7.21pm Gujarat Lions dominated the game for one quarter. 25%. Sunrisers won three-fourths of the game and have cruised past the Lions to move to the playoffs. The chase didn't begin as well as Sunrisers would have liked. But Warner, with Vijay Shankar's able company, shepherded a tricky chase in relatively easy fashion. Lions haven't bowled well all season, and today was no exception.


Mohammad Siraj is the Man of the Match: In a pressure match, I got the Man of the Match. Wicket was slow, that's why had to take pace off the ball. Bhuvi bhai tells me what to bowl."

David Warner: 'Would have been (a shame if Sunrisers didn't make it). They got a flier, I was scratching my head there for a second. When we got wickets back to back, it showed the wicket was slowing a bit. Credit to the bowlers, Siraj, the way they brought it back was fantastic. Some fantastic bowling units around in the country. Shows what talent you have here, especially in the T20s and ODIs. Get a little bit of luck, trying to bat with each other. A bit of pressure on us to make that top four. 100%, but we knew two quick wickets. It's about not worrying about the next couple of games, take each game as it comes. Keep backing our skills."

Suresh Raina: "We don't have those good experienced bowled, credit to other teams who executed their plans really well. This year was a learning point. Thanks to all the Gujarat fans, Kanpur has always been good for us. Disappointing season. The groundstaff work so hard in the heat. We didn't bat well."

Ankit Soni to Warner, FOUR runs, 86 kph, lovely finish. Flight on middle, Warner gets underneath the length and lifts the ball right over the bowler for four. That means Sunrisers move to the next stage of the IPL, they've qualified for the playoffs. A fist-pump from Warner.

The previous highest total without a six was RPS' 153 v KXIP last year

Sangwan to Shankar, FOUR runs, is that the first six of the innings? Is that the match? A short delivery outside off, Shankar pulls and finds the gap. The ball bounces a few inches in front of the boundary. Still no six
Sangwan to Shankar, FOUR runs, wow. Saw midwicket was more towards square leg so put the ball where midwicket should have been. Flicked his wrists, dragged that stroke into the gap. Awesome

There's 600 IPL runs for Warner this season. His consistency has been astounding

Sunrisers 2nd innings Partnerships

1st20S DhawanDA Warner
2nd5MC HenriquesDA Warner
3rd133DA WarnerV Shankar