24th Match, Abu Dhabi, Oct 10 2020, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 165)
KKR won by 2 runs
Player Of The Match
Kolkata Knight Riders
KXIP Innings
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end of over 2011 runs • 1 wicket
KXIP: 162/5CRR: 8.1 
Glenn Maxwell10 (5)
Chris Jordan0 (0)
Sunil Narine4-0-28-2
Prasidh Krishna4-0-29-3

Pooran and Narine sitting at the edge of the boundary. The victor and the vanquished having a chat. Pooran looks distraught. It was his shot that started the procession. It was off Narine, the champion T20 player. Pooran could become one one day. He has all the makings of it. Today, though, he ended up on the losing side. The games are coming thick and fast, and I will let you switch to the other one. This is all from me. Thanks for joining us

Dinesh Karthik, also the Man of the Match: "The way Rahul and Mayank batted, we thught we needed to so something really special to come back into the game. With Sunny and Varun there, and Prasidh bowling the way he has done in his first game... McCullum has been encouraging me to bat higher in the order, but I am looking at what the team needs. I have to give him credit for keeping me in this space. Whenever Russell gets injured, you know it is hard. He is a very special player, he is a very special person. We need to go and look at him. Prasidh is special. The way he came back and bowled in the second spell shows how good he is. Sunil Narine stands up for us a lot of time. He is calm. He is always looking to find the best way to contribute to the team. Not only Sunil, a lot of credit needs to be given to Morgan and McCullum. I am very lucky to have the world's best captain by results in my side."

Sunil Narine: "When the last ball went up in the air, I thought I was going to bowl full and wide, I bowled full and wide, but then I thought I had made a mistake. It is not ideal [for me to bowling at the death] but someone has to do that. I am used to doing it in the past. Inside the pulse is racing, but this calm is just how I am."

KL Rahul: "I have no answers. We just need to keep coming harder in the next seven games. We bowled really really well. This was a fresh strip so we didn't know what were good lines and lengths. And the bowlers adjusted really well. And they were brave at the death too. Don't think we were satisfied at any stage in the chase. You are satisfied only when you win the game. Towards the end, we kept losing wickets, and couldn't get us over the line."

And what of Kolkata. The value of hanging in. They lost Russell's bowling, they were down and out, the pitch improved visibly, but they kept hanging in. And when given a window, they barged through thanks to that champion T20 bowler, Sunil Narine. The heart he had to hang those offbreaks in the air. What a bowler

The sorcerers of Kolkata do it again. With a little help from KL Rahul and KXIP leadership. Questions will again be asked of Rahul's effort. He was cautious presumably because of a brittle middle order, but was he too cautious? And Pooran's shot the first time he faced Narine. And Prabhsimran's promotion ahead of Maxwell and a subsequent 7-ball 4

SidB: "I can't believe Kumble isn't sitting KL down and asking him to stop with this nonsense of playing at a SR of 120 and bat through the innings, especially when you have players like Pooran and Maxi waiting in the wings and cooling their heels. KL needs to realise that leadership isn't only about taking responsibility yourself but empowering others as well"

Narine to Maxwell, FOUR runs
oh KKR win this by the barest of margins. Narine goes for the safe quick ball, wide outside off. Maxwell gets a play on the short boundary, but his body has fallen away so he doesn't get all of this. It goes high in the air over cover, and lands inches short of the boundary. Umpire Gaffaney's eye is sharp. He rules it four on the field. The replays confirm it. He has yorked the cover boundary

Right. Maxwell on strike. Needs to hit a six to take this into the Super Over. Will he look to switch-hit? Long chat between Narine and Morgan. Jordan is the new man in, but it doesn't matter. He is not on strike. Maxwell has got rid of his helmet

Narine to Mandeep Singh, OUT
he goes for a six into the big side of the ground. Clever bowling from Narine. KKR are favourites now. He has holed out. Gets too much under this front-of-the-hand delivery. Taken at deep midwicket
Mandeep Singh c sub (CJ Green) b Narine 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Mandeep on strike. What does he do?

Narine to Maxwell, 1 leg bye
oh really slow offbreak again. Maxwell slogs again. Beaten again. This is some brave bowling. APpeal for lbw, not given out. They review it. This is turning down the leg side for mine. Yes it is missing. They get a leg-bye
Narine to Maxwell, FOUR runs
Maxwell keeps KXIP in it. He switches his stance, to play almost a pull shot over extra cover. This is some shot. Targets the short boundary
Narine to Maxwell, no run
brave bowling. Really slow in the air, an offbreak, middle and leg, beats the Maxwell slog. Valuable dot
Narine to Maxwell, 2 runs
quick length ball, Maxwell makes room and swings, this goes off the toe end. The mis-hit means they have time to come back for two

What sorcery is this? Are KKR going to pull another out of the hat? Mandeep Singh and Maxwell in the middle. Neither has faced a delivery yet. They need to score 14 off the last over. Narine is to bowl it

end of over 196 runs • 2 wicket
KXIP: 151/4CRR: 7.94 • RRR: 14.00 • Need 14 runs from 6b
Glenn Maxwell0 (0)
Prasidh Krishna4-0-29-3
Sunil Narine3-0-18-1
Prasidh Krishna to Rahul, OUT
bowled'im. This is what happens when you leave yourself too much to do. Suddenly 74 off 58 doesn't look like a great effort after all. Full toss outside off, Rahul looks for the boundary into the leg side, and gets a big inside edge onto his wicket
KL Rahul b Prasidh Krishna 74 (58b 6x4 0x6) SR: 127.58
Prasidh Krishna to Rahul, 2 runs
full and wide, hit straight to deep point, and Nagarkoti allows them a second. KKR won't be happy with that

Glenn Maxwell is the new man in. Under immense pressure. Rahul under pressure. KKR are alive. You;d think Rahul needs a boundary off this and a single off the next ball

Prasidh Krishna to Prabhsimran Singh, OUT
sharp offcutter bouncer. Singh is cramped as he looks to back away. Ends up trying to play an upper-cut but gets no power behind it because it has got big on him. Rana runs back from point to take the catch
Prabhsimran Singh c Rana b Prasidh Krishna 4 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 57.14

Don't discount a tie here. KXIP have already had one

Prasidh Krishna to Rahul, 1 run
short of a length, quick, no room, steered to third man for one

What does Rahul do now? Mid-off goes back, fine leg comes up

Prasidh Krishna to Prabhsimran Singh, 1 run
yorker, outside off, third man is fine enough to keep this cue-end in check
Prasidh Krishna to Prabhsimran Singh, 2 runs
full and straight. Big swing, not much power, but this goes straight of long-on for two runs

Prasidh to bowl. Can he keep the game alive for Narine in the last over? All down to Rahul, who has taken it upon himself to bat through. Mid-off is up

end of over 182 runs • 1 wicket
KXIP: 145/2CRR: 8.05 • RRR: 10.00 • Need 20 runs from 12b
Prabhsimran Singh1 (4)
KL Rahul71 (55)
Sunil Narine3-0-18-1
Varun Chakravarthy4-0-27-0

Two runs and a wicket. KXIP will be upset with Pooran. Now down to Rahul to get 19 off the last two

Narine to Prabhsimran Singh, 1 run
offbreak, into the pads, he works it around the corner for one. Perfect result for KKR. Youngster back on strike
Narine to Prabhsimran Singh, no run
short of a length, wide, and Singh sees freedom. He hits hard, but straight to extra cover
Narine to Prabhsimran Singh, no run
carrom ball. Singh stays back and defends this length ball. Accurate again
Narine to Prabhsimran Singh, no run
offbreak, dipping, slow, headed for off. Defended to leg

Young Prabhsimran is the new batsman in. Ahead of Maxwell

Narine to Pooran, OUT
oh Pooran. What is he doing here? Makes room early, Narine slows it down, bowl an offbreak, he swings across the line, his head falls away, he misses the ball, Narine hits the top of middle stump
N Pooran b Narine 16 (10b 2x4 1x6) SR: 160.00
Narine to Rahul, 1 run
carrom ball, short of a length, punched to deep cover for one

Sunil Narine has to bowl this over. He is

end of over 177 runs
KXIP: 143/1CRR: 8.41 • RRR: 7.33 • Need 22 runs from 18b
KL Rahul70 (54)
Nicholas Pooran16 (9)
Varun Chakravarthy4-0-27-0
Kamlesh Nagarkoti3-0-40-0
Varun to Rahul, 1 run
flighted outside off, soft hands, places it wide of cover
Varun to Pooran, 1 run
offbreak, from outside leg, opens the face, gets a single to short third man