25th Match (N), Dubai (DSC), Oct 10 2020, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 170)
RCB won by 37 runs
Player Of The Match
Royal Challengers Bangalore
CSK Innings
Full commentary
end of over 206 runs
CSK: 132/8CRR: 6.6 
Shardul Thakur1 (1)
Deepak Chahar5 (5)
Isuru Udana4-0-30-1
Chris Morris4-0-19-3

10:07pm And that is all from tonight's coverage. Thanks for joining and we'll see you tomorrow for the next set of double-headers!

Kohli: It was one of our more complete performances. Wanted to bat first but got into a bit of a trick siituation there. We spoke at the time out that around 150 would be great. To gain some momentum now was very important because we have back-to-back games. When you don't get too far ahead of the game, it rewards you [with respect to making 169 after playing for 150]. If you're in at the death overs and you have a score and you're hitting it well, you can capitalise well. That was something for us to learn tonight. I was putting too much pressure on myself [in the early matches]. When you start burdening yourself too much, you don't contribute as a player and your team needs that as well. That super over really opened my thinking up, where I had to perform or we would lose. Morris didn't get an opportunity but there was still Morris to come and Gurkeerat to come. I think it was a complete performance and the intensity was right there, from the first over when we entered the field. It's a good start and when you get momentum at this stage of the tournament it can separate you from the bottom of the table or going up.

Virat Kohli is the Man of the Match.

Washington Sundar: Glad to be given this role. I'm very happy bowling in the powerplay, that too against a team like CSK. So far it's been going good and everything's working to the plan. Hopefully it works going deep into the tournament as well. I think especially in the powerplay you've got to have a lot of heart to bowl well. Morris was brilliant in his first game, Isuru, Chahal bowling well to get Mahi bhai's wicket. Everyone bowled well.

MS Dhoni: I think the last four overs when we were bowling, we just needed to close it nicely. Batting has been a bit of a worry and today also it was evident. We need to do something about it. I think we are better off playing the other way round, playing the bigger shots even if you get out. That is something we can do in the coming games. I think it also depends on how you've performed so far in the tournament and our batting has lacked a bit of power from the sixth over onwards. Individuals can get tentative no matter how much confidence you give them. I feel that's where we've not adapted or come up with plans against the bowlers who bowl from the 6th to the 14th over. I always told the players to focus more on the process - when you start thinking about results of the previous game, you put a burden. With the bowling we've shown we can restrict the opposition. We're either leaking at the start or in the last four. There are too many holes in the ship. I think overall you have to look at the combination, how many spinners, the fast bowlers. There's always one spot you can play around. We started with five bowlers, now we have six. But our main worry remains the batting department. In the coming games we'll try to be more expressive. You rather get out in the 16th or 17th over.

Babu Len: "I said in previous match as well, if no youngsters injected into the team, CSK would lose bad. Being a hardcore CSK fan, it's a blessing in disguise. Hope team management rethink their strategy when selecting players"

shivam: "Just feeling sad watching CSK this time around. Feeling disappointed as a fan, as someone who loves MSD. This is not d way I want to remember him."

Kedar: "Ouch!!! CSK now needs to win at least 5 out of remaining 7 games, and with some margin to qualify for last 4. Tough task looking at how new captaincy trends beat them. "

Shashank Parne: "The whole chase never once looked it as they had any intent to win. The only one who showed promise is jagadeeshan. His feet is moving well and meddling it good. I hope he will get more chances and other youngsters for CSK."

9:45pm A 37-run win. Huge for RCB. Historically, they don't beat CSK this comprehensively, it's just never happened. But this is clinical tonight. They were looking like they'd have to settle for about 145 at best after 16 overs in their batting innings, but Kohli and Dube turned that to 169. On a difficult, two-paced surface, those extra runs proved enough to stymie CSK's unchanged strategy in chase. The way it unfolded, 150 might have been steep too. It is not exactly halfway in the tournament for them, and they have chased seven times, and continue to fail in similar ways. Things are slipping away. RCB's bowlers showed up and how. Three wickets on franchise debut for Morris, and yet another crucial spell at the top of the innings from Sundar. Saini employed through the middle today and was instrumental in pushing the scoring rate up. And then Chahal, despite a difficult evening, managed to get Dhoni off his last ball. Everything fell into place nicely for them. They climb to fourth place, and are now four points ahead of CSK with a game in hand.

Udana to Thakur, 1 run
yorker and just outside off, jammed down to long-on
Udana to Chahar, 1 run
full slower ball wide outside off, shuffles and skews the attempted slog into the off side
Udana to Chahar, no run
good length and across off stump, shuffles and looks for the slog. Beaten
Udana to Chahar, no run
full and wide outside off, beaten on the attempted drive
Udana to Chahar, 2 runs
full and at the stumps, shuffles and drives to long-on's right
Udana to Chahar, 2 runs
full at middle stump, flicked to deep midwicket
end of over 199 runs • 2 wicket
CSK: 126/8CRR: 6.63 • RRR: 44.00 • Need 44 runs from 6b
Deepak Chahar0 (0)
Chris Morris4-0-19-3
Isuru Udana3-0-24-1
Morris to Jadeja, OUT
taken at deep midwicket. Full toss on leg stump, a hurried flick and hardly a step needed to be taken, it's straight into that fielder's grasp
RA Jadeja c Gurkeerat Singh b Morris 7 (6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 116.66
Morris to Jadeja, FOUR runs
short and at the hips. Springs onto the back foot and pulls this past square leg
Morris to Bravo, OUT
takes it this time! A full toss outside off, Bravo looking to loft that over long-off but the bat turns and he miscues that. Padikkal with a similar sprint in and this time he's got his hands in position to grab it at waist height
DJ Bravo c Padikkal b Morris 7 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 140.00
Morris to Bravo, 2 runs
dropped. At long-off by Padikkal, running in. Short and wide outside off, Bravo gets too far leg side and has a swish from under it. Padikkal makes the ground bit loses balance right at the end and cops that on the thigh
Morris to Bravo, 2 runs
yorker at middle stump, shuffles and just manages to squeeze this into the midwicket region
Morris to Jadeja, 1 run
yorker wide outside off, chopped to deep backward point

Chris: "All of CSK's weaknesses have been opened up big time in this edition. Too old, lack pace with the bowling, lack impetuous with the batting, lack energy in the field. Unfortunately age has caught up. Raina is a huge miss as well, with bat and ball. I think they may even finish bottom this year " --- Morris is back and around the wicket.

end of over 188 runs • 1 wicket
CSK: 117/6CRR: 6.5 • RRR: 26.50 • Need 53 runs from 12b
Ravindra Jadeja2 (3)
Dwayne Bravo3 (2)
Isuru Udana3-0-24-1
Chris Morris3-0-10-1
Udana to Jadeja, 1 run
full and dipping in to the corridor. Mistimed drive in long-on's direction
Udana to Bravo, 1 run
slower good length ball at middle stump, mistimed slog to deep midwicket
Udana to Bravo, 2 runs
full and just outside off, stands tall and whips this off the back foot to long-off's left. All hands, that shot

Sankalp Verma: "There should be an internal structure in teams that if a batsman remain not out with 100 strike rate in a chase, and the team loses, he should be penalised. Or maybe I'm just frustrated with the way CSK is approaching this year."

Udana to Rayudu, OUT
knocks middle stump and points to his captain at long-on. It's a loopy, slow full toss on off stump. He's in the off side looking for the paddle sweep. Paddles it onto middle stump. A laboured innings that never looked like taking off. Rayudu's struggle ends
AT Rayudu b Udana 42 (40b 4x4 0x6) SR: 105.00
Udana to Rayudu, 2 runs
full and wide outside off, steps out but that keeps dipping away from him. Reaches out and chips that over extra cover
Udana to Rayudu, 2 runs
full slower ball, wide outside off. Sliced to sweeper's left

Ramchander Sesh: "Can't understand what Rayudu's game plan is either - this is just a woefully predictable performance from CSK."

end of over 173 runs • 1 wicket
CSK: 109/5CRR: 6.41 • RRR: 20.33 • Need 61 runs from 18b
Ambati Rayudu38 (37)
Ravindra Jadeja1 (2)
Chris Morris3-0-10-1
Yuzvendra Chahal4-0-35-1
Morris to Rayudu, 1 run
low full toss outside off, swept to deep square

Pratik : "A catch, a run out and a wicket now. Super Tipo Morris welcome to the IPL."

Morris to Rayudu, no run
full and at off stump, makes room and drives straight to extra cover
Morris to Jadeja, 1 run
good length at middle stump, backs away and mistimes the loft to extra cover's right

rRoy: "@William Savage dig at Dhoni's waning finishing capabilities. "

Morris to Jadeja, no run
short and wide outside off, cut to backward point

They've got Dhoni and Curran in the space of three balls. The miracle job is now someone else's.

Morris to Curran, OUT
there's a sound on it and bowler and keeper are convinced. They convince Kohli to review the catch behind appeal. It's a short ball at middle. Curran is backing into the off side for the ramp and there's a sound as ball passes glove and sails over the stumps. Early visions of the replay show this is a good review....And Ultra Edge confirms there's an edge on that.
SM Curran c †de Villiers b Morris 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

William: "Pressure catch that. Forget that it's Dhoni, he lets that slip through and the team laptop was done for!"

Morris to Rayudu, 1 run
full and in at off stump, plants the front leg across and whips it straight to short fine
end of over 1610 runs • 1 wicket
CSK: 106/4CRR: 6.62 • RRR: 16.00 • Need 64 runs from 24b
Ambati Rayudu36 (34)
Yuzvendra Chahal4-0-35-1
Navdeep Saini4-0-18-0
Chahal to Dhoni, OUT
taken at long-off! Calculative and consistent. Chahal's had a bad night tonight but with his last ball he's got Dhoni hitting exactly where he wants. This is tossed up full and wide outside off. Dhoni has to reach out a long way. He does and he gets a hammer down on the ball. But from his position, nearly split across the crease, he can't get elevation. It's right into the hands
MS Dhoni c Gurkeerat Singh b Chahal 10 (6b 0x4 1x6) SR: 166.66