Paul to Rayudu, FOUR runs, short, wide, Rayudu gets on his toes and slaps it away to the backward point boundary
Paul to Rayudu, FOUR runs, back of a length, angling down leg, and you can't keep bowling that line. Rayudu tickles it away nice and fine, and fine leg is once again too fine to be able to stop this
Boult to Dhoni, FOUR runs, short, down the leg side, and Dhoni helps it off his hip to the fine leg boundary. Fine leg was way too square to even think of stopping this
Patel to Rayudu, FOUR runs, shot. Down the track, moving away from leg stump, and he gets into the perfect spot against this flighted ball to loft it inside-out over extra-cover
Paul to Watson, SIX runs, slower ball, full on off stump, and Watson miscues it for six to bring up his fifty. A little unfair on bowlers, this game can be. Watson went for the big hit over long-on, I think, and he ended up slicing underneath the ball and sending it hiiiiigh over long-off, but he's also managed to put enough into the shot for it to carry all the way
Paul to Watson, SIX runs, slower length ball wide of off stump, and Watson gets a big stride out and fetches a slog-sweep all the way over the wide long-on boundary
Paul to Watson, FOUR runs, short again, this time it sits up outside off and Watson pulls it over midwicket, into the wide open spaces at that boundary
Paul to Watson, SIX runs, shortish, angling down leg, and Watson just dismisses it from his presence, a whip off his hips that carries all the way over the backward square leg boundary
Patel to Watson, SIX runs, slammed into the stands! Axar spears another one in at the pads, but Watson meets it with a huge slog sweep and connects well
Mishra to Watson, FOUR runs, lapped down to fine leg! The boundary down there was left open, and Watson bent low to fetch this from off stump and paddle it very fine
Paul to du Plessis, FOUR runs, this one keeps low! Faf lunged down at it as the ball crept through low, and just about got the bat there in time, bottom edging it past short third man. Munro hares after it, and slides into a dive at the boundary, parrying it back in. But is his foot in contact with the boundary as he does so? The TV umpire Shamshuddin checks out several replays and eventually decides that it's a boundary - and possibly a vital one. It was a very close call, and a tough one
Paul to Watson, FOUR runs, helped on its way! Paul bends his back to send this down at 138km/h, but it's a full toss outside leg and Watson just needs to put bat to ball to get his first boundary
Mishra to du Plessis, FOUR runs, swept fiercely! Faf has well and truly got his eye in now, and he bends low to get himself in the perfect position to swat a sweep out to deep square
Sharma to du Plessis, FOUR runs, three in a row! Length isn't working for Ishant. Faf waits deep, and it's just short enough that he can muscle a pull out to deep midwicket
Sharma to du Plessis, FOUR runs, past a diving short third man! Faf knew Ishant would correct his line, and makes room to attack the off side. He doesn't keep the shot down, though, and it's not far away from the diving fielder inside the ring. Once past him, it's four
Sharma to du Plessis, FOUR runs, whipped behind square! Faf is reading the length very quickly tonight, and now he's also gifted a helpful angle by Ishant, helping the ball on its way down the leg side
Patel to du Plessis, SIX runs, moosed over extra! This is masterful from Faf, who backs away and powers the ball up and over the cover boundary
Patel to du Plessis, FOUR runs, slapped up and over extra cover! Faf favours that area, and once again he makes room to set the shot up
Boult to du Plessis, FOUR runs, slugged over the leg side! Faf read the length on this early, and was ready and waiting in position when the ball arrived, pulling hard and in the air off the front foot

Super Kings 2nd innings Partnerships

1st81SR WatsonF du Plessis
2nd28SR WatsonSK Raina
3rd18AT RayuduSK Raina
4th19MS DhoniAT Rayudu
5th5AT RayuduDJ Bravo