20 | 17 Runs 1 Wkt | RPS: 161/7 (8 runs required, RR: 8.05)

  • Washington Sundar5 (3b)
  • Pat Cummins4-0-31-1
  • Mohammed Shami4-0-37-2

11.44pm Another cracker of a game. Rising Pune have been undone by the vagaries of T20 cricket and some excellent, clinical bowling performances from Delhi's bowlers. Chasing 168, Rising Pune were cruising along, controlling the game and pushing singles. The mistake, I feel, they made was stay par with the target they needed. From there, a mistake can push you below par, but if you get ahead of the asking rate, an error will only bring you back to par. That's how these relatively comfortable chases are lost. But all credit to Daredevils to stick to their plans and more importantly, execute. They are finishing strong. This result means the final weekend of the regular season is another cracker in IPL 2017. Four teams in contention for three spots.


Karun Nair, Man of the Match: "After we lost the two wickets, I had to play the whole 20 overs. The wicket was stopping a bit. Four of us at the top of the order are all the same age."

Zaheer Khan: "Important to keep winning, put up a good show. This was a different kind of wicket, we were aiming for 170. 180-190 would be a bonus. We always knew spinners will be in play. We've always been in the game, the schedule in a way should have worked in our favour. The length which I hit was perfect, Rahane committed to the stroke."

Steven Smith: "We probably let a few too many runs in the field. 160 was par. Losing wickets at important times. Take it a game at a time at the moment. You get down to the crunch time, you have to win some games. Every game is a final. We played some pretty good cricket, you can't win every game."

Cummins to Tiwary, OUT, Cummins holds his nerve. Tiwary's spirited fight ends. A slower, straight delivery, wary of bowling wide either side. The ball goes through Tiwary's wild swing and knocks over middle stump. Daredevils have done what they've always liked to do, defend a target with their bowling.

MK Tiwary b Cummins 60 (81m 45b 5x4 3x6) SR: 133.33

8 off 1

Cummins to Tiwary, 4 leg byes, it's full, it's quick. It's accurate. A yorker down leg, beats Tiwary for pace. It ricochets to Pant's right off the pad. That's four but it ain't enough
Cummins to Tiwary, no run, 148 kph, five feet either side of the fielder and Pune are favourites. A low full toss on off, swept to short fine leg. Straight to the fielder
Cummins to Tiwary, no run, a low full toss on leg, Tiwary can't quite get underneath that. Goes towards long-on, but Tiwary refuses the single. Absolutely the right decision
Cummins to Tiwary, 1 wide, 146 kph, that was almost five. A wide wide yorker down leg. Looking to follow Tiwary, but Tiwary never moves. pant dives to his left to save four
Cummins to Tiwary, SIX runs, talking about boundary-scoring options. He knows exactly what he's doing. A full delivery outside off, Tiwary lofts the ball over cover for six. the timing is sensational. Sublime thinking cricket

Pune won't mind taking back the first ball Stokes left

Cummins to Tiwary, SIX runs, huge. He's waiting for that. So predictable. A short delivery on leg, sits up and Tiwary pulls over square leg

25 off 6. Tiwary on strike. A couple of boundaries change the momentum.

19 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | RPS: 144/6 (25 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.57, RRR: 25.00)

  • Washington Sundar5 (3b)
  • Manoj Tiwary48 (39b)
  • Mohammed Shami4-0-37-2
  • Pat Cummins3-0-18-0
Mohammed Shami to Washington Sundar, 2 runs, good delivery. A slower delivery on a length. Sundar punches a push wide of cover for a couple.
Mohammed Shami to Washington Sundar, 2 runs, a full toss on middle, 143 kph. Pushed to long-on. Can't get enough behind that
Mohammed Shami to Tiwary, 1 run, looks for the mow over midwicket. But can only slap a pull to long-on. great bowling. it's fuller than a good length. Tiwary can't do much

Tiwary has to take control of the game. He needs boundary-scoring options. back himself

Mohammed Shami to Washington Sundar, 1 run, a full toss on off, pushed to cover
Mohammed Shami to Christian, OUT, and gone. Rising Pune are imploding. Full delivery on off, was that the slower ball? No, full, straight on off. Christian looks for a sweep but misses the scoop. That was plumb. Christian thought he got outside the line, but he didn't. Good decision under pressure umpire Nandan. Good option, flawed execution

DT Christian lbw b Mohammed Shami 3 (2m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Mohammed Shami to Christian, 2 runs, great bowling. Nails the yorker on leg, pushed to long-on. Tiwary hustles back for two. Out with a direct hit at the bowler's end but that's worth the risk.

KP: "This could well be the difference between RPS qualifying for playoffs and not." Such fine margins in this format

18 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | RPS: 136/5 (33 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.55, RRR: 16.50)

  • Manoj Tiwary47 (38b)
  • Daniel Christian1 (1b)
  • Pat Cummins3-0-18-0
  • Corey Anderson1-0-4-0
Cummins to Tiwary, no run, and again. A short slow ball down leg. Tiwary misses a pull. Not sure that's great bowling but it's worked. What do I know?
Cummins to Christian, 1 run, another short slow ball down leg, played down to fine leg. That length is good, that line is asking for trouble
Cummins to Tiwary, 1 run, short delivery on middle, pulled to deep square leg
Cummins to Dhoni, OUT, is he gone? That's a direct hit from Shami. A short slower ball down leg, he labours the first half of the run. he wasn't aware that the throw is going to come at his end, he wasn't aware that the fielder was so close to the ball. Shami doesn't care what Dhoni thinks. He picks up and hits the stumps at the bowler's end. Dhoni can't make it even with a dive. What a game changer that. Dhoni a few inches short, not often we see that

MS Dhoni run out (Mohammed Shami) 5 (10m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Cummins to Dhoni, 2 runs, wow, what a shot. Short delivery on middle, he plays a swivel flick in which both his feet are at the same length on the pitch. That allowed him to flick his wrists to get it behind square for a couple. Made a run

Mark: "Whether reverse cupped or normal cupped, it could be argued that technique is paramount. I don't think Virender Sehwag ever took a catch in life reverse cupped, and he took catches like he was picking apples :-)"

Cummins to Tiwary, 1 run, a short, slow delivery down leg, Tiwary finds short fine leg. ooh, lucky for Cummins

M Sheikha: "Whatever is the outcome....matches involving DD have been quiet interesting ! They surprise like no other teams do."

17 | 5 Runs | RPS: 131/4 (38 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.70, RRR: 12.66)

  • MS Dhoni3 (3b)
  • Manoj Tiwary45 (35b)
  • Corey Anderson1-0-4-0
  • Mohammed Shami3-0-29-1
Anderson to Dhoni, 2 runs, full and wide outside off, driven with bad timing to wide long-off for a couple. great awareness from Tiwary, knows there is enough time to come back for two, and is always looking for it
Anderson to Dhoni, no run, amazing execution. The best place to bowl to Dhoni early in his innings? A wide yorker outside off goes underneath the bat
Anderson to Tiwary, 1 leg bye, full and wide outside off, Tiwary misses a sweep. Struck on the pad, well outside the line

Dhoni's Strike Rate for the first 10 balls he's faced this IPL - 88.03. He's faced 20+ balls only four times before this innings. Strike Rate only marginally better - 101.25.

Anderson to Dhoni, 1 run, short delivery on middle, pulled to deep square leg

Decibel level goes up. Chants begin to abound. Not sure why. Anyway. Dhoni to face his first ball :p

Anderson to Tiwary, 1 run, another slower ball on leg, pushed to long-on
Anderson to Tiwary, no run, nice slower ball from Anderson outside off, carved to point

The asking rate has gone over 10. It's Dhoni territory. A challenge. He wouldn't have it any other way.

Supergiant 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0AM RahaneRA Tripathi
2nd36SPD SmithRA Tripathi
3rd38MK TiwarySPD Smith
4th51MK TiwaryBA Stokes
5th9MS DhoniMK Tiwary
6th4DT ChristianMK Tiwary
7th23MK TiwaryWashington Sundar