15th Match, Abu Dhabi, Oct 3 2020, Indian Premier League
(19.1/20 ov, target 155)
RCB won by 8 wickets
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Royal Challengers Bangalore
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6:06pm That's all over here, but head over to the other match: DC v KKR where Sidarth Monga is calling the game for you. The Capitals are batting first. See you soon!

Y Chahal: I'm enjoying a lot, because the grounds are bigger and I can flight more. When you come into bowl, when you get a wicket in the first over, it makes you confident. They take less chances and then I just vary the pace. I think Sanju's wicket was the most special one. First ball I got wicket and I knew the wicket was slow. These boundaries are good for spinners. I miss Chinnaswamy, but here you can bowl the googles and the wide ones, and on the leg side becuase the boundaries are bigger.

Yuzvendra Chahal is the Man of the Match.

Virat Kohli: Very important two points. The kind of game we had last time, it's very important to back that up. It was warm, but coming from Dubai, this felt better because of the breeze. It's a funny game, an amazing game and I was telling Jos that I love this game and hate it too; it's something you need to understand [bad form] but when the team's doing well, you get more time to apply yourself. This tournament can get away from you very quickly. When you start losing initially, the games start going quickly and suddenly you realise 8 games are gone and you don't have points. We need to keep up the momentum. There wasn't much to reveal [to Devdutt] and Io told Simon this guy's got serious talent - reach, and a great eye. And a left-hander, very clean shots You hardly feel he's taking risks, you get that feeling rarely at this level. Today he carried from 40 to 65 odd, so he's a smart guy and he understands the game well.

D Padikkal: It's a different feeling [batting with Kohli], I've watched him from home so much since I was young and to bat with him is an unreal feeling. He just kept pushing me. I was getting tired, cramping up, but he pushed me. He said I need to see the team through. That's how he bats and he was conveying that to me too. I'm just playing on the merit, watching as closely as I can and making a decision. It was hot, especially after fieldin for 20 overs it was difficult to bat. Not pinching myself anymore, maybe after the first innings I was, now it's just part of the job.

Steven Smith: We could have done a lot better. Didn't get enough runs on the board, it was a good wicket. We couldn't get a partnership together. Jofra bowled exceptionally, our leggies bowled well, but we didn't have enough on the board. Our top 3 should be doing the job a lot more. The last two games it's cost us. We bat quite deep, but our top 3 need to bat longer and get outselves into the innings. Lomror played nice under pressure and to get 155, we didn't look like getting that many; he played a mature innings. Just a few areas which we've to work on and we'll go back and look at those. It was very hot, you come back for a two and takes a bit longer to get your oxygen back.

DR7: "Tha hallmark of good run chase is when you never feel that the chasing team is running away with the match but by the time you realise, they'll be at the finishing mark. Smooth run chase, like an undercurrent stream."

Kapil Baldawa: "Master is back. Chase Master. It was a tricky chase mind you on a hot day with a par score on board. Virat has paced this beautifully.. I hope he also does this while batting first, especially against spin early"

TRock: "This is kind of inning Kohli needed to get back to groove. Hoping he continues his rocking form from here. "

Sarat: "RR shall seriously consider replacing T.Curran and Unadkat in their next game"

5:45pm That is their third win of the season and it puts them on top of the table ahead of today's second game. One of the few one-sided ends to a game this season, a no-fuss chase from RCB's top order which is....well, built perfectly for this kind of a range in a chase. The Royals were sloppy throughout this game, early on with the bat, and just not quite switched on in the field either. All their senior batsmen failed today and that left a shorted bowling line-up little chance once RCB got into the second half of their innings with wickets in hand.

Curran to de Villiers, FOUR runs
punched wide of mid-on and into the boundary. Full toss on leg stump, strong base, quick wrists
end of over 197 runs
RCB: 154/2CRR: 8.1 • RRR: 1.00 • Need 1 run from 6b
AB de Villiers8 (9)
Virat Kohli72 (53)
Jaydev Unadkat3-0-31-0
Tom Curran3-0-36-0

Benjie: "Right so a maiden here will lead to a Super Over!!!"

Unadkat to de Villiers, 1 run
full and in at middle stump, backs away and drives to long-on
Unadkat to Kohli, 1 run
slower short ball at middle, backs into the leg side for a laboured pull to deep midwicket
Unadkat to de Villiers, 1 run
slower ball, good length and at off stump. Punched to extra cover's left. Smith collects one-handed, throws at the non-striker's end and the man backing up fumbles it
Unadkat to de Villiers, no run
slower ball, good length on off stump. Pushed pitch side with the angle

Afroze: "This is where VK stands a class apart, when it comes to fitness. Having field and captained for 20 overs, coming into bat in the 3rd over, while everyone else is struggling to keep up with the heat, he is still sprinting for those TWOs.. Pure class!"

Unadkat to Kohli, 3 runs
falls short of long-off. Slower short ball outside off, looks to jab it to the extra cover boundary. Miscues and lobs it up for the diving fielder. Gopal does well to not let that pass him, but the half-volley is parried to his left and Kohli uses that to sneak a third
Unadkat to de Villiers, 1 run
good length and in at middle stump, turned towards square leg with soft hands
end of over 1816 runs
RCB: 147/2CRR: 8.16 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 8 runs from 12b
Virat Kohli68 (51)
AB de Villiers5 (5)
Tom Curran3-0-36-0
Shreyas Gopal4-0-27-1

A good sign that Kohli is feeling confident is that he's pacing himself to finish the chase in the 19th over. Unadkat will bowl this one. Around the wicket.

Curran to Kohli, FOUR runs
oh wow. Lovely placement. Slower ball, short and wide outside off. Fetches it with perfect timing to get the pace and beat fine leg to his left
Curran to Kohli, FOUR runs
slashed over short third. Slower ball, short and very wide. No attempt to be aesthetic there. Kohli chucks the hands with the intent to get it over the fielder. It is over him off the thick outside edge
Curran to Kohli, 2 runs
slower ball, good length and outside off. Shuffles and drops it into the leg side with soft hands
Curran to de Villiers, 1 run
carved over extra with little control. Full slower ball outside off, doesn't time the attempted loft

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Curran to Kohli, 1 run
full at middle, steps out and flicks to deep midwicket
Curran to Kohli, FOUR runs
punched past the bowler! Full ball at off stump, steps out to create some pace off the surface and then check-drives it firmly past the bowler's ankles
end of over 177 runs
RCB: 131/2CRR: 7.7 • RRR: 8.00 • Need 24 runs from 18b
AB de Villiers4 (4)
Virat Kohli53 (46)
Shreyas Gopal4-0-27-1
Jofra Archer4-0-18-1

Gopal's best spell in terms of numbers so far. Conceded only two fours. Now Tom Curran.

Gopal to de Villiers, 2 runs
googly, good length and in at middle stump. Deep in the crease to tuck this to long-on's right with soft hands
Gopal to Kohli, 1 run
short of a good length outside off, opens the face and dabs to short third's left
Gopal to de Villiers, 1 run
googly, short of a good length outside off. Punched to long-on off the back foot