Henriques will bowl the last over. Only long-on and deep midwicket on the boundary. Everyone else inside the circle.

rssampat: "How ironical is it that Yuvi & Henriques put on 93 runs in 50 balls to put SRH in the driver's seat and lost the game tonight for SRH by giving away 48 runs off 18 balls?"

19 | 11 Runs | DC: 185/4 (1 run required from 6 balls, RR: 9.73, RRR: 1.00)

  • Corey Anderson37 (23b)
  • Chris Morris15 (7b)
  • Siddarth Kaul4-0-38-1
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-33-1
Kaul to Anderson, 1 run, full outside off, flat-batted to long-off
Kaul to Morris, 1 run, lbw appeal as Morris plays across a full, straight one. A bit of an inside edge onto pad as he looked to flick it, and it rolled away into the midwicket region
Kaul to Morris, SIX runs, short outside off, and Morris is in position extremely quickly for the front-foot pull, clears the boundary between deep midwicket and long-on
Kaul to Anderson, 1 run, full on off stump, driven to long-off

Around the wicket now, to Corey.

Kaul to Morris, 1 run, shortish outside off, stabbed away towards point

Hooda coming in for Bipul proving a bit of a game-changer here. Sunrisers have really missed that extra bowler.

Kaul to Anderson, 1 run, back of a length angling away from off stump, swipes across it and it bounces up towards the bowler, who leaps up and gets a hand to it to deflect it into the mid-on region

18 | 12 Runs | DC: 174/4 (12 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 9.66, RRR: 6.00)

  • Corey Anderson34 (20b)
  • Chris Morris7 (4b)
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-33-1
  • Mohammed Siraj4-0-41-2
Kumar to Anderson, 1 run, low full-toss on off stump, punched down to long-off
Kumar to Anderson, SIX runs, full outside off, not full enough to deny Anderson elevation, and just wide enough to give him a lot of swinging room. Clears his front leg and just clatters that over long-on

Bhuvneshwar's towel falls off his waistband in his run-up, and the distracted Anderson pulls away from his stance, forcing the bowler to run through without delivering.

Kumar to Anderson, no run, back of a length and wide of off, slower ball, Anderson slashes and misses
Kumar to Anderson, FOUR runs, this time the yorker is right at Anderson's feet, and Bhuvneshwar is unuckly to give away four. Looks to get his front leg out of the way and jams his bat down desperately, ends up getting an inside edge that races between his feet to the fine-leg boundary
Kumar to Anderson, no run, yorker angling away from Anderson's off stump, looks for that squeeze towards third man, can't put bat to ball
Kumar to Morris, 1 run, full on middle and leg, clipped to deep backward square leg

Delhi are cruising now. Just 24 needed from 18.

Darshan: "Very hard to choose between Bumrah and Bhuvi as the best Indian bowler in the short versions of the game! "

17 | 14 Runs | DC: 162/4 (24 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 9.52, RRR: 8.00)

  • Chris Morris6 (3b)
  • Corey Anderson23 (15b)
  • Mohammed Siraj4-0-41-2
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar3-0-21-1
Mohammed Siraj to Morris, 1 run, full on middle and leg, clipped towards deep midwicket
Mohammed Siraj to Morris, FOUR runs, short slower ball, climbs to chest height, and Morris picks the length so quickly, goes back and across for the orthodox pull and he finds the gap between deep midwicket and deep backward square leg
Mohammed Siraj to Anderson, 1 run, another slower ball, short this time, pulled to deep square leg
Mohammed Siraj to Anderson, SIX runs, slower ball outside leg. That line was to counter Anderson looking to make himself room. On this occasion Anderson spotted it early and just whipped it over the square leg boundary

Daredevils 2nd innings Partnerships

1st40KK NairSV Samson
2nd32KK NairRR Pant
3rd37SS IyerRR Pant
4th39CJ AndersonSS Iyer
5th41CJ AndersonCH Morris