42nd match (N), Delhi, May 4 2017, Indian Premier League
(17.3/20 ov, target 209)
Daredevils won by 7 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
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end of over 189 runs
DC: 214/3CRR: 12.22 
Corey Anderson18 (12)
Shreyas Iyer14 (8)
James Faulkner2.3-0-35-0
Basil Thampi4-0-40-1

11.37pm An epic chase. That word may be thrown around quite a bit, but this was. It is the second-highest successful chase in the IPL. Led by Pant and Samson's sensational stand, Daredevils have kept their playoffs chances alive. Lions chances have been dimmed, if not put out, by this result. They are indeed all but out. Pant gets hugs from most of his team-mates, he produced a display of clean hitting that showed to the world he can hit the ball pretty sweetly. Samson wasn't too far behind. Daredevils have aced such a stiff chase that this will give them so much confidence for the rest of the season. I've not seen such a touch chase, in terms of runs needed, made with so much ease.

Karun Nair: "Amazing performance, one of the best partnerships I've ever seen. You can't have a plan when you're chasing that much, just have to go from ball 1. We spoke about playing with freedom and not worrying about the fear of failure. The fear of getting out goes out the way, you then just watch and hit the ball."

Rishabh Pant: "We always thought if we get a bad ball, we'll utilise it. If we get three good balls, we'll go for sixes."

Suresh Raina, who hasn't made the knockouts for the first time in his IPL career: "Pant day, he batted very well. Important to bowl dot balls, we tried everything, slower balls, the ball was reversing but that time, the game was over., 206 was dependable. We didn't bowl really well. We don't have that experience with the old ball. Tye has done well, Bravo isn't there. They're the future of the Indian team. We were 20-runs short."

Faulkner to Anderson, SIX runs
and sealed with a six. A full delivery and straight, Anderson gets underneath that and sends it soaring over long-on
Faulkner to Anderson, 1 wide
slow down leg, wide called
Faulkner to Iyer, 1 leg bye
full on the pads, off it to short fine leg for a single
Faulkner to Anderson, 1 leg bye
full down leg, off the pad to square leg for a leg bye

Faulkner. Daredevils need 4 off three overs. The most one-sided T20 chase I've ever seen.

end of over 1716 runs
DC: 205/3CRR: 12.05 • RRR: 1.33 • Need 4 runs from 18b
Shreyas Iyer14 (7)
Corey Anderson12 (10)
Basil Thampi4-0-40-1
Pradeep Sangwan4-0-43-1
Basil Thampi to Iyer, SIX runs
another six. Full and straight, looking for the stumps - lbw or bowled - but Iyer gets across and flicks the ball merrily over deep square leg for six
Basil Thampi to Anderson, 1 run
short and wide, slapped down to long-off for a run
Basil Thampi to Anderson, 1 wide
drifts down leg for a wide
Basil Thampi to Anderson, SIX runs
another six. Full and straight, Anderson gets underneath the length and lifts the ball easily over backward square leg for six. All power. Hardly got enough on that

Raj: "Between 3rd and 14th overs there was 16 sixes in 12 overs by 2 batsmen. Could be IPL record?"

Basil Thampi to Iyer, 1 run
full, straight, tailing back in. Worked past square leg

NmN: "Someone said earlier Delhi needs 5 30s and one 50 from their top 6. DDs reply- Duh, who needs top 6."

Basil Thampi to Iyer, no run
shortish delivery outside off, Iyer can't connect with his attempted ramp over third man