Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's a wrap of this game. Thanks for reading. Goodbye and good night from myself and Alex. Cheers

Pant: Always happy whenever I take the team home. Last time I could not finish it, so this time I wanted to finish it. The pitch is always turning at Kotla, I just took the game deep. Firstly, we thought about doing within 10 overs [and go ahead of CSK], but then after wickets we just milked it around. Sometimes, you need to change your game according to this situation and that's what I did today.

7.20pm Cheers, Alex. Here's Rahane: We had our moments from the first game, but could not capitalise. Some of the guys are playing their third or fourth game, so it's tough on them. Really happy with Parag - the way he handled pressure and showed his character. Gopal continued his form from last year and he's a magnificent legspinner who always thinks about wickets. We knew 150 would have been difficult, but we did not bat according to the plan. The spinners - Ish was fantastic - KG bowled well. My season was good, batting-wise. As a captain, it's a different role.

Delhi win by five wickets with 23 balls to spare. Rajasthan's season is over. Brilliant knock by Pant to finish off the great work his bowlers did to restrict the Royals to just 115. Deivarayan will step in for the post-game presentation.

Sodhi to Pant, SIX runs, he smashes this short ball into the crowd over wide long on! Pant brings up the win and a half-century in style! Brilliant innings. It was a drag down and he sat back and clubbed it to ice the game.

One run to win. Sodhi to bowl.

Gopal to Pant, SIX runs, thumped over long on! A leg break tossed up in his arc, he swung hard, smearing it over long on into the crowd!

Time out was taken

Gopal to Rutherford, OUT, caught by Livingstone running in from long on! Great comeback from Gopal. He tossed up the googly, Rutherford ran down the track, tried to launch down the ground, got under it and hit a towering sky ball to long on, Livingstone ran in, sat under it forever but took the catch well.

SE Rutherford c Livingstone b Gopal 11 (11m 6b 0x4 1x6) SR: 183.33

Gopal to Rutherford, SIX runs, Pulled over deep square leg and it just clears Parag on the rope! Short drag down, it said 'hit me', he hammered it flat over square leg, Parag jumped up on the rope but it just carried over him!

Gopal back

Aaron to Pant, FOUR runs, short and wide and he slices this over backward point! Too wide, Pant threw his hands through the line at speed and it sailed over the fielder in the ring, one bounce four.
Aaron to Pant, SIX runs, hooked over short fine! Clever shot. It was a short slower ball, he steps inside the line and helped it on it's way over short fine and it carried all the way! Brilliant batting
Sodhi to Ingram, OUT, caught off the glove trying to sweep! Sodhi does it again. He's down to sweep from off the stumps, it catches the glove and pops up, Rahane runs from slip behind the keeper to complete the catch.

CA Ingram c Rahane b Sodhi 12 (24m 23b 0x4 0x6) SR: 52.17

Gopal to Iyer, OUT, caught at long on! He didn't get this one. It was full in the slot, just like the two he hit off Sodhi, he miscues this, dragging it flat towards long on, Livingstone waits and takes the catch easily.

SS Iyer c Livingstone b Gopal 15 (22m 9b 0x4 2x6) SR: 166.66

Parag to Pant, SIX runs, heaves this over midwicket again! He didn't middle this. It was a drag down, he heaved it high over midwicket, he was worried it may not carry but it went all the way
Parag to Pant, SIX runs, slog sweep over midwicket! This was in the slot, he was down on one knee and smoking this flat over midwicket

Powerplay done. 2 for 46. Time out taken. Benji: "Wow...from a double wicket a 17 run over!!!"

Sodhi to Pant, FOUR runs, shorter and he's back and in a flash and punching this past cover! Lovely shot. Quick feet to create the room and place it past cover with outstanding timing
Sodhi to Iyer, SIX runs, And again! Even better and further over long off! Again very full and he just takes one step forward and lofts this through the line superbly.
Sodhi to Iyer, SIX runs, lofted magnificently to the sightscreen! This was tossed up in the slot, a step hit for Iyer, and he swung through the line and middled it
Sodhi to Shaw, OUT, Chopped on! Two in two! Game on! Shorter length outside off, he went back to cut, it didn't turn as much as expected and held up, he gets a thick inside edge and drags it onto the stumps. Wow. Big moment in the match.

PP Shaw b Sodhi 8 (19m 8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

No Pant yet. Shreyas Iyer in. They crossed though

Sodhi to Dhawan, OUT, caught by Parag running back from mid on! Brilliant catch! Leg break first up, Dhawan skips down to loft down the ground, he gets under it, Parag runs back from inside the circle and takes a superb catch on the run. He is having a great match.

S Dhawan c Parag b Sodhi 16 (17m 12b 2x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

Ish Sodhi

Thomas to Shaw, FOUR runs, too straight and he glances this fine for four! Too easy for Shaw, he just tucked it away neatly
Thomas to Dhawan, FOUR runs, magnificent cover drive on the up! Glorious stroke. World class. Inside out cover drive on the up, picking the gap with ease
Thomas to Dhawan, FOUR runs, short and wide and cut in the air over backward point! This was thrashed by Dhawan! Just flung his at the width and length offered

Oshane Thomas

Aaron to Dhawan, 4 leg byes, full down leg, it comes off pad and runs fine for four leg byes! Too straight from Aaron

Slip comes out

Capitals 2nd innings Partnerships

1st28S DhawanPP Shaw
2nd0SS IyerPP Shaw
3rd33SS IyerRR Pant
4th22CA IngramRR Pant
5th23SE RutherfordRR Pant
6th15AR PatelRR Pant